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Pictures taken on 03/19/19

id: 53749
I finally got to give Topaz his christmas present
id: 53750
It's a replica of the ribbon/bracelet from Your Name!
id: 53751
I also finally got to meet Mika
id: 53752
Mika inspects Topaz's offering
id: 53753
Time to go for a squirtle
id: 53754
The much-vaunted cantilevered deck
id: 53755
There's a fox down by the lake!
id: 53756
Frozen cruft on the surface of the lake
id: 53757
It looks like Enceladus or something
id: 53758
Mika, aren't you cold?
id: 53759
Topaz can see Canada from his house
id: 53760
Weather station!
id: 53761
Mika enjoys the view
id: 53762
The snow protected by the shadow hasn't melted yet
id: 53763
Why isn't Topaz in the ewastl bucket?
id: 53764
id: 53765
Kate showed up as a surprise for the last Devtricks!
id: 53766
Topaz thinks of what to say
id: 53767
When in doubt, return to woogedy arms
id: 53768
What next..
id: 53769
Good luck, Eric!
id: 53770
So expressive, this Topaz fellow
id: 53771
"This is how you eat the cake"
id: 53772
Kate watches her husband do his thing
id: 53773
The usual Devtricks crew
id: 53774
Topaz knows how to give an attention grabbing dev-rant
id: 53775
This is the arm cross corner
id: 53776
Kate was pretty proud of him
id: 53777
What's over there?
id: 53778
Then Topaz got water stuck in his ear
id: 53779
That's a big slab of cake
id: 53780
Good turnout
id: 53781
Skalski wrote a special farewell Perl script. Note the second character of each row
id: 53782
Devtricks rolls on
id: 53783
It's a Tembt!
id: 53784
Sassy Topaz
id: 53785
A surprise Kate is always fun
id: 53786
Mika has things to say
id: 53787
Mika doesn't understand the colorful cube
id: 53788
Mika demands to know the source of the clicking sound
id: 53789
Is the clicking tasty?
id: 53790
Mika considers the puzzle
id: 53791
Mika is so photogenic
id: 53792
id: 53793
Mika gazes into the future
id: 53794
Mika gazes into the lens
id: 53795
Where are you bringing that ball?
id: 53796
Give the ball back!
id: 53797
This is what Mika thinks of your idea
id: 53798
Trot trot trot
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