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Pictures taken on 02/18/16

id: 46320
It's like Magic.. but even more confusing
id: 46321
It took us around and hour and a half to get started. Good game though!
id: 46322
Hey I know this commute
id: 46323
I guess I traded the 5 for the 7
id: 46324
VR demos at Synacor!
id: 46325
Mark was so sold on it that he ordered an Oculus Rift / PC bundle a few minutes later!
id: 46326
id: 46327
Lake Erie remains pretty
id: 46328
Nice sunset
id: 46329
Oh hi
id: 46330
Dustin finally got his full sized Lego LM
id: 46331
Dustin's "virginity shelf"
id: 46332
Who's ready to lose money at poker?
id: 46333
Steve sure is
id: 46334
You guys, I'm really good at poker
id: 46335
Look at all my.. not much money
id: 46336
Dustin's having fun
id: 46337
So is Steve
id: 46338
Tamara is better at poker than me
id: 46339
Megan doesn't play but still likes poker
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