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Pictures taken on 07/01/17

id: 49562
Wedding morning!
id: 49563
Uncle Chris
id: 49564
It should be a fun day
id: 49565
Uncle Stephen can't come yet, he's supposed to stay here for some reason. I forget
id: 49566
Uncle Chris
id: 49567
Aunt Diane's got some coffee
id: 49568
Hey it's that wedding we're at!
id: 49569
Everyone ready for wedding day?
id: 49570
Gouldings and Branagans!
id: 49571
Bernie and his best man are ready
id: 49572
Josh leads Henry to his seat
id: 49573
It's also a big day for Aunt Kathy!
id: 49574
It seems we're about to get started
id: 49575
I don't know the bridesmaids' names!
id: 49576
id: 49577
Here comes Erin, along with Uncle Bud!
id: 49578
Erin looks pretty excited
id: 49579
And she's made it
id: 49580
Nice location for a wedding
id: 49581
Erin and Bernie were kind enough to get married in some great light
id: 49582
id: 49583
Lots to smile about
id: 49584
I think it's a done deal!
id: 49585
id: 49586
Let's head to the reception!
id: 49587
I always look comfortable in a suit
id: 49588
Uncle Brian and Uncle Stephen think funny things are funny
id: 49589
Mom's ready to celebrate
id: 49590
A little morning drinking never hurt nobody
id: 49591
Some good faces going on here
id: 49592
Uncle Michael and Aunt Diane
id: 49593
Cheer up, Aunt Meredith!
id: 49594
Always rare to see Uncle Stephen and Aunt Dani in this country
id: 49595
Ha, what's that face for?
id: 49596
Relatively rare for everyone to be together like this
id: 49597
Ugh. Ft. Lauderdale
id: 49598
Looking out the window of the revolving room on top of the building
id: 49599
The proud parents!
id: 49600
Colleen and Josh!
id: 49601
The couple themselves!
id: 49602
Erin and Bernie are pretty excited
id: 49603
First dance!
id: 49604
Erin and Bernie daaaance
id: 49605
There should be a law that all weddings need to happen in lighting this good
id: 49606
I can practically feel the humidity
id: 49607
I do like watching the ships, though
id: 49608
id: 49609
Our table was the Disney table
id: 49610
The reception rolls on
id: 49611
id: 49612
Mom likes to dance
id: 49613
Hahaha, Aunt Dani!
id: 49614
"Come dance!"
id: 49615
"The Calling of the Conga"
id: 49616
The real photographer got a better shot of the cake cut than I did
id: 49617
Erin and Bernie are having a good day
id: 49618
Nick and Becky dance!
id: 49619
Look at Becky go!
id: 49620
Group photo!
id: 49621
This DJ was pretty legit
id: 49622
I caught Mom not looking into the lens
id: 49623
Fun day, Colleen?
id: 49624
Party Uber to Aunt Kathy's place
id: 49625
The after-reception
id: 49626
Real Austrian beer!
id: 49627
More people rolling in to celebrate after celebrating
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