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Pictures taken on 12/30/17

id: 50749
Consider your choices carefully, Bryce
id: 50750
Albert gives a couch lecture
id: 50751
Also Alan
id: 50752
Hi Erika!
id: 50753
Moving on to another board game
id: 50754
This one was about collecting sushi or something
id: 50755
Nice IPRE hoodie, Amanda!
id: 50756
Albert didn't really get the strategy at first
id: 50757
Amanda carefully considers her options
id: 50758
Various Star Wars characters carefully consider cookies
id: 50759
I like the art for this game
id: 50760
Next board game, The Red Dragon Inn!
id: 50761
Vic double checks the rules. Like he does
id: 50762
I was playing this stabby lady
id: 50763
I don't think that's how this game is played, Mckeed
id: 50764
id: 50765
Peter shows off some camera equipment
id: 50766
Holy crap, Omar made it!
id: 50767
Amanda loves The Red Dragon Inn
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