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Pictures taken on 06/07/18

id: 51904
That's a big eagle
id: 51905
Seats for scale
id: 51906
The current ambassador
id: 51907
And one of the first!
id: 51908
The building is brand new
id: 51909
Giant artwork
id: 51910
I like the texture
id: 51911
I already forget who this guy is. I think the current ambassador
id: 51912
Uncle Stephen showing us around
id: 51913
George Washington!
id: 51914
Lots of ambassadors
id: 51915
Old paintings
id: 51916
This place feels so empty. It's like they haven't figured out what to do with it yet
id: 51917
Closeup on the art wall
id: 51918
Topaz's badge
id: 51919
Onwards to the Health Unit!
id: 51920
Uncle Stephen's office!
id: 51921
The view from the office. Inside the sails!
id: 51922
The sails are a cool view
id: 51923
A dubious artifact.. Pretty cool to get a message actually signed by the president, not an auto-pen. Too bad it's this president.
id: 51924
The view of London from the embassy
id: 51925
Exclusive bar
id: 51926
Cool tower
id: 51927
id: 51928
Different parts of the embassy are themed after different parts of America. This is the desert area.
id: 51929
Holy crap, flown patches!
id: 51930
A bunch of flown patches!
id: 51931
A flag flown on STS-51-I, and signed by Joe Engle!
id: 51932
Charlie Bolden was on this flight and he went on to become the NASA Administrator
id: 51933
Cool decorations
id: 51934
Whoa. This place is serious
id: 51935
Awkward blank spot where former Secretary of State Tillerson used to be
id: 51936
The embassy sure is a striking building
id: 51937
Checking out the exterior
id: 51938
The sails outside the embassy
id: 51939
Cool looking map
id: 51940
The sailless side
id: 51941
Waterfall. It's literally a moat
id: 51942
Sneaky security features hidden in the bushes
id: 51943
Lots of new construction in this area, in response to the embassy
id: 51944
Looking between the building and the sails
id: 51945
This pub stunk
id: 51946
Comfy looking chairs
id: 51947
The bar
id: 51948
Fancy lemon holder
id: 51949
Formula 1!
id: 51950
Welcome to London
id: 51951
Uncle Stephen has become a scotch nerd
id: 51952
He walked us through the different varieties
id: 51953
Neat bird
id: 51954
Old scotch
id: 51955
Uncle Stephen's having a good time
id: 51956
Topaz is also a scotch nerd
id: 51957
I think this was called the "legs", the streaks down the side
id: 51958
Uncle Stephen takes a sip
id: 51959
Good looking drink
id: 51960
Cooking up dinner
id: 51961
id: 51962
I biffed up the pour a little
id: 51963
PEDOLPHIA. There was originally some question about like.. "what's the worst thing" and Aunt Dani made a pretty great typo
id: 51964
A typo that came back again and again for the rest of the night. Good one, Dani
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