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Pictures taken on 05/16/16

id: 46903
Josh has some water
id: 46904
Oh no. Picklebacks!
id: 46905
Suz loves Beany's gift
id: 46906
It's.. what is this, needlepoint?
id: 46907
Josh is cool in his sunglasses
id: 46908
Beany is panicked in her Beany
id: 46909
Andy is relaxed
id: 46910
Avi is too relaxed
id: 46911
Josh tells a bad joke...
id: 46912
..and the sunglasses fall into place
id: 46913
Suz talking to all her friends
id: 46914
"This is a table"
id: 46915
Nice pose
id: 46916
Charlie's beard is impressive as always
id: 46917
Suz is ready for some picklebacks
id: 46918
"There are good ships and there are wood ships.."
id: 46919
First the whiskey..
id: 46920
There it goes
id: 46921
And inexplicably, the pickle juice is the chaser. I still think I'd prefer whiskey as a chaser to pickle juice
id: 46922
Josh and Beany are friends
id: 46923
Parties are fun
id: 46924
Such excitement
id: 46925
Steven wants Andy's sunglasses
id: 46926
Beany drew this awesome space doodle in my Fundamentals of Astrodynamics Book
id: 46927
Phone pictures!
id: 46928
Beany's super cool, guys
id: 46929
Beany was cold and I was not, so now she' Ricciardo
id: 46930
I think Suz is having fun
id: 46931
Let's go get pirogis!!
id: 46932
And off we go
id: 46933
Suz is super ready for pirogis
id: 46934
So is Tom
id: 47498
Who's that little guy sitting on the sign?
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