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Pictures taken on 05/12/18

id: 51399
Birthday gifts!
id: 51400
It's.. squiggle squares!
id: 51401
And a weird knife!
id: 51402
id: 51403
Becky's having fun
id: 51404
Funny little lobster figure
id: 51405
Salt and pepper shakers!
id: 51406
This lobster looks really enthusiastic
id: 51407
Becky and Nick
id: 51408
Lobsters go in the pot
id: 51409
Funny towel from Becky
id: 51410
Hi Becky
id: 51411
id: 51412
id: 51413
More little knives!
id: 51414
Mom's cool exposed ceiling
id: 51415
Accidental Becky model shot
id: 51416
Ah yes, the beer tree
id: 51417
Maybe next time
id: 51418
Ordering oysters or something
id: 51419
id: 51420
id: 51421
Nick bibs up
id: 51422
id: 51423
Wandering past the bars
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