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Pictures taken on 10/18/19

id: 54965
The view from the new 2U office
id: 54966
Suz tries the weird hanging eggs
id: 54967
Nice new place!
id: 54968
Back at the theater for My Brother My Brother and Me
id: 54969
My Brother My Brother And Me!
id: 54970
Our seats for MBMBaM were further back but we didn't have anyone in front of us
id: 54971
Justin and Sydnee!
id: 54972
Suz is excited about intermission
id: 54973
Hi Suz
id: 54974
Check out the crazy ceiling in the theater
id: 54975
The brothers do their work
id: 54976
In classic NYC style we went to an unbearably small and expensive place for food. Great pretzel!
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