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Pictures taken on 10/06/16

id: 48337
id: 48338
Scott loves space
id: 48339
Dave is a physicist. A PHYSICIST
id: 48340
This is actually the next day. We went two days in a row.
id: 48341
Here's a wallpaper for you
id: 48342
NASA: where even the trash cans have mission patches
id: 48343
Part of the space environment simulator. I think this provides heating and/or cooling
id: 48344
This intimidating looking room performs vibration tests for spacecraft to make sure the rockets won't break them
id: 48345
So much cool equipment just lying around at GSFC
id: 48346
ICESat-2 has a big crazy laser so they only have this little filtered window
id: 48347
Here's what it looks like in that room
id: 48348
More people working in a smaller cleanroom
id: 48349
Taking a look at the other side of the SSDIF
id: 48350
This is the vibe table for JWST. They'll move it here in a few weeks for testing
id: 48401
You can never have enough photos of JWST
id: 48402
Progress on the vibe table
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