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Pictures taken on 07/13/18

id: 52492
David is excited
id: 52493
Time for beer and food
id: 52494
Moe has some professional leisure gear
id: 52495
Moe, the one and only
id: 52496
IT meeting
id: 52497
Task 7 in the corner
id: 52498
Hey, a proper barbeque!
id: 52499
Someone dragged the ping pong table out here
id: 52500
David's just watching
id: 52501
Phone as ping pong paddle?
id: 52502
Elliot supervises
id: 52503
This looks like a brewing confrontation
id: 52504
Don't crush the ball!
id: 52505
Moe's making progress on his cigar
id: 52506
The beanbag's coming right at me!
id: 52507
Ax is up
id: 52508
Volle seems unsure about all this
id: 52509
Fred's got a technique!
id: 52510
David's making hot dogs
id: 52511
Susan was impressed by that throw
id: 52512
Jason puts on his cook face
id: 52513
id: 52514
Throw it in the hole!
id: 52515
Nailed it
id: 52546
All cut!
id: 52547
It's a miracle!
id: 52548
I didn't even know there was a little fence back there!
id: 52549
Back, back wilds!
id: 52550
id: 52551
This is the look Neil gives me whenever he sees me in the backyard
id: 52552
Feral side yard tamed!
id: 52553
Grass debris. Looks like a tornado swept through
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