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Pictures taken on 07/26/19

id: 54281
Booth life
id: 54282
Random Otakon hallway shot
id: 54283
Pepsi Man!!
id: 54284
My liege
id: 54285
So many nerds want pizza
id: 54286
Decent turnout for the space panel
id: 54287
id: 54288
Your color is red, you are in the red group, you are in the red group, go to the red light, go to the red light you are in the red group
id: 54289
The concert next door ended and they turned the lights on for the entire room, forgetting that we had the back quarter. This was a minor crisis
id: 54290
Vic, where's your real ghostmeter?
id: 54291
Topaz has the ballots
id: 54292
id: 54293
Bowsette Amanda!
id: 54294
The new Featured Events booth sticks out so I can just look right at the audience. It's weird
id: 54295
Ballot harvest
id: 54296
"r" for best in show! (Yes, we recorded a 1)
id: 54297
Vic demos his weird persistent vision LED strip thing by setting Programming on fire
id: 54298
Dan and Mel seem to be getting along
id: 54299
This is what it's like to take pictures of Mel
id: 54300
id: 54301
id: 54302
Anyone lose their kazoo?
id: 54303
This guy's photo rig is so insane I had to get a photo
id: 54304
These guys seem familiar..
id: 54305
Yeah of course. The classic combination of accordion and uh... oboe? Metal oboe?
id: 54306
This band seems so sad
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