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Pictures taken on 08/09/18

id: 52600
Hey it's that hot new anime everyone's always takling about
id: 52601
I tried making my photo lighter so it'd show up better. Didn't really work
id: 52602
Stuff, you say?
id: 52603
Welcome to the VAT
id: 52604
This chair is all about posture
id: 52605
Is it just me or is this aspect ratio off
id: 52606
Topaz is king of the hallway
id: 52607
Elevators are fun
id: 52608
Is this the loading dock?
id: 52609
Whoa. The Dragon Ball booth is nuts
id: 52610
Dragon dragon, rock the dragon, cha la head cha la
id: 52611
"Release us.... nowwww"
id: 52612
Trying to find where the heck Vic's van is
id: 52613
Big bucket of merch incoming
id: 52614
Hey it's that place where we are
id: 52615
Wandering around the loading dock. Keep an eye out for forklifts!
id: 52616
Sweet livery
id: 52617
Well, we're back at the original loading dock
id: 52618
We found him!
id: 52619
This year's van art
id: 52620
Merle lent Vic the Extreme Teen Bible for the weekend
id: 52621
The Mckeed-shaped hole in the van
id: 52622
We're loading on the roof now, eh?
id: 52623
That device allows Mckeed to buy and sell bitcoin with his mind
id: 52624
Important box!
id: 52625
This year I wasn't quick enough on getting on the server, so I took photos instead
id: 52626
Don't scrape off the buttons!
id: 52627
Manga? (Bottom row)
id: 52628
Hi Will
id: 52629
Lots of radios
id: 52630
I am completely covered in radios
id: 52631
Anthony measures stuff out
id: 52632
Fixing the speaker
id: 52633
Robyn checks the projector alignment
id: 52634
Alright this joke might be getting old
id: 52635
Omar practices his "talking to teens" chair technique
id: 52636
I like this year's signs. Straightforward and requires no explanation
id: 52637
Wiring up the server
id: 52638
Vic swings by to inspect
id: 52639
Vic and Amanda on the move
id: 52640
Whoa, our new professional AV tech buddy has some fancy lights
id: 52641
Sound Gal Jen!
id: 52642
Assembling the monitor
id: 52643
Amanda is having fun
id: 52644
Power equipment?
id: 52645
This is where we'll show the contest. Not the greatest room. But thanks to the not-so-great time slot it shouldn't fill all the way.
id: 52646
Ice is a food?
id: 52647
Clean Box Amateur wasn't good enough
id: 52648
We were getting ground hum or static or something
id: 52649
The ballots!
id: 52650
Vic knows how to coil cable
id: 52651
Gengar's got your bathroom pass again
id: 52652
Calibration time
id: 52653
This year's obligatory "Vic in an Elevator" photo
id: 52654
id: 52655
Are there ghosts, Vic?
id: 52656
The AMV Theater sign if up!
id: 52657
Practicing for panelists
id: 52658
Shiny projector
id: 52659
Testing the projector and winding down with some Ultimate Chicken Horse
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