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Pictures taken on 05/21/16

id: 46936
Hey guys look, it's an airplane
id: 46937
And another one!
id: 46938
This guy is not driving a plane
id: 46939
That's a plane!
id: 46940
id: 46941
id: 46942
Hey it's that James guy
id: 46943
Just pouring some flammable liquid into this onion cone..
id: 46944
Ahh!! Fire!
id: 46945
Nice mushroom cloud
id: 46946
So much fire
id: 46947
The chef was having a lot of fun
id: 46948
Let's go to Universal!
id: 46949
This is some roller coaster that James hates
id: 46950
That's a big sign
id: 46951
James loves pictures
id: 46952
Mariah lines up a shot in the darkest and most difficult to photograph minigolf course ever
id: 46953
At least James has a nice bright ball
id: 46954
Too many options
id: 46955
Whoa, attacking robot
id: 46956
You got it, sign
id: 46957
Mariah's having fun
id: 46958
Don't point that at me!
id: 46959
id: 46960
James is just lurking in the corner
id: 46961
This circle was slowly spinning.
id: 46962
Hey it's the moon and Mars!
id: 46963
"Non-stop Nightlife Upstairs"
id: 46964
Oh yeah, I should probably take a sign of a Universal sign
id: 46965
The minigolf course!
id: 46966
James takes a look at the golf
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