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Pictures taken on 01/05/19

id: 53546
For Christmas I got Albert an Umbrella Corp ID badge
id: 53547
Games are fun
id: 53548
Brett's representing New Mexico
id: 53549
Erika's here!
id: 53550
"So the thing about weird figurines is.."
id: 53551
Peter practicing for chip ads
id: 53552
I got Vic and Amanda this Switch stand they wanted. It's nice but sort of tough with the screen
id: 53553
The gang in Video 1 were playing some sort of insane electronic card game
id: 53554
What is even going on here?
id: 53555
More magic! Who will win?
id: 53556
Brett seems happy with his cards
id: 53557
Topaz is at maximum Topaz
id: 53558
DDR in the basement!
id: 53559
I took a page out of the Mythbusters book and vandalized one of Vic's boxes
id: 53560
We are a classy bunch. Yes, these are microwaved White Castle
id: 53561
So many people are in the basement!
id: 53562
Step step!
id: 53563
Let's not help Dan
id: 53564
Annalise stole my bed! Yes, I slept in the basement cause it was clean and non-spidery and much cooler than the hot upstairs
id: 53565
What.. game are you playing, Bryce?
id: 53566
Meri and Mike don't need to be on the DDR mat to dance
id: 53567
DDR observation platform
id: 53568
DDR is fun
id: 53569
What is Bryce thinking about? Brett doesn't know
id: 53570
Waiting to play DDR
id: 53571
Meri and Mike dance with style
id: 53572
Vic and Amanda's turn to dance
id: 53573
Brett stole the camera and took a new LinkedIn photo
id: 53574
Uhh.. hi, Brett
id: 53575
More games!
id: 53576
Full living room
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