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Pictures taken during March 2004

id: 1909
id: 1910
Stupid.. matchmaking quiz
id: 1911
James is bleeding?
id: 1912
Ms. Whitner talks about how circuits work
id: 1913
A picture of Rachel
id: 1914
Rachel and Muffie
id: 1915
Going downstairs
id: 1916
Rachel on her computer
id: 1917
Muffie is a giant!
id: 1918
Muffie in her prom dress
id: 1919
Nice dress, Muffie
id: 1920
There I am
id: 1921
Rachel makes a face
id: 1922
James' weird ice cream thing
id: 1923
Hi James
id: 1924
id: 1925
This airsoft pellet got stuck in a poster!
id: 1926
It had exactly the right mount of energy
id: 1927
Physics homework
id: 1928
No way!
id: 1929
Used rugs? Or use drugs?
id: 1930
Now that's slow
id: 1931
id: 1932
Wacko takes a picture of himself
id: 1933
Me walking along
id: 1934
Laser Wacko
id: 1935
Lasers on Wacko!
id: 1936
id: 1937
Lasers are fun
id: 1938
id: 1939
Too bad I didn't have a longer exposure
id: 1940
id: 1941
Wacko <3's you
id: 1942
Wacko learned how to control energy
id: 1943
Kaaame..... haaammee...
id: 1944
Trace the limbs
id: 1945
His idea..
id: 1946
Haha, this is stupid
id: 1947
Wacko lining up a shot at me
id: 1948
Happy laser
id: 1949
Drug assembly!
id: 1950
James and Muffie aren't having fun
id: 1951
A blurry picture of the screen
id: 1952
Pinder looks around
id: 1953
Dr. Burke on Warden duty
id: 1954
id: 1955
That's a pretty big bag to inhale out of.. must be 15 feet tall!
id: 1956
I don't know why I tried so hard to get this shot
id: 1957
Mr. Barth's ID
id: 1958
James with his video camera
id: 1959
id: 1960
The MHS staff parking lot
id: 1961
The dongle for the CD player
id: 1962
It's a pretty sweet machine
id: 1963
I can clip this onto my pocket and leave the player in my backpack
id: 1964
The CD player while closed
id: 1965
See? It plays MP3 CDs
id: 1966
I never use the buttons on the side.
id: 1967
Mark Beckford
id: 1968
Rob's sleeping in Physics!
id: 1969
id: 1970
id: 1971
Circuits are fun..
id: 1972
id: 1973
id: 1974
id: 1975
id: 1976
id: 1977
id: 1978
Ooo, matrix multiplication
id: 1979
This was all very new at the time
id: 1980
Another circuit
id: 1981
Our homework.. I probably should have deleted this
id: 1982
I thought this was cool
id: 1983
All the stuff I carried around daily
id: 1984
Another shot
id: 1985
I used to carry a lot of stuff around...
id: 1986
The class I taught at MIT. WPI Mike is there
id: 1987
They were a pretty good class
id: 1988
A weird doll
id: 1989
What the hell is going on here??
id: 1990
Voice Dick
id: 1991
Some kind of translator
id: 1992
Looks like Korean
id: 1993
Steph. Wacko stretches in a weird way
id: 1994
id: 1995
Step step
id: 1996
Blurry dancers
id: 1997
DDR! Whoo
id: 1998
Dance dance dance
id: 1999
id: 2000
id: 2001
id: 2002
Blurry feet
id: 2003
James and Wacko step step
id: 2004
Go James go
id: 2005
id: 2006
id: 2007
Blurry dancing
id: 2008
Steph is driving
id: 2009
James plays a game
id: 2010
An inside coaster
id: 2011
Wacko gives himself an MRI
id: 2012
Wacko with a panda bear
id: 2013
Panda bear
id: 2014
id: 2015
We named this guy Stephen Hawking
id: 2016
Leave Stephen alone, Wacko
id: 2017
What kind of a kid wants this for a prize?
id: 2018
Elmo noooo!!!
id: 2019
A squirrel!
id: 2020
I got into WPI!
id: 2021
Pineapple soda!? Gross
id: 2022
id: 2023
id: 2024
id: 2025
Becky's friend
id: 2026
Fun with physics
id: 2027
id: 2028
id: 2029
Semi gives a thumbs up in front of Tex
id: 2030
A resistor!
id: 2031
id: 2032
Tex looks wicked psyched
id: 2033
Physics lab
id: 2034
Tex and Semi are thinking
id: 2035
Tex is having fun
id: 2036
Hayyy Jared
id: 2037
What a mess
id: 2038
Hey Jared
id: 2039
Dr. Peterson's Diet Mountain Dew stash
id: 2040
Some guy
id: 2046
Mr. Barth's wife came in
id: 2047
She brought their new baby
id: 2048
id: 2049
Ms. Whitner
id: 2050
I forget this guy's name
id: 2051
That dog that always barks at me
id: 2052
Heyyyy dog!
id: 2053
It's Muffie!
id: 2054
James broke a stapler
id: 2055
Oh yeah?
id: 2056
A cat
id: 2057
A cow!
id: 2058
Another cow!
id: 2059
Sean's house
id: 2060
James climbing the fence
id: 2061
Look at him go
id: 2062
He's like a monkey!
id: 2063
Go James go!
id: 2064
He's moved on to the container thing
id: 2065
He made it to the top
id: 2066
James on the other side of the container
id: 2067
I try balancing on... something
id: 2068
James balances on the fence
id: 2069
id: 2070
James jumps
id: 2071
Jesus James?
id: 2072
id: 2073
James jumps!
id: 2075
James is climbing the wrong way!
id: 2076
id: 2077
id: 2078
A poster at MIT for Fred Gallagher
id: 2079
A negative of a picture of me playing the piano at 1 years old
id: 2080
My dad poses with some rabbit food or something
id: 2081
I changed all the screen savers
id: 2082
id: 2083
It was pretty funny
id: 2084
There were 11 monitors
id: 2085
All hooked up to one computer so it was easy
id: 2086
Muffie's lunch
id: 2087
A picture of Dr. Burke...
id: 2088
He's enveloping that girl!
id: 2089
id: 2090
I wrote the thing on the board apparently
id: 2091
Mr. Barth with a graduate hat
id: 2092
Marjorie's got some Gatorade
id: 2093
Gotta love Gatorade
id: 2094
id: 2095
Marjorie makes a face
id: 2096
Thumbs up from Nick
id: 2097
id: 2098
Marjorie's almost done with her Gatorade
id: 2099
A cool picture of Rachel with a blurry background
id: 2100
Rachel thinks something is funny
id: 2101
id: 2102
A weird water blob thing
id: 2103
Mr. McClory in his classroom
id: 2104
Mr. Burkett with the table of the elements
id: 2105
I went to the eye doctor..
id: 2106
He put some crap in my eyes
id: 2107
It made my pupils dialate
id: 2108
It makes everything way too bright
id: 2109
Iron shavings and magnets!
id: 2110
Magnets are fun
id: 2111
id: 2112
id: 2113
id: 2114
id: 2115
A bar magnet
id: 2116
More shavings
id: 2117
This is how magnetic fields work
id: 2118
See this paper?
id: 2119
Lots of soda!
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