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Pictures taken on 01/04/19

id: 53527
Time to cook dinner
id: 53528
Dan reviews the Bondcon run card. Now we know how to turn on the projector!
id: 53529
Amanda's in the gaming zone
id: 53530
Vic has things to say
id: 53531
That's right, we dragged the instant pot up to New Jersey
id: 53532
Dan is helping
id: 53533
Amanda wants cookies
id: 53534
Hanging around
id: 53535
I got Bryce this Muk art
id: 53536
Present time!
id: 53537
I got Bryce soap that looks like chicken wings! Why? Because it's so strange and funny
id: 53538
Who took this picture?
id: 53539
Just two planeswalkers duking it out
id: 53540
Amy is Brett's magic advisor
id: 53541
There's a lot going on here
id: 53542
Annalise consults with Pusheen
id: 53543
Fancy fiber optic bows
id: 53544
Sam! Or Dean! One of those cats
id: 53545
Topaz is finally free of Advent of Code so is diving into Exapunks
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