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Pictures taken on 05/25/16

id: 47075
Had to get a picture with Buzz, obviously
id: 47076
More talks
id: 47077
Let's eat food and leave
id: 47116
James?? On a monorail?? Impossible
id: 47117
Does it feel weird to be in the passenger area?
id: 47118
The monorail!
id: 47119
Hey it's Josh!
id: 47120
Josh. Loves. Presidents.
id: 47121
id: 47122
id: 47123
James will be annoyed that I forgot what this ride is called
id: 47124
Disney ducks!
id: 47125
Cinderella's castle
id: 47126
Fun things are fun
id: 47127
id: 47128
I've always loved this structure
id: 47129
Mission: SPACE. Always a little freaky, always fun
id: 47130
We made the most beautiful car
id: 47131
James needs all these cookies
id: 47132
Is Mariah making a cake?
id: 47133
James needs cereal
id: 47134
"Oh hello"
id: 47135
Don't spin that thing too fast!
id: 47136
He's spinning that thing too fast!
id: 47137
Look what we found in the grill
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