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Pictures taken on 01/21/16

id: 45995
Purnell is ready to party
id: 45996
Jacob is always ready to party
id: 45997
My messy desk
id: 45998
You ready to party, Tim?
id: 45999
Jacob is ready to.. check his phone
id: 46000
Max is ready to go home, I think
id: 46001
Off we go
id: 46002
The sign right outside Wolf Films, down the hall from my office
id: 46003
Why are bowling shoes so weird?
id: 46004
id: 46005
Who's ready for laser tag?
id: 46006
I already know the rules, let's go!
id: 46007
Kailey loves laser tag
id: 46008
Beer is fun
id: 46009
Serious conversation at the bar
id: 46010
Isaac conversation at the Isaac
id: 46011
Max, alone at the bar
id: 46012
Nate is talking serious talk
id: 46013
id: 46014
AJ's got a beer
id: 46015
"The thing about it is.."
id: 46016
Artie Party?
id: 46017
id: 46018
Tough to catch Purnell off guard!
id: 46019
Tough to catch lots of people off guard
id: 46020
James hates black and white photos
id: 46021
But loves bowling!
id: 46022
Line it up..
id: 46023
Anne lets it fly!
id: 46024
Kailey is having fun
id: 46025
Mr. David Wolf!
id: 46026
Henry spotted me. I need a less conspicuous camera
id: 46027
Kailey said normally my photos of her are faces like this one and was glad this wasn't her
id: 46028
Karl thinks about his next shot
id: 46029
A lot of these shots are black and white because the colored lighting in the pool area was horrific
id: 46030
Kailey and I had to try like four times to get a picture we were happy with
id: 46031
Beard Club
id: 46032
Henry said that the beer pitcher lends authenticity to this photo
id: 46033
Photobombed again!
id: 46034
Oh I bet this is a fun group to hang out with
id: 46035
Hey Luke! How is the ropes course?
id: 46036
Trust in the safety harness!
id: 46037
Hanging out at the bar
id: 46038
Looking at all these beard people.. maybe I should stop shaving!
id: 46039
Please call an attendant
id: 46040
Nate checks out my new Apollo pen. But more on that later
id: 46041
Artie also checked it out. But the next batch has more details on the space pen!
id: 46042
AJ lines up a shot! Everyone lines up a shot! That's the standard pool photo caption
id: 46043
On July 20th, 1969, the Apollo 11 Lunar Module "Eagle" landed on the moon, with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on board. Mounted in the window was a 16mm film camera.
id: 46044
At the beginning and end of the film reel was some exposed film used to load onto the reel. Normally they would be discarded.
id: 46045
But these film scraps were distributed to Kodak engineers as thanks for helping on the Apollo 11 program. Decades later one engineer sold his scrap..
id: 46046
.. and now I have a piece. It also came with this snazzy notebook!
id: 46047
Certificate of authenticity
id: 46048
Only 144 of these pen sets were made
id: 46049
Seeee, I told you!
id: 46050
Two fancy pens!
id: 46051
See that little black speck? That's a piece of 16mm film that's been on the moon
id: 46052
But not just on the moon.. on Apollo 11. The first manned landing. How amazing is that.
id: 46053
Thanks, Toapz!
id: 46054
Of course, I consulted with the astro-cats
id: 46055
Buzz, you were the LMP, the camera was in your window! Do you recognize this?
id: 46056
Neil was too busy landing the vehicle
id: 46057
Judging by his ears, Buzz is surprised by this reunion
id: 46160
Max loves my photo projects
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