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Pictures taken on 03/30/16

id: 46513
Hey this one wasn't even at the Auto Show. I just found it near work
id: 46514
That's certainly.. a vehicle
id: 46515
Inside the "crystal palace" of the Javits Center
id: 46516
Hey it's that place where we are!
id: 46517
Cars!! I mean.. autos!!
id: 46518
Hey neat, a NASCAR
id: 46519
Crispy M&Ms are the best
id: 46520
I want my Rift to be delivered in a race car
id: 46521
Inside the M&M car
id: 46522
What do these switches do?
id: 46523
I think the Maserati logo is super ugly but hte car is nice
id: 46524
This car was slowly rotating
id: 46525
Nice wheels
id: 46526
Aurora not included
id: 46527
This looks a lot like the last shot of a car's wheel but it's a different car
id: 46528
No roll bar?
id: 46529
I like the flashy brake pads
id: 46530
id: 46531
So many red cars
id: 46532
I want some cool aero elements on my car
id: 46533
I think this might be a Huracan, which I've driven in Assetto Corsa!
id: 46534
Hey look, paddle shifters!
id: 46535
This car certainly looks fancy
id: 46536
Various paint options
id: 46537
Hey it's not a Formula 1 car but it's pretty close!
id: 46538
id: 46539
Nice front wing
id: 46540
"Aero" indeed!
id: 46541
Another shot of the rear of the car
id: 46542
The wheel looks so simple compared to F1 cars!
id: 46543
Cool motorcycle
id: 46544
I bet that chain can take some abuse
id: 46545
I like this corner of the show
id: 46546
Nice gull wing doors
id: 46547
id: 46548
I wonder if this is also in Assetto Corsa..
id: 46549
The funny little Smart Car corner
id: 46550
Matte finishes seem to be the thing these days!
id: 46551
A GT3 car!
id: 46552
Hey look, more cars!
id: 46553
This one seems out of place
id: 46554
More cars downstars
id: 46555
That hood seems really awkward
id: 46556
Me sitting in very expensive BMW. i8, I think
id: 46557
Here's the exterior of the car I was sitting in
id: 46558
I also got to ride around in a BMW electric car
id: 46559
Inside the electric car. I think maybe an i3?
id: 46560
Old timey police cars!
id: 46561
These sims looked hilarious. If anything I'd want the FRONT of the car to be there so it looks right to me when driving!
id: 46562
Fancy Jeep
id: 46563
These guys were rocking and rolling on a motion platform. Probably not a great idea since those GearVRs don't have positional tracking
id: 46564
Even more cars!
id: 46565
Now this is definitely a car I've driven in Assetto Corsa
id: 46566
It was pretty strange actually being in the car after sitting in it virtually
id: 46567
I'm pretty sure this is what Phil drove around in Iraq
id: 46568
Another car I've driven in the sim!
id: 46569
Whoa. Dazzle camo!
id: 46570
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