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Pictures taken on 05/24/16

id: 47063
I thought "Drive" was the name of the company that did the ticketing logistics..
id: 47064
Hey it's Mickey
id: 47065
Near the back row
id: 47066
James being James
id: 47067
Josh is in the back row!!
id: 47068
It's that Bioshock Infinite hallway
id: 47069
Eating lunch under the big umbrella because it is so so hot
id: 47070
We had to make some sort of sculpture that represents the ideals of the company.. or something
id: 47071
The best one will be chosen to make into a real statue
id: 47072
Lots of people playing with clay
id: 47073
That's ours. A diploma on top of a bunch of lines connecting random cities. Tadaaaa
id: 47074
id: 47078
Hey it's a roller coaster!
id: 47079
Not quite as popular as the Disney characters
id: 47080
I was asked not to caption photos with my company's name so it doesn't show up on google.. but there it is!
id: 47081
id: 47082
Fake streets at Universal
id: 47083
Optimus Prime!
id: 47084
Waiting around
id: 47085
I ran up to Max and took this photo
id: 47086
Diagon Alley!
id: 47087
I've gotta say.. the movies are dumb but this is still pretty cool
id: 47088
Big ol' dragon
id: 47089
Someone call animal control
id: 47090
Inside the Weasley shop
id: 47091
Not nearly as popular as Ollivander's
id: 47092
Knockturn Alley is spooky
id: 47093
I didn't like this creepy store anyway. The fact that it has my name on it just makes it worse!
id: 47094
Inside Ollivander's
id: 47095
Lots of wands available
id: 47096
Dragon fireball!
id: 47097
id: 47098
And then the dragon's head exploded
id: 47099
Time for everyone to head over to the other Harry Potter area
id: 47100
Everyone kept cheering very loudly in the small and echoey space
id: 47101
Artie is lining up one hell of a high five
id: 47102
Nate is having fun
id: 47103
Whaaaat, that dude just walked right through the wall!
id: 47104
It's the Hogwarts Express!
id: 47105
We're at platform 9 3/4!
id: 47106
OK, this is pretty awesome, haha
id: 47107
We're on the Hogwarts Express!
id: 47108
No flash photography!
id: 47109
We're gonna be wizardssss
id: 47110
id: 47111
Actors singing
id: 47112
That is a ridiculously huge toad
id: 47113
It's Hogwarts!
id: 47114
The butterbeer was actually pretty good
id: 47115
What the hell happened?? I ride one roller coaster and when I come back everyone has rave-cowboy hats!
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