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Pictures taken on 04/28/20

id: 56207
Yes, you can sleep on that blanket
id: 56208
I would take Neil's collar off when going to the vet.
id: 56209
"This again?"
id: 56210
id: 56211
I waited in the car while the vet checked out Neil
id: 56212
Neil's fluid bags in the bathroom
id: 56213
Each needle came in individual wrappers. There were a lot of wrappers
id: 56214
This was the only way to keep Buzz away from Neil's food. Eventually I had to make a second one for Buzz's food to keep Neil out! They only wanted the food they couldn't have!
id: 56215
The verdict from the vet was that Neil was in his final decline. As such, it was no longer necessary to restrict his diet or give him daily fluids. Just make him happy. I gave him a feast
id: 56216
All the wet food he could eat. And all the crappy old dry food that he had been craving
id: 56217
Enjoy it, buddy
id: 56218
He ate almost the whole thing in one sitting. And just enjoyed licking it for a long time
id: 56219
Neil keeps an eye on sleepy Buzz
id: 56220
Though I think he's getting sleepy too
id: 56221
Nap time at last
id: 56222
But that won't stop me from taking pictures
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