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Pictures taken on 03/10/16

id: 46482
I like Fred's shirt
id: 46483
Did he hear me type that?
id: 46484
The coding cycle
id: 46485
It was a whirlwind class and not everything stuck but the stuff that did helped a lot
id: 46486
An overview of the classroom
id: 46487
Time to watch Fred code a little
id: 46488
My crazy "cake" vim color scheme that I chose for better visibility on the projector.
id: 46613
Riding the long escalator at 34th st
id: 46614
id: 46615
A closeup of one of those cranes
id: 46616
That's a big piece of steel
id: 46617
Looking along my walk to work
id: 46618
Taking some long distance shots from the 12th floor of Starrett-Lehigh
id: 46619
What are these guys up to?
id: 46620
Space Shuttle Enterprise is in that gray thing
id: 46621
Empire State Building!
id: 46622
This boat is pushing a boat
id: 46623
Wide angle shots from up high look nice
id: 46624
id: 46625
I never managed to get a shot from here of a helicopter taking off but this one is pretty nice
id: 46626
I found an art gallery with paintings of astronauts!
id: 46627
Also Mount Everest and Formula 1 cars!! Did I paint these??
id: 46628
Nope, this guy did. I'm including this photo so I can find this later
id: 46629
That's a lot of packing peanuts
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