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Pictures taken on 07/29/17

id: 49953
Hanging out in Jon's room with the groomsmen
id: 49954
Tim thinks deep thoughts about beer
id: 49955
It was a pretty relaxed environment
id: 49956
Wow, very cool! Jon got us all custom cuff links as groomsmen gifts.
id: 49957
Carl seems to be having a good time
id: 49958
Gabe has started changing already
id: 49959
The groom
id: 49960
None of us know how to tie a tie
id: 49961
Maybe we can figure it out
id: 49962
Youtube lessons
id: 49963
Why is this so difficult?
id: 49964
Gabe nailed it
id: 49965
Tim looks like a pro
id: 49966
It's almost like we know what we're doing
id: 49967
Look how fancy we are
id: 49968
Jon gets the cuffs
id: 49969
A little help
id: 49970
Well.. now what
id: 49971
Gabe's fully suited up
id: 49972
Carl cleans off his suit
id: 49973
I'm so comfortable in suits
id: 49974
And away we go
id: 49975
Nice sunglasses, Carl
id: 49976
The top of that sign says "Jeremy Stands Here"
id: 49977
Let's go get our flower things
id: 49978
Gabe gets his flower thing
id: 49979
Jeremy's turn
id: 49980
We found the bridesmaids
id: 49981
And there's the couple!
id: 49982
Jon's having fun
id: 49983
Haha, this dude just wandered through the shoot
id: 49984
Don't fall in the water!
id: 49985
Looking good, guys
id: 49986
Aaaand kiss
id: 49987
I met this guy on Napster.
id: 49988
That's a big lens
id: 49989
Now what?
id: 49990
Fancy arch
id: 49991
Tim calls his stock broker
id: 49992
Hey not bad for a blind remote shot! The preview wasn't working so I just sort of lined it up
id: 49993
Jon is having a good day
id: 49994
Nice flower, Carl
id: 49995
Obviously no photos of the ceremony since I was in it. Let's go to the reception!
id: 49996
Hey that's me
id: 49997
Neat place
id: 49998
Drinking and talking
id: 49999
Tables all over the place
id: 50000
Lots of people came by to talk to Jon and Becca
id: 50001
Aaand kiss
id: 50002
Tim reviews his speech
id: 50003
Haha, having fun, Jon?
id: 50004
Becca knows how to properly smile for a photo. Jon knows how to drive me crazy
id: 50005
That's better
id: 50006
So many demands for kissing!
id: 50007
Becca's Dad
id: 50008
Becca's Mom
id: 50009
Tim gave a great speech
id: 50010
I think Becca's also having a good day
id: 50011
Good job, Tim!
id: 50012
id: 50013
Hi Becca
id: 50014
Then Jon said a few words
id: 50015
Point the microphone at your mouth!
id: 50016
They're both having fun
id: 50017
Dip and kiss!
id: 50018
I'm not totally sure what this was all about
id: 50019
But Becca's Dad did a pretty impressive sword dance
id: 50020
I have no idea what I saw.. but good job!
id: 50021
Everyone photographs the first dance
id: 50022
First dance
id: 50023
Slow dance?
id: 50024
Hey these two can actually dance
id: 50025
That's a nice shot
id: 50026
First dance over!
id: 50027
Becca dances with her dad
id: 50028
It was a pretty lively dance
id: 50029
Jon and his mom dance
id: 50030
That was fun
id: 50031
Where is this?
id: 50032
Tim and I snuck out to vandal--decorate Jon and Becca's room
id: 50033
id: 50034
Fancy lightup balloons!
id: 50035
Reinforcements have arrived
id: 50036
Blow up all the balloons!
id: 50037
This is fun
id: 50038
Carl's here too!
id: 50039
A little gift
id: 50040
Throwing streamers!
id: 50041
Handy lighting fixture
id: 50042
Balloons are serious business
id: 50043
Jeremy making weird noises
id: 50044
That's a great face, Jeremy
id: 50045
This place is getting properly decorated
id: 50046
So many balloons
id: 50047
Balloons and streamers abound
id: 50048
id: 50049
Good job, team
id: 50050
Balloon couple!
id: 50051
We're back!!
id: 50052
id: 50053
Fancy tie, dude
id: 50054
Dance dance
id: 50055
I wonder if anyone wondered why a bunch of us were suddenly in normal clothes
id: 50056
This is the phase of the night when the dancing really gets good
id: 50057
This little kid was unstoppable
id: 50058
id: 50059
Photo booth detritus
id: 50060
Did Jon notice us leave?
id: 50061
Ha, Tim, you ok?
id: 50062
What dance is this
id: 50063
Tim is going nuts back there
id: 50064
Little Kid strikes again!
id: 50065
Tim captures the action
id: 50066
This is a good "end of the reception" photo
id: 50067
Take some flowers and let's leave!
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