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Pictures taken on 12/25/16

id: 48658
Mom loves Christmas
id: 48659
A looming Christmas tree
id: 48660
A different angle. So many presents!
id: 48661
Macaroni is as good-looking as always
id: 48662
What's in the bag, Mom?
id: 48663
id: 48664
I got her a NASA Goddard Space Flight Center hoodie!
id: 48665
Becky also got a hoodie!
id: 48666
More fun presents
id: 48667
I think Mom is having fun
id: 48668
Hi Macaroni
id: 48669
What's in this giant box?
id: 48670
It's a giant cutting board!
id: 48671
I want to see some stuff getting made!
id: 48672
I got Becky something
id: 48673
It's a set of copper Moscow Mule mugs!
id: 48674
Becky also got some cool cool sunglasses
id: 48675
More presents!
id: 48676
Macaroni just wants ribbons
id: 48677
Ahhh, Christmas morning
id: 48678
Becky got Mom this crazy terrarium thing!
id: 48679
Pretty neat little gift!
id: 48680
"Oh my god!"
id: 48681
Mom got Becky a cool little tablet/laptop combo!
id: 48682
Becky got Mom some nice baggage tags
id: 48683
Mom got me a beautiful model of Gemini IV!
id: 48684
Becky's ready for her photos
id: 48685
Fast forward to the afternoon.. what did Becky get?
id: 48686
id: 48687
Aunt Teresa is giving me a look
id: 48688
Modeling off new clothes
id: 48689
NASA twins!!
id: 48690
"Imagine us in Brussels.." "We're Americans!!"
id: 48691
Uncle Chris got a Melrose glass
id: 48692
Mom got.. I dunno, something
id: 48693
More "Don't forget Melrose" gifts!
id: 48694
Becky and Nick got something
id: 48695
They like it!
id: 48696
Aww, very nice
id: 48697
I love these little perpetual motion machines! (Spoiler: a 9 volt battery powers an electromagnet)
id: 48698
What did Aunt Teresa get that's making her make this face?
id: 48699
Becky got her something really nice
id: 48700
Remembering an incredible teaching career!
id: 48701
Time for dinner
id: 48702
Becky and Nick
id: 48703
Uncle Michael came by for pie!
id: 48704
I forget what this book is. But it's a book!
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