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Pictures taken on 11/12/17

id: 50592
David dressed a little warmer this time
id: 50593
Joe did all the driving, which was awesome, and also left the trip out and back kind of a blur in my mind
id: 50594
We were significantly closer this time. Just 2.15 miles away. Almost too close..
id: 50595
Gorgeous lighting
id: 50596
Watching the sun rise was nice
id: 50597
Rocket at sunrise
id: 50598
The colors kept changing so drastically that I kept shooting
id: 50599
There's the sun!
id: 50600
Beautiful sky. Gross water. There were dead animals and stuff floating in it
id: 50601
Joe perched at the end of the pier. He sacrificed a shot of ignition for a great shot of liftoff with a tree in the foreground
id: 50602
I stood next to that irritated guy on the right with the sunglasses. He was pretty grumpy
id: 50603
Don't fall in, Joe!
id: 50604
Now that's a beautiful sight
id: 50605
id: 50606
Antares crawls off the launchpad
id: 50607
Rocket launches never get old
id: 50608
Look at that exhaust plume!
id: 50609
Liquid engines climb so slowly at first!
id: 50610
Into the clouds
id: 50611
A quick peek back at the pad to see the expanding cloud of steam
id: 50612
Antares cuts a path through the clouds
id: 50613
I think David enjoyed his first rocket launch
id: 50614
Back to the car!
id: 50615
This Antares is smaller
id: 50616
Sounding rockets at the Wallops visitor center
id: 50617
Hey I watched this launch to the moon!
id: 50618
I really want to touch it
id: 50619
Ax does too
id: 50620
The Cygnus spacecraft was named after Gene Cernan
id: 50621
Ax is an astronaut
id: 50622
I pose with Little Joe
id: 50623
This camera was a little closer than we were
id: 50624
Rock: Get curious! Sign: Not that curious
id: 50625
They were just giving these out afterwards. Neat
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