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Pictures taken on 08/13/16

id: 47958
Look out behind you!
id: 47959
Mckeed found this knitted thing and just wore it for the rest of the weekend
id: 47960
That's a lot of tails
id: 47961
I found Jefferson!
id: 47962
A very assertive Navi
id: 47963
Nice suit!
id: 47964
I think Bryce said these two are from Odin Sphere
id: 47965
Video game room
id: 47966
Table-flip? Hell yes
id: 47967
You grab it...
id: 47968
And you flip it!!
id: 47969
That's a lot of Borderlands cosplayers
id: 47970
I have no idea what this panel is but it had a good turnout!
id: 47971
The sacred board
id: 47972
Mel in Iron Editor host mode
id: 47973
Amanda as Error-chan
id: 47974
Such concentration!
id: 47975
Amanda has creepy contact lenses
id: 47976
Vic in his element
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