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Pictures taken on 07/20/19

id: 54164
The Washington Monument with some ominous clouds appoaching
id: 54165
Now it's a Saturn V!
id: 54166
Lots of people like space
id: 54167
Now if they would just turn around and register that support with the white building with the dome..
id: 54168
This is really really cool
id: 54169
This guy is gigantic!
id: 54170
Finally caught a little lightning in the approaching thunderstorm. Luckily it just missed us
id: 54171
Guys, it's a Saturn V
id: 54172
Please stop standing up
id: 54173
Saturn V on the mall!
id: 54174
Almost time for the show to start
id: 54175
This is a very narrow place to assemble a rocket
id: 54176
It's launching! Some stupid part of me expected it to continue off the top of the monument
id: 54177
I think that's a life-sized CSM/S-IVB
id: 54178
The thunderstorm is coming!
id: 54179
The lights were really great
id: 54180
Let's keep getting closer!
id: 54181
Lots of cops
id: 54182
I don't think people were allowed to walk this close to the real Saturn V when it was being fueled
id: 54183
Hey. It's a Saturn V
id: 54184
I wonder if that's how high the MLP really was
id: 54185
We're so far forward here that in the second showing we couldn't hear any of the music or rocket noise
id: 54186
Pretty lights
id: 54187
They could've made it a little taller!
id: 54188
Now it's giant vacuum tube
id: 54189
Sunset at night
id: 54190
Away it goes
id: 54191
The LM is landing!
id: 54192
id: 54193
That's a big footprint
id: 54194
id: 54195
id: 54196
Let's see how close I can get
id: 54197
I got this close
id: 54198
Looking back up the mall
id: 54199
Well that was fun. Time to head back
id: 54200
Saturn V peeking over the trees
id: 54201
It seems weird that this equipment was just out in the open, especially with the thunderstorm approaching
id: 54202
Yeah I'm sure this would tolerate water. Note the box fan.. it was hot
id: 54203
id: 54204
One last look back
id: 54205
There was an event in the Air and Space Museum but the line was too long so I went home
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