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Pictures taken on 12/11/18

id: 53334
The National Cathedral is a pretty neat building
id: 53335
There's a space-themed stained-glass window!
id: 53336
That dark thing in the center is an actual moon rock
id: 53337
Carl hooked me up with the tickets, but hid from the camera
id: 53338
The view from our original seats. We later found better ones
id: 53339
Apollo 8 artifacts on display
id: 53340
The Apollo 8 flight plan!
id: 53341
Whoa, Moonrise signed by the entire Apollo 8 crew. That's incredible
id: 53342
You can barely see my yellow bag near the left, that's where we originally sat
id: 53343
My ticket! Black and white since it was just too blue
id: 53344
Impressive building
id: 53345
Hey it's that event we're at!
id: 53346
National Cathedral, all in blue
id: 53347
Tall ceilings
id: 53348
What'd you call me?
id: 53349
Neat architecture
id: 53350
id: 53351
Columns and arches everywhere you look
id: 53352
id: 53353
We found a side area that didn't have the best angle but was much closer to the speakers.
id: 53354
The choir
id: 53355
Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator
id: 53356
It's Jim Lovell!! I haven't been this close since I met him as an 8 year old (or some time around then)
id: 53357
Jim Lovell eventually had to stop the audience from applauding
id: 53358
id: 53359
Jim Lovell is the only person to fly to the moon twice without walking on it
id: 53360
Continuing to talk about the impact of Apollo 8 and of reading Genesis from lunar orbit on Christmas Day, 1968
id: 53361
Pilot for Gemini VII, Command Pilot for Gemini XII, Command Module Pilot for Apollo 8, and Commander of Apollo 13
id: 53362
It took some guts to be on the first flight to leave the Earth
id: 53363
Apollo 8, which had no lunar module, had no lifeboat capability like that which later saved the crew of Apollo 13
id: 53364
It was a real honor to see Lovell speak
id: 53365
On his way out, Lovell walked within about a foot of me. If I didn't think it would get my friend in trouble, I would've reached out for a handshake. It was very tempting.
id: 53366
It's the moon!
id: 53505
My car is covered in frost
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