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Pictures taken on 06/10/18

id: 52113
Heinous crime, even in Iceland!
id: 52114
The landscape has plumes of steam from hot springs
id: 52115
These electricity towers look pretty cool
id: 52116
We had to stop the van and wait for someone who got left behind, but we stopped in a pretty picturesque location
id: 52117
id: 52118
Topaz loves Iceland
id: 52119
I'm in Iceland!
id: 52120
More steaming hot springs and geothermal vents
id: 52121
Such a cool looking landscape
id: 52122
A lot of food is grown in greenhouses
id: 52123
Icelandic houses have some pretty intense insulation
id: 52124
Steaming landscape. Watch out for holes that might open in the ground!
id: 52125
I do not like the look on this pig's face one bit
id: 52126
Tour bus POV
id: 52127
How come Iceland gets to have a Quiznos??
id: 52128
Clouds and hills
id: 52129
I found a convenient place to put my tinny espresso cup
id: 52130
In a land of volcanoes and glaciers you encounter some pretty intense vehicles
id: 52131
id: 52132
Such low clouds
id: 52133
There's still some ice in the wrinkles of the hills that the sun doesn't reach
id: 52134
Gorgeous landscapes
id: 52135
Little waterfalls!
id: 52136
Lots of grass and moss, not many trees
id: 52137
Tall wispy waterfalll
id: 52138
You can see the mountain just sort of sliding away
id: 52139
I like the rock-guard trees. The tour guides say no house has ever been wiped out by a rolling rock but I guess no one wants to be the first
id: 52140
Hill? Mountain? You be the judge. Or ask a geologist I guess
id: 52141
id: 52142
We didn't have a ton of time, so rather than go up for an elevated view I went close to the waterfall
id: 52143
No drones! But Shiba Inus are ok
id: 52144
id: 52145
I'd be nervous about rolling rocks
id: 52146
That's a big waterfall
id: 52147
I think it looks nicer than Niagara Falls. Even with the tourists
id: 52148
You can just walk up to it!
id: 52149
Getting creative
id: 52150
Water vs ground
id: 52151
A tripod would've been handy
id: 52152
Topaz walking back from his waterfall close encounter
id: 52153
I hid under a little natural shelf
id: 52154
The water was churned up into little waves
id: 52155
It was loud and windy
id: 52156
These rocks are hanging in here
id: 52157
Peeking out from cover
id: 52158
How close can we get?
id: 52159
OK, this might be too close
id: 52160
Goodbye, Skogafoss!
id: 52161
A glacier!! We'll see more of this later. Or maybe it's another glacier, I can't remember
id: 52162
Everyone in the Dacia, we're heading to Pochinki!
id: 52163
Photographer Topaz
id: 52164
Photographer and photo!
id: 52165
One of our tourmates getting in close for a shot
id: 52166
Cool cliffs
id: 52167
I wonder if it gets old when you live here
id: 52168
These islands almost look like something out of a game
id: 52169
Bust out the wide angle
id: 52170
id: 52171
I love how the clouds lead to really different lighting conditions. The foreground is in sunlight and the hills are in shade
id: 52172
It's easier to see the lighting here
id: 52173
The beach!
id: 52174
id: 52175
Let's grab lunch real quick
id: 52176
Paragliders coming for a landing
id: 52177
Obligatory selfie stick
id: 52178
More incredible landscapes
id: 52179
Seems fine
id: 52180
Safety Topaz
id: 52181
I think I get the message
id: 52182
Hey guys, did you know there are scary waves here?
id: 52183
Topaz enjoying his lunch on the go
id: 52184
Whoa, that's a cave
id: 52185
Topaz really nursing that sandwich
id: 52186
Such a strange looking cliff
id: 52187
So very climbable
id: 52188
id: 52189
Walking down onto the beach
id: 52190
Topaz considers his approach
id: 52191
And away he goes
id: 52192
id: 52193
T-pose falling
id: 52194
OK my turn
id: 52195
I'm an expert alpinist
id: 52196
Just thinkin' about Iceland things
id: 52197
Hi Topaz
id: 52198
It's a nice little seat
id: 52199
Kate specifically told me not to turn my back on the scary waves, so of course I turned my back on the scary waves.. briefly
id: 52200
Looking back up at the hexagons
id: 52201
Non-scary waves
id: 52202
Part of the landscape still hanging in there
id: 52203
Going to greet the scary waves
id: 52204
I touched it!
id: 52205
Well that was fun. And I survived!
id: 52206
Nap time?
id: 52207
Closeup of the "sand". It was more like gravel
id: 52208
id: 52209
Intriguing landscape features in the distance. I didn't want to miss some of the photo shots around here but Topaz made a run for it
id: 52210
Looking further up the hill
id: 52211
I wonder if these hexagons ever fall off?
id: 52212
Into the cave
id: 52213
id: 52214
If you just go in a straight line you hit no land until Antarctica!
id: 52215
It's really an incredible sight
id: 52216
Looking down the beach that Topaz went running down
id: 52217
The soil/grass layer on top of the rocks is neat
id: 52218
It's a glacier!
id: 52219
The glacier used to be here but has been retreating. It's been retreating for a long time but it's gotten faster lately. When was the last time these rocks were exposed?
id: 52220
Lots of rocks and gouges in the landscape
id: 52221
Wandering out into the glacier path
id: 52222
A little rain nearby
id: 52223
Dirty ice
id: 52224
People are useful for scale around here
id: 52225
Big ice chunks floating
id: 52226
This moss and lichen is hanging in here
id: 52227
The glacier can be dangerous when pieces break off
id: 52228
Our tour guide asked us to not go past this sign but plenty of other people were down there. We scooted down for a quick look around but were ready to run
id: 52229
For scale, there is a small group of people on top of the glacier near the top-middle, just to the right
id: 52230
It's been a good trip! Topaz is a good traveling partner!
id: 52231
Trips are fun
id: 52232
I really can't get enough of this landscape
id: 52233
Science box?
id: 52234
Science.. drill?
id: 52235
Down at the water level, but just for a moment
id: 52236
Topaz didn't go all the way down to the water
id: 52237
Heading back up to safer ground
id: 52238
Ice and grass and dirt
id: 52239
Old rocks
id: 52240
And boulders! This is how boulders end up in random fields. Glaciers leave them behind
id: 52241
Ice and water shaping the landscape
id: 52242
Watch your step
id: 52243
What made that big crack?
id: 52244
Watch out for rolling boulders
id: 52245
These guys had bikes with super thick tires!
id: 52246
Goodbye, glacier!
id: 52247
More barren hills
id: 52248
Blue sky does exist here! And check out this truck heading across this thin bit of land!
id: 52249
One more waterfall
id: 52250
Pretty big!
id: 52251
Just sheets of water blasting the ground
id: 52252
Rock and water
id: 52253
Topaz and the waterfall
id: 52254
Of course, I got one too
id: 52255
Looking up at the waterfall
id: 52256
Topaz briefly ran down to ground zero
id: 52257
It didn't look pleasant
id: 52258
The slippery path to the waterfall
id: 52259
Behind the waterfall!
id: 52260
Lots of people stopping for photos
id: 52261
The last little path
id: 52262
Someone else clamoring back up
id: 52263
This is what the surface looks like when looking away from the waterfall
id: 52264
Just a quick shot because water was soaking the camera so quickly. In fact, later I had some trouble with some buttons malfunctioning but eventually fixed it
id: 52265
Waves of mist blasting off the water surface
id: 52266
Me and the back of the waterfall
id: 52267
So violent!
id: 52268
This rock is getting worn down
id: 52269
It was windy and noisy and wet
id: 52270
Back around the other side
id: 52271
Hey, no drones!
id: 52272
Well that was fun
id: 52273
Let's try some weird Icelandic drinks and snacks from our tour guide!
id: 52274
This was fine
id: 52346
Hooray! Iceland!
id: 52347
A little stripmall we stopped at.
id: 52348
This is Skogafoss, one of the largest Fosses in Iceland. Nobody has built a larger Foss since. Nobody knows what a Foss is.
id: 52349
At this distance you still get wet pretty quickly; the camera doesn't show just how much moisture is in the air.
id: 52350
id: 52351
The waterfall distracts people from the rest of the incredible scenery.
id: 52352
I waited to get this shot of the paraglider landing.
id: 52353
This is Reynisfjara, a famous black sand beach with huge hexagonal basalt columns just like Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland has.
id: 52354
Big glacier! It's much bigger in person.
id: 52355
I tried to get shots of yatpay since there aren't many mirrors in most of his pictures.
id: 52356
Tour Guide: Don't go too far! Don't go down to the water! yatpay: Okay, I'm going to go past the barrier and touch the water. (JP note: it was a small sign, not a barrier!)
id: 52357
I bet it was worth it, though.
id: 52358
I'm pretty sure this is one frame in a rapid-fire sequence of yatpay walking past me.
id: 52359
This is Seljalandsfoss. I stood under it and got so wet that my phone wouldn't turn on.
id: 52360
yatpay took this photo to prove how cool he is.
id: 52361
It's okay to zone out after a long day, even if it's during a "vacation"!
id: 52362
This little convenience store was several meals. It was actually very good food!
id: 52363
yatpay took this photo to show a new battle scar. (Drying out water that got under the dial and made it malfunction)
id: 52364
yatpay took this to demonstrate proper technique for drying off a very wet camera.
id: 52395
Topaz played FTL while I played The Adventure Zone at him (note the phone on the corner of the desk)
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