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Pictures taken on 02/15/19

id: 53626
Joe's last day!
id: 53627
Dan checks in with Emperor Ian
id: 53628
Alex looks thrilled by his current ticket
id: 53629
Dan and I took it upon ourselves to draw a New Shepard on a cake, in honor of Joe's new team
id: 53630
Our canvas
id: 53631
Dan takes a deep breath and begins
id: 53632
New Shepard in flight! And before you say it, yes, we know what it looks like.. but that's what the rocket looks like!
id: 53633
Joe's cake! Some of the exhaust is strings from those peelable twizzlers
id: 53634
Justin, Tom, and Scott come to inspect
id: 53635
Aww, you hate to see it
id: 53636
Joe was impressed
id: 53637
id: 53638
Pizza good
id: 53639
Joe's photo, sabotaged by Ax
id: 53640
All the forks keep going missing, so we had to use spoons
id: 53641
Who doesn't love cake
id: 53642
These guys do
id: 53643
Joe cuts the cake
id: 53644
Rapid Scheduled Disassembly
id: 53645
I think Joe's excited about going to work at Blue
id: 53646
A good way to spend a Friday
id: 53647
What are you checking, Joe?
id: 53648
Tom has updated his shirt. I miss the UMD one!
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