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Pictures taken on 05/27/16

id: 47294
Air whales!
id: 47295
Manta is a pretty photogenic roller coaster
id: 47296
Here they come again!
id: 47297
Everyone is braced for dynamic action
id: 47298
id: 47299
Don't you make that face at me
id: 47300
Weird aquarium ceiling
id: 47301
id: 47302
id: 47303
James has been here a few times before
id: 47304
Kraken and Kraken
id: 47305
This seems suspicious..
id: 47306
"The Search for Signal"
id: 47307
Penguins! They made that crappy ride worthwhile
id: 47308
What's up, penguin?
id: 47309
Just chillin
id: 47310
Swimming over to say hello
id: 47311
This dude was too fat to easily get out of the water
id: 47312
id: 47313
This guy is just a mess
id: 47314
Penguins are pretty gross
id: 47315
James loves birds
id: 47316
id: 47317
Underwater penguin!
id: 47318
They can fly.. just underwater
id: 47319
id: 47320
My brain was so confused.. it looked cold but was so hot
id: 47321
id: 47322
id: 47323
Waiting for people to throw him fish
id: 47324
"Please, fish?"
id: 47325
"No, for real. Please fish?"
id: 47326
Birds are scary
id: 47327
Got a fish!
id: 47328
Hey I know this place
id: 47329
It's counting down to the second Thaicom 8 launch attempt!
id: 47330
James upgraded his day pass. "You want [the picture] like that?" "He wants it like that.."
id: 47331
The only way to get to the Saturn V center is to take the bus tour, which felt eternally long when I was itching to get to the viewing site
id: 47332
id: 47333
Aaaand we're back.
id: 47334
Taking pictures of pictures
id: 47335
id: 47336
Falcon 9 venting oxygen!
id: 47337
The rear of the grandstands
id: 47338
All 9 Merlin engines have ignited, let's get going!
id: 47339
Liftoff, we have a liftoff!
id: 47340
Thaicom 8 lumbers off the pad
id: 47341
Clear of the strongback
id: 47342
And the Falcon 9 has cleared the tower!
id: 47343
That is a beautiful sight
id: 47344
It rises so slowly at first
id: 47345
Gaining altitude
id: 47346
The bright orange flame characteristic of RP-1 burning rockets
id: 47347
So cool to see the landing legs on there
id: 47348
Meanwhile, the launch pad seems so desolate
id: 47349
The Falcon has started leaving a contrail!
id: 47350
Building up a contrail, tracing out its trajectory
id: 47351
And the contrail stops
id: 47352
I made this one black and white to better show the octaweb pattern of the engines
id: 47353
So far away
id: 47354
And there's engine burnout
id: 47355
The contrail is already getting all torn up by high level winds
id: 47356
Normal clouds and rocket clouds
id: 47357
Let's go home
id: 47358
We did it!
id: 47359
Oh yeah, there's a moon tree here!
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