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Pictures taken on 11/02/19

id: 55108
Russell's got to head out
id: 55109
More awkward photos of James
id: 55110
I have no idea why I took this photo
id: 55111
Nap time for doggos
id: 55112
This game was too confusing for me in my tired and inebriated state
id: 55113
Victor's going to take over this neighborhood. Or whatever
id: 55114
Apparently my iPad is serving as a table?
id: 55115
Victor's impressive board game backpack
id: 55116
id: 55117
Hey little trash panda!
id: 55118
Wait.. what
id: 55119
Want to sit in this seat? It goes a little higher than this
id: 55120
id: 55121
What a weird status. Clever though
id: 55122
Those seats are much higher now
id: 55123
500 REAL skeletons?
id: 55124
James and Madonna
id: 55125
Looking good, James
id: 55126
Look at all these gears!
id: 55127
You'd think that air hockey with 50 pucks would be really fun but it was just sort of stressful
id: 55128
I used my tickets to get a parachute man
id: 55129
Let's rewind the clock by about 20 years
id: 55130
The chute is open!
id: 55131
He's gonna make it!
id: 55132
What do the thermal folks have to say about those pants?
id: 55133
Oh my.
id: 55134
The CM is being pulled off of the SM!
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