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Pictures taken on 05/02/17

id: 49088
JWST is gone!!
id: 49089
Well, it was fun while it lasted
id: 49090
I found it behind the SSDIF, but it shipped out not long after
id: 49091
Coincidentally, the King of Sweden was coming to visit a few days later, so they had some stuff up about Sweden's involvement with NASA
id: 49092
Not every day you see a Swedish flag sitting around Building 29
id: 49450
Hi Dan
id: 49451
Hi Dan
id: 49452
Just a typical afternoon at work
id: 49453
David's having fun
id: 49454
id: 49455
Gibsan's done with us
id: 49456
Car washes are scary
id: 49457
Just a corner of Omar's house
id: 49458
id: 49459
id: 49460
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