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Pictures taken on 08/11/17

id: 50164
Hey Main Events actually came together by the morning!
id: 50165
That's a lot of chairs
id: 50166
Let's calibrate it
id: 50167
Food is good
id: 50168
Omar found his sign poles!
id: 50169
Taako says "don't touch the server"
id: 50170
Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle!
id: 50171
It's Rey from that new Star War!
id: 50172
I should probably get around to watching Princess Tutu
id: 50173
Nappa's going to kick my ass
id: 50174
Topaz trying to figure out why my stupid laptop won't connect to his network
id: 50175
Surprise! Kate is here!
id: 50176
Also Teo!
id: 50177
Not the best turnout for our space panel but it was fun as always
id: 50178
Dan and Josh came to watch some anime
id: 50179
Step step!
id: 50180
Fastest thing alive
id: 50181
Neat lighting at the hotel
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