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Pictures taken on 08/10/19

id: 54514
Both these facial expressions capture a lot about the situation
id: 54515
Who's ready to get breakfast?
id: 54516
Dad's ready to shop
id: 54517
What is this thing?
id: 54518
Scientists have yet to agree
id: 54519
Dad is amazed at all the options
id: 54520
Hey that's where I bought this camera!
id: 54521
Nice face, Dad
id: 54522
Dad was flummoxed by the Rubik's Cube. Not solving it, just why anyone would want to in the first place
id: 54523
He gave it a shot though
id: 54524
Is Monte being a good boy, Becky?
id: 54525
Monte and Becky
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