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Pictures taken on 12/25/17

id: 50692
Mom loves Christmas
id: 50693
I got Becky and Nick a taco dog toy
id: 50694
This is Macaroni's favorite day of the year. Plenty of paper to chew!
id: 50695
Aunt Meredith got me some fancy knives!
id: 50696
Becky loves.. whatever this is
id: 50697
I got Mom "The Storm Before the Storm". Time to learn about Roman history!
id: 50698
See? Macaroni loves this
id: 50699
Neat bowl
id: 50700
I got Nick an RC car. Because who doesn't like RC cars
id: 50701
I think Mom likes her gift
id: 50702
I got her a Maine cutting board!
id: 50703
id: 50704
A little strawberry thing!
id: 50705
Bigger strawberry things!
id: 50706
Becky's got a sweater
id: 50707
That pre-gift look
id: 50708
Boots! Or.. galoshes! Or something
id: 50709
Macaroni is on a real bender
id: 50710
Becky got me a LEGO Saturn V! Holy crap!
id: 50711
Mom got Becky and Nick some nice framed photos
id: 50712
And a sweater for the dog!
id: 50713
The moment Mom realized I made her a Gragra photo book
id: 50714
I think it's a winner
id: 50715
id: 50716
There she is!
id: 50717
Where is Becky off to?
id: 50718
I went with Maine, Becky went with Melrose!
id: 50719
Macaroni went with secret pukes under the table
id: 50720
I'm not sure that's how it works, Becky
id: 50721
Mom made me a NASA-themed blanket and is really excited about it!
id: 50722
I'm really glad the photo book came out well
id: 50723
Nick gives the RC car a whirl
id: 50724
Steering is hard
id: 50725
I'll never forget you, RC car
id: 50726
Becky plays some Sonic on my Switch
id: 50727
Time for dinner!
id: 50728
id: 50729
A good Christmas
id: 50730
Uncle Michael shows off one of his favorite guitars
id: 50731
I don't know much about guitars but that looks pretty nice
id: 50732
Uncle Michael strums a tune
id: 50733
Mom and Becky!
id: 50734
Becky and Michelle pose for a nice picture
id: 50735
And of course, King Kong made a guest appearance
id: 50736
Group photo! Guest starring Tom Brady
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