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Pictures taken on 08/11/18

id: 52702
In case you forgot you were at an anime con
id: 52703
I wonder what channel this hotel lobby TV is typically on
id: 52704
Time for my stint working the board
id: 52705
These little indicators on the right were a good idea
id: 52706
I'm going to blame Brakus for that one
id: 52707
This is what the screen sees
id: 52708
The official AMV winners ballot
id: 52709
The most Alan photo I've ever taken
id: 52710
Mel agrees
id: 52711
id: 52712
Photo shoots started organizing outside the VAT. It was loud but brought in a lot of people
id: 52713
Bjork?? Here??
id: 52714
Otakon sign!
id: 52715
Bryce waves to his subjects
id: 52716
We're back at VGNY! But now in DC!
id: 52717
One of these might be my Dreamcast. I sold it to these guys a few years ago.
id: 52718
Well now I want to
id: 52719
That's a big sword
id: 52720
The always busy escalators
id: 52721
I love seeing anime cons leaking into the real world
id: 52722
This looks like a fun job. No it doesn't.
id: 52723
These lit-up stairs are really popular for photos
id: 52724
The hotel lobby
id: 52725
Hey it's that guy I am
id: 52726
What cosplay is this?
id: 52727
This guy was asking questions after the space panel, so I said "Hey you're the guy from the space panel!" and he goes "No wait, YOU'RE the guy from the space panel!"
id: 52728
I can see you
id: 52729
The hallway behind the AMV Theater
id: 52730
Topaz needs to chill out. Mel needs to dance
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