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Pictures taken on 03/23/19

id: 53838
Brian is sleep
id: 53839
Everyone is sleep
id: 53840
Mika is sleep
id: 53841
Topaz deck!
id: 53842
What is the weather.. on HOTH?
id: 53843
Gross dirty ice
id: 53844
Looking at Buffalo from across the water
id: 53845
Sunsets are nice
id: 53846
Looking back at Topaz's house
id: 53847
Gross ice
id: 53848
Anthony's bunny cake is falling over
id: 53849
That's a nice looking bunny cake. This was some sort of trial run for someone who was going to do it with kids
id: 53850
Could you guess that this was Anthony's bunny?
id: 53851
Topaz's crazy House-to-1980s interface
id: 53852
Time to overdo some HDR shots
id: 53853
This sunset is so HDR
id: 53854
Sun and ice
id: 53855
Sunset on Mars?
id: 53856
This looks a lot like that other sunset photo
id: 53857
Gross ice.. at sunset!
id: 53858
Topaz has a nice view
id: 53859
Goodbye, Sun. Now it's time for Topaz to wake up
id: 53860
Mika has many questions
id: 53861
But she'll never tell you
id: 53862
Topaz on his deck.
id: 53863
Deck party
id: 53864
Sun's gone
id: 53865
id: 53866
The ice flow thing is escaping
id: 53867
It's a very warm jacket
id: 53868
It's time for fancy scotch!
id: 53869
Observe: fancy scotch
id: 53870
Oh god, in a plastic cup??
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