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Pictures taken on 03/09/16

id: 46477
The hotseat is stressful
id: 46478
Fred continues the lecture
id: 46479
He's also a fellow Oculus Rift owner! Well.. in July he will be
id: 46480
Alan thinks over the lessons
id: 46481
Dana listens
id: 46587
I had a train car to myself again. This happens a lot between Times Square and 34th St
id: 46588
Inside 34th St Hudson Yards
id: 46589
The escalator tunnel
id: 46590
Looking up at the artwork in the entrance to 34th st
id: 46591
More escalators!
id: 46592
I really really like how the lighting came out in this shot
id: 46593
Fancy dome thing on 34th st
id: 46594
Construction guys unloading some gear
id: 46595
Great light this morning
id: 46596
Cranes everywhere!
id: 46597
A little haze does wonders for a photo
id: 46598
So many cranes
id: 46599
This big scary hole was eventually covered with a metal plate and a bunch of dirt. Secret scary hole.
id: 46600
Lifting heavy things
id: 46601
Melting.. snow? I'm not sure what's going on here
id: 46602
Inside the other office for work
id: 46603
Hey look, it's 10th ave
id: 46604
Fancy cars at the fancy car store
id: 46605
Starrett-Lehigh can look pretty nice in the right lighting
id: 46606
Walking over to the Hudson
id: 46607
Birds love sunset
id: 46608
Nice sunset over New Jersey
id: 46609
id: 46610
So red!
id: 46611
Hey it's that Josh guy
id: 46612
Way to make dumb faces, Josh
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