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Pictures taken on 12/20/18

id: 53373
Dad's morning ritual: breakfast sandwiches at McDonalds. This really made me question my own breakfast sandwich habit..
id: 53374
Dad's fastidious water usage notes. I tried to tell him that there exist systems to automate this and that he could graph it but he wasn't interested
id: 53375
Me sitting on Wacko's roof
id: 53376
Me and Becky some time in high school
id: 53377
Wow, what is.. wow
id: 53378
Dad out for a walk
id: 53379
Well, this picture is almost identical to the last one, but I'm too lazy to go back and remove it
id: 53380
Uncle Jimmy!
id: 53381
Looking at some stuff in Uncle Jimmy's garage
id: 53382
Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Nancy, and.. dog whose name I don't know
id: 53383
Uncle Jimmy's mantle is made from wood from the actual USS Constitution
id: 53384
I love their little loft area for TV
id: 53385
Nice view of the Christmas tree from the loft
id: 53386
Uncle Jimmy gave us a tour of his new town on the Cape
id: 53387
id: 53388
Hi Dad
id: 53389
We'll visit that bridge later
id: 53390
Couple of brothers
id: 53391
Uncle Jimmy points out landmarks. Dad is clearly engaged
id: 53392
I hate these stone stacks. Just let nature do its thing
id: 53393
Nice bench
id: 53394
Hey it's that bridge from earlier
id: 53395
Uncle Jimmy likes to point at stuff
id: 53396
Neat radar stuff
id: 53397
Showing Dad... I don't know
id: 53398
Fishing line trashcan. Don't let it go in the water!
id: 53399
Train tracks
id: 53400
Dad's wondering when lunch is
id: 53401
Hi Dad
id: 53402
It was a good walk
id: 53515
This is the house I grew up in! Not the greatest photos since I just shot it handheld in James' car
id: 53516
James and Rob love Chili's
id: 53517
Beany made this face when she saw the camera and now she has to live with this photo existing
id: 53518
Beany don't care
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