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Pictures taken on 03/22/19

id: 53819
Steve is a full time remote worker now!
id: 53820
Steve tried to show off his adjustable standing desk and it got stuck
id: 53821
Can you just work like this?
id: 53822
This isn't gonna work
id: 53823
Phil did the same thing with our desk. Is it plugged in?
id: 53824
Phil, fix it!
id: 53825
Now the table is too low!
id: 53826
Let's get dinner
id: 53827
Squinty Steve
id: 53828
Dinner is fun
id: 53829
What is that face, Matt?
id: 53830
I think Megan is ready for this baby to come along
id: 53831
Matt speaks no evil
id: 53832
Bartender Matt?
id: 53833
Phil is in undercover mode
id: 53834
What is that face, Steve??
id: 53835
Group photo!
id: 53836
"You're the only one who understands me, can"
id: 53837
Steve relaxes at his bar
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