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Pictures taken on 06/30/17

id: 49540
Ugh. I must be in Florida
id: 49541
Mom's ready for a family weekend
id: 49542
So is everyone else
id: 49543
Johnny is clearly excited
id: 49544
Ft. Lauderdale. Gross.
id: 49545
Neat bridge
id: 49546
Uncle Brian and Matt swung by
id: 49547
Uncle Michael
id: 49548
Red Sox and Patriots, I wonder where people think Brian is from
id: 49549
Hi Mom!
id: 49550
Cheer up, Uncle Brian!
id: 49551
This was some decent beer
id: 49552
Aunt Meredith also likes beer
id: 49553
Johnny's at the end of the table so he's an easy photographic target
id: 49554
Having fun, Mom?
id: 49555
Choosing dinner
id: 49556
Aunt Meredith is excited about something
id: 49557
What's that face for, Johnny
id: 49558
I see you
id: 49559
Who's here?
id: 49560
It's matt!
id: 49561
And Sean
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