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Pictures taken on 07/27/19

id: 54307
id: 54308
"Jaaaaypeeeee" - Brett
id: 54309
Keep him away from walls
id: 54310
Tsao with his amazing art!
id: 54311
Wacky inflatable tube people!
id: 54312
Obligatory "I'm working the board and am bored" shot
id: 54313
We had fireworks on the ceiling for a big chunk of the weekend, as part of the "festival" theme. Then we almost made real fireworks when the projector started to melt from pointing up
id: 54315
New server
id: 54316
Render-chan and Error-chan!
id: 54317
Audience participation!
id: 54318
Dance, Mel, dance!
id: 54319
Also Will. Will can dance
id: 54320
Everybody dance!
id: 54321
Also.. this guy?
id: 54322
Vic later said "thank god you took a photo of the winner because I forgot to write it down"
id: 54323
Free Otakon
id: 54324
Ballots ballots ballots
id: 54325
Input the ballots!
id: 54326
Hi buddy!
id: 54327
Topaz helped to solve a tricky issue where we had input some ballots more than once. It required some careful thinking and a little database surgery but we got it fixed
id: 54328
Full escalator
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