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Pictures taken on 01/21/17

id: 48866
Ready to march!
id: 48867
Just a couple of women ready to go for a walk in Washington DC
id: 48868
Time to show Trump what's up!
id: 48869
Eric inspects Buzz
id: 48870
Beany's making dip!
id: 48871
Lauren can strike a pose
id: 48872
She's so used to cosplay photos that as a joke I did my "Hey can I get a photo?" convention cosplay approach. She instantly struck this pose. A pro!
id: 48873
Suz making.. also dip?
id: 48874
Neil is floating!
id: 48875
His head is itchy!
id: 48876
Buzz is people
id: 48877
Dance, Neil!
id: 48878
id: 48879
Lurking Bryce
id: 48880
Eric's turn in VR
id: 48881
Lauren seems uncomfortable
id: 48882
What is she doing?
id: 48883
Eric checks his phone
id: 48884
Suz is a carrot
id: 48885
Beany is sick of my photos
id: 48886
Bryce is ready for action
id: 48887
Touching the future
id: 48888
Beany sums up the weekend with a great doodlefest!
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