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Pictures taken on 06/09/18

id: 52004
So many tourists
id: 52005
This is the tour to see all the tourists
id: 52006
This flat area is where the two tectonic plates meet. It's slowly expanding
id: 52007
Looks nice
id: 52008
I forget what that little house is. Something about the prime minister having meetings there
id: 52009
A lot of people think these big cliffs are the divide. They're not
id: 52010
Lakes and stuff!
id: 52011
Panorama at the divide
id: 52012
Is this the divide?
id: 52013
I really dug the clouds and lighting in Iceland. While the occasional sunlight was nice, I found the extremely low clouds and lack of trees to be really interesting
id: 52014
id: 52015
It was a little drizzly, hence all the umbrellas
id: 52016
Clouds and rocks
id: 52017
Rocks and moss
id: 52018
It's tough to get shots without tourists in them. But I guess I'm part of the problem
id: 52019
So is Topaz
id: 52020
Rocks and grass!
id: 52021
And tourists!
id: 52022
Check out this goose!
id: 52023
Let's all check out this goose
id: 52024
It's such an interesting landscape
id: 52025
Getting closer to that house
id: 52026
The mountains are in the clouds now
id: 52027
More of the flat landscape
id: 52028
Grass and rocks
id: 52029
Grass and moss
id: 52030
And water!
id: 52031
So picturesque
id: 52032
id: 52033
Don't throw money in here
id: 52034
Can we throw money at this?
id: 52035
id: 52036
Perhaps lichen?
id: 52037
The water looked cold
id: 52038
id: 52039
id: 52040
So much grass
id: 52041
The cliffs are cool
id: 52042
Little bridge
id: 52043
Hey guess what. It's rocks
id: 52044
Little waterfalls!
id: 52045
id: 52046
id: 52047
Maybe I should just stop captioning these
id: 52048
Got it
id: 52049
I want to see someone try to import of all Iceland into a video game
id: 52050
Tour bus POV
id: 52051
No drones!
id: 52052
Risky place
id: 52053
There was weird-smelling hot steam everywhere
id: 52054
Sulfury steam!
id: 52055
Hot water!
id: 52056
This place is so strange even when you know how it works. It must have blown ye olde people's minds
id: 52057
id: 52058
id: 52059
Steamy pond!
id: 52060
Don't fall in
id: 52061
Little geyser
id: 52062
The original geyser! The word is based on the name for this particular natural formation
id: 52063
Steamy water falls away
id: 52064
Topaz touches the water in this very flattering photo that definitely won't cause him to delete this photo off of our server
id: 52065
id: 52066
Hot rocks
id: 52067
Sand and steam
id: 52068
Steam and sand
id: 52069
id: 52070
Red dirt. Looks like on Mars
id: 52071
You can see one of the attempts at making wind-breaking tree lines in the background
id: 52072
Mars in a few hundred years?
id: 52073
Steam pond
id: 52074
The blue water in the center was neat
id: 52075
So blue!
id: 52076
This is what it looked like when the wind changed direction. That shadow on the right is Topaz
id: 52077
Steamy landscape
id: 52078
Silt and stuff
id: 52079
That's an intense tour bus
id: 52080
What do you want for lunch?
id: 52081
I hate sykur
id: 52082
Did Bryce write this?
id: 52083
A horse!
id: 52084
Hello horse
id: 52085
Topaz likes horses
id: 52086
Looking down the road
id: 52087
"Horse candy?" "It's literally just hay"
id: 52088
Salt block?
id: 52089
I don't know what it is about this bleak landscape that I find so appealing
id: 52090
Wandering into the distance
id: 52091
I want this to be my house
id: 52092
When I first saw this I thought that the water fell off away from me too. But no, that's the wall
id: 52093
It's gorgeous
id: 52094
Cliffs and water
id: 52095
I think it's cooler than Niagara Falls
id: 52096
The path gets a little wet
id: 52097
Gullfoss panorama
id: 52098
Don't get too close to the edge
id: 52099
Hang in there, rocks
id: 52100
Tourist pen
id: 52101
id: 52102
Another angle on Gullfoss
id: 52103
People for scale
id: 52104
I didn't go down there. We didn't have a ton of time
id: 52105
Waves of mist buffeting the shore
id: 52106
Looking back at Gullfoss. The tourist pen is on the right
id: 52107
id: 52108
id: 52109
id: 52110
So misty
id: 52111
Nice looking waterfalll
id: 52112
Bye, Gullfoss
id: 52320
yatpay took this to demonstrate the risks of integer overflows in camera UIs.
id: 52321
The area around our hotel. It was this bright and this cloudy regardless of the time of day.
id: 52322
id: 52323
View from our tour van.
id: 52324
This is what the landscape looks like forever in every direction. It's like a barely-terraformed Mars.
id: 52325
Continental divide. Very touristy.
id: 52326
Incredible view, though.
id: 52327
This boardwalk is great because the rocks are sharp and slippery.
id: 52328
Geyser water; it comes out at 100C, so even here downstream it's extremely hot.
id: 52329
I love these foggy alien landscapes.
id: 52330
Surprisingly, the path and the boiling water are not very far apart.
id: 52331
yatpay waiting to catch the geyser erupt.
id: 52332
This pool was constantly steaming and fogging up the camera. Getting this shot required a lot of patience, just the right wind direction, and luck.
id: 52333
Such a cool color!
id: 52334
Meanwhile, over in the boiling pools of doom...
id: 52335
This is why yatpay has no fingerprints any more.
id: 52336
We were slightly ahead of schedule so we got to visit the tiny horses!
id: 52337
Nobody doesn't love the tiny horses.
id: 52338
Like I said, this is the landscape everywhere, forever in every direction. This path leads to Gullfoss, a huge waterfall!
id: 52339
Gullfoss! I went all the way down to the lower area; it was worth the hike.
id: 52340
The river disappears into a super pretty ravine; this is one of the places you can't easily capture in pictures.
id: 52341
yatpay demonstrates proper technique.
id: 52342
This volcano is also a lake! A lakeano! I went all the way down to the viewing area at the surface.
id: 52343
Nearby cinder cones that aren't lakes.
id: 52344
The view from the lake; you can also walk all the way around the ridge.
id: 52345
The walk around the ridge; yatpay is taking it all in.
id: 52365
That is a really distinctive lake
id: 52366
Poor Topaz. The wind blew right as I took this picture and sort of inflated his jacket. The hood is his fault though
id: 52367
I, however, am clearly a cool guy
id: 52368
Looking down into the crater
id: 52369
I wonder how many tourists roll into this every year
id: 52370
Neat red soil
id: 52371
Peeking over the edge
id: 52372
Rocks and mud
id: 52373
I had fun playing with the focal plane here
id: 52374
The lake! It's pretty small. Sort of a giant pool. You can tell by the spots on the picture that it was lightly raining
id: 52375
Looking away from the crater
id: 52376
People for scale on the right
id: 52377
Hang in there, plants
id: 52378
Peeking over another edge
id: 52379
Trees! A rare sight in Iceland. They're trying!
id: 52380
Not many trees outside of the spots that they're specifically trying to grow them
id: 52381
continuing to make my way around the edge
id: 52382
There was a path down to the water but I didn't want to take away from picture time up on the rim
id: 52383
Rocks and moss
id: 52384
Those wide angle shots earlier were taken from where those two people on the left are standing
id: 52385
id: 52386
id: 52387
Rocks and grass!
id: 52388
180 degrees around the crater from the wide angle shots
id: 52389
Topaz makes his way back up from the water. If you check his photo batch there's a shot from water level
id: 52390
Elevators are fun
id: 52391
id: 52392
Topaz was into this gross yogurt-like stuff
id: 52393
Stocking up for the night. It took me a while to put my finger on what was strange about this store.. no music playing! It was just dead silent
id: 52394
Even in Iceland there are scams
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