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Pictures taken on 05/18/20

id: 56270
I found him downstairs. He was ready.
id: 56271
On his little tuffet of towels
id: 56272
How're you doing, buddy?
id: 56273
Photos don't capture it, but he was moving strangely. It was clearly costing him a lot of effort. And his fur was tacky and ragged. But he made it through the weekend
id: 56274
Despite everything, he still enjoyed looking out the window
id: 56275
It's a good show out there
id: 56276
Nice and bright
id: 56277
It took some effort but he sat up for a while
id: 56278
Oh Neil
id: 56279
He was very wobbly
id: 56280
Well. It's time.
id: 56281
This is the last photo of Neil. He was everything you would ever want in a cat. Just perfect in every way. Once he got sick he held on so much longer than anyone thought. And it was a privilege to be there with him. This photo was taken after Neil was given a sedative. He slowly fell asleep and I just kept petting him, talking to him, and making eye contact with him. Acting on the vet's advice, I let him take Neil away for the end. Neil did a good job. He was a good cat.
id: 56305
Couch time
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