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Pictures taken during May 2006

id: 13054
Mike with Wiki
id: 13055
Aww, isn't he cute? ...Wiki, that is
id: 13056
You can see Wiki trying to crawl around to Mike's back
id: 13057
Some guys in my Multivar class
id: 13058
I talk to this kid all the time and I don't even know his name
id: 13059
There was a lot of soda
id: 13060
"Just don't take a picture of me doing something weird like thi-*click*"
id: 13061
It was tough for her to see the board
id: 13062
There's Professor Chou in the corner
id: 13063
Most of the pepperoni is already gone!
id: 13064
These guys were doing a "staged teaching" thing. Mike thinks it looks like they're all looking at a balloon
id: 13065
Scott's not playing along. Steve is though
id: 13066
Professor Chou took the camera for these two shots
id: 13067
This picture is awful because I'm making a weird face and Scott is messing with me
id: 13068
All the pizza's gone!
id: 13069
There were five pizzas
id: 13070
I thought this was kind of a funny picture. The pepperoni has to be off by itself. The veggie pizza smelled weird and was right in front of me
id: 13071
Steve elaborates on a question
id: 13072
Professor Chou answers it
id: 13073
More pano shots
id: 13074
This question was about orientation on curves
id: 13075
Pano shot with some math on the board
id: 13076
Pano shot
id: 13077
Vladimir in the window
id: 13078
The rest of the class
id: 13079
I thought this reflection was neat
id: 13080
Professor Chou answers another question
id: 13081
More pano shots
id: 13082
Pano shot
id: 13083
Pano shot
id: 13084
Look at all the math!
id: 13085
A terrible pano shot
id: 13086
Yeah, this test is going to be fun..
id: 13087
I only stayed for about a half an hour. I kind of left by accident, I thought it was over but didn't want to like.. unpack all my stuff again
id: 13090
This is the big panorama forced together. The seams are really obvious where I just put the image in and tried to make it fit. I still think it came out looking alright
id: 13091
Another panorama with even more apparent "brute force" seams
id: 13294
The dessert bucket
id: 13295
Space Invaders!
id: 13296
They're so huge!
id: 13297
Everyone loved it
id: 13298
The edge of the painting
id: 13299
id: 13300
The Traina Center, the "art headquarters" of Clark
id: 13301
Those little pollen things are falling again. I think I prefer before allergic to penicillin..
id: 13302
I thought the reflections on the windshields looked cool
id: 13303
id: 13304
Gross dinner remains
id: 13305
A funny Dilbert comic
id: 13306
The sign says it all.
id: 13307
These two questions seem to be unrelated
id: 13308
Where I was studying
id: 13309
The trajectory that the Genesis space probe took. Neato!
id: 13317
Good idea?
id: 13318
I've got a bunch of these I had to store
id: 13319
All gone!
id: 13320
It held for a while, later on it broke. Oh well
id: 13321
After pointing out that hotpots weren't allowed, Mike crossed it out and then added a bunch of other stuff
id: 13322
No bombs
id: 13323
Mike with his box
id: 13324
The going home pile, and the going to storage pile
id: 13325
Don't refrigerate Mike's stuff
id: 13326
My multivariable calculus cheat sheet
id: 13327
Now this brings back memories..
id: 13328
A picture of my dad when he was 8
id: 13329
Strawberry's sleepy
id: 13330
My grandmother and aunt arrive
id: 13331
Someone braving a large puddle
id: 13332
The parking lot was mostly flooded
id: 13333
The corner of Melrose street and the Lynn Fells Parkway
id: 13334
Looking towards the high school
id: 13335
Some people drove around the barrier anyway
id: 13336
This guy was stuck
id: 13337
I saw this in front of Johnnies on Main street
id: 13338
This guy kept driving around making waves
id: 13339
It looks like he's stuck...
id: 13340
Look at him go.
id: 13341
The wave trapped me on my little island for a minute
id: 13342
No one can get into that apartment complex near the school
id: 13343
This guy turned around
id: 13344
It got really deep
id: 13345
This is pretty much the worst it gets in Melrose
id: 13346
Another shot of the intersection
id: 13347
This is the closest I got to the intersection
id: 13348
Those stupid benches were almost underwater
id: 13349
Becky's having fun
id: 13350
People driving around the parking lot
id: 13351
Driving down main street
id: 13352
Looking toward the high school again
id: 13353
Ell pond was up to the benches
id: 13354
Becky's still having fun
id: 13355
Driving to James' house
id: 13356
There was a small river coming out of Conant park
id: 13357
James walks along the semi-floating wood
id: 13358
There was a lot of water... I had to be careful not to fall with my camera
id: 13359
James hangs out in the flood
id: 13360
Play ball?
id: 13361
No. No ball.
id: 13362
Becky likes the rain I guess
id: 13363
My sister got my mom an iPod nano for her birthday
id: 13364
Mother / Daughter shot
id: 13365
The iPod nano with a AA battery
id: 13366
She even got it engraved!
id: 13367
The color screen on the iPod
id: 13368
Group shot take 1
id: 13369
Group shot take 2
id: 13370
Group shot take 3
id: 13371
Group shot take 4
id: 13372
Group shot take 5
id: 13373
Group shot take 6
id: 13374
I suddenly ran up to my grandmother and took this shot
id: 13375
Group shot take 7
id: 13376
Group shot take 8
id: 13377
Group shot take 9
id: 13378
Group shot take 10
id: 13379
Group shot take 11
id: 13380
Group shot take 12, I threw a pillow at Becky
id: 13381
Group shot take 13
id: 13382
Group shot take 14
id: 13383
Everyone left!
id: 13388
A brute-forced panorama at the corner
id: 13395
Rob works at Papa Ginos. "What makes the pizza Rustic?" "We don't pop the bubbles..."
id: 13396
Muffie looks surprised
id: 13397
These are so pano components I forgot to delete
id: 13398
Ah well, it's a good view of the Orange Line cars
id: 13399
There's the platform outside
id: 13400
James tries to act cool on the train
id: 13401
Muffie looks around
id: 13402
Rob and Muffie on the train
id: 13403
A terrible pano shot with Rob in the corner
id: 13404
Pano component
id: 13405
The old map of the subway. It's still mostly accurate
id: 13406
The crazy long escalator at Porter Square. At the top of this one is... another escalator
id: 13407
A view from the railing on the huge escalator
id: 13408
Naruto, raw, straight from Japan
id: 13409
This says something about rentals.
id: 13410
Melts in.. the box?
id: 13411
Shouldn't you bake them for me?
id: 13412
Shouldn't this be "Mi-Amor" ?
id: 13413
This entire box is ridiculous
id: 13414
Mafu! It's almost Muffie!
id: 13415
Haha, I like how it starts off with "&"
id: 13416
Looks like bugles to me
id: 13417
Mmm, chicken flavored baby star
id: 13418
Japan's gum brands seem to be based on color alone.
id: 13419
Black gum..
id: 13420
Green gum...
id: 13421
My can of Calpico. It was pretty good despite the fact that it looked like coconut milk
id: 13422
"It's like one big cheese doodle"
id: 13423
id: 13424
James loves his peas
id: 13425
Hooray for Kotobukiya
id: 13426
Muffie's banana roll. "I am a banana!"
id: 13427
A bag of crap from Kotobukiya
id: 13428
Tampopo was a good movie
id: 13429
I might turn this into a logo later
id: 13430
A blurry picture of some cool Japanese food
id: 13431
James, Muffie, and Rob on the train
id: 13432
I saw this in a newspaper on the train. A bridge collapsed in Maine from the flooding
id: 13433
Ah yes, I should probably remember to pick up the 2005 update of the Internet.
id: 13434
James hits the ball on the first hole of the game
id: 13435
They're both so angry!
id: 13436
Rob lines up his first shot
id: 13437
This thing was harder than it looks. The ball is supposed to roll around the inside, but mine and James' just
id: 13438
There used to be a Chinese pagoda or something here
id: 13439
Golf is fun
id: 13440
James lines up his putt
id: 13441
Rob actually plays golf so he's way better than us
id: 13442
Bowling pins and what appear to be bombs
id: 13443
See? Bombs.
id: 13444
That stupid orange dinosaur.
id: 13445
Golf master James is not pleased
id: 13446
James makes yet another crazy face
id: 13447
Rob watches while James takes his turn
id: 13448
Hey, I know that hippo
id: 13449
James messing with something
id: 13450
Of course... we all touched it
id: 13451
Rob dodges the spinning wood thing
id: 13452
Yep, that's my golf ball
id: 13453
Rob and James hit the ball at the same time
id: 13454
I like this hole. You have to hit it just right of it'll go backwards to one of the other exits. The top one counts as a hole in one
id: 13455
James makes more weird faces
id: 13456
I hate this hole. This is barely even an obstacle
id: 13457
The stupid hole of doom. It's so hard
id: 13458
The final score
id: 13466
id: 13467
A paler view of the rainbow
id: 13468
Rainbow pano part 1
id: 13469
Rainbow pano part 2
id: 13470
Rainbow pano part 3
id: 13471
It's coming out of the woods!
id: 13472
It started getting dimmer
id: 13473
There's the other side of the rainbow
id: 13474
You can barely see it in this one
id: 13475
It looks like it's coming from that hill!
id: 13476
The magical radio tower
id: 13477
24178 adjusted a bit with Photoshop
id: 13480
id: 13481
Some other building
id: 13482
Neato clouds!
id: 13483
They're all bubbly
id: 13484
I saw them in Twister
id: 13485
id: 13486
id: 13487
So bubbly
id: 13488
So weird
id: 13489
Does anyone know what they're called?
id: 13490
This one came out really neat
id: 13491
Blurry trees and weird clouds
id: 13492
The blurry trees, bubbly clouds, and bright blue, make for a cool picture
id: 13493
More bubbly clouds
id: 13494
Bahbbles bahbbles bahbbles
id: 13495
OK, I've run out of things to say in captions
id: 13496
The end of the bubbly cloud bank
id: 13497
There's only so much you can say about the same clouds
id: 13498
Yep, they sure are cool
id: 13499
The end of the cloud bank again
id: 13500
One more, why not
id: 13501
The last picture of the end of the cloud bank
id: 13502
The weird clouds in the distance
id: 13503
This was taken a few miles away
id: 13504
A funny sign outside a church
id: 13505
A pile of booty
id: 13506
No money for Mo
id: 13507
No Mel! Don't eat the money!
id: 13508
Haha, I like this saying
id: 13509
Bailey at Chello's
id: 13510
A weird picture of Mel at Chello's
id: 13511
Oops. No comment from Mel.
id: 13512
Mel's dad's van has this weird mirror in it
id: 13513
This is to trip the ninja turtles
id: 13514
Mel and a weird statue
id: 13515
Mel gets her wig ready
id: 13516
Casual A-chan?
id: 13517
Mel's secret is out, this what she wears under her wig to keep her real hair in place
id: 13518
Well, Mel's packed
id: 13519
Mel tries on her "Colonial A-chan" costume
id: 13520
There's the hat
id: 13521
A full body shot of colonial A-chan
id: 13522
Mo and A-chan!
id: 13523
Check out where Mo is loooking..
id: 13524
Colonial A-chan with colonial Mo -kun
id: 13525
Mo -kun doesn't really like his hat
id: 13526
Mo looks so surprised
id: 13527
Mo and A-chan
id: 13528
Mo seems to be getting bored of this
id: 13529
Mo is scowling
id: 13530
A-chan in the woods?
id: 13531
What's over there?
id: 13532
A-chan points at something
id: 13533
A-chan in the woods
id: 13534
Ahh! A-chan's coming after me!
id: 13535
Noo A-chan no!
id: 13536
This is the closet to the "grizzly bear" pose that Mel could get in a corset
id: 13537
A-chan wanders off
id: 13538
Photo time is over
id: 13539
Mel wanders back toward the house
id: 13540
A-chan can skateboard?
id: 13541
I didn't know the colonists had skateboards
id: 13542
A-chan moves... a little bit at a time
id: 13543
Mel makes a crazy face in the corner
id: 13544
Mel took this picture of her making a face at me
id: 13545
Some more neat clouds
id: 13546
These machines reminded me of Angel #1 on Evangelion
id: 13548
Mel shows off her staff shirt
id: 13549
Mel displays the back of the staff shirts
id: 13550
Taking the elevator down to the con
id: 13551
Checking out the maps
id: 13552
Waiting outside con ops for something to do
id: 13553
id: 13554
A bunch of the tech staff waited around at the loading dock for something to move
id: 13555
Loading dock fun
id: 13556
Mel makes a lovely face. AB's proud mascot
id: 13557
Hey cool, we're actually authorized!
id: 13558
It took a while for the truck to show up
id: 13559
The tech staff loads stuff up outside Vid112
id: 13560
Ah, room 100. We know it well from last year
id: 13561
I liked the giant lense on this projector
id: 13562
People were already waiting in line on Thursday!
id: 13563
Wow, hardcore!
id: 13564
A staffer hands a con-goer a badge, fresh off the printers
id: 13565
"I can help someone here"
id: 13566
Andrea and Patrick get ready for the staff meeting
id: 13567
This guy had the circuit board that defeated DOKool in Iron Editor '03
id: 13568
There it is! Signed by the participants
id: 13569
Mel waits around
id: 13570
All the security staff sat on one side and the blue shirts sat on the other
id: 13571
Hi Mel!
id: 13572
Mel's spiffy badge
id: 13573
More of the e-board gathers
id: 13574
Here's most of the e-board
id: 13575
My work schedule during the week. I actually worked from 4pm to 8pm on Friday.
id: 13576
Another view from the hotel window
id: 13577
Oh no! A-chan died!
id: 13578
Poor, poor A-chan
id: 13579
She's alive!
id: 13580
People start filing in for the opening ceremonies
id: 13581
Patrick (the con chair) with the two mascots, A-chan and B-kun
id: 13582
A Kaiju sat in the front row
id: 13583
First official cosplay picture: Vash, complete with donuts
id: 13584
AB06's guests
id: 13585
A blurry, non-flash pics of the guests
id: 13586
Another flash pictures of the guests
id: 13587
id: 13588
Willy Wonka!
id: 13589
id: 13590
Badger girl returns!! Hooray!!
id: 13591
Even the King of all Cosmos made an appearance
id: 13592
Bryce, in his slightly disturbing costume, and Tony, appearing as Protoman
id: 13593
Volunteers in prog ops
id: 13594
A bunch of people lined up in the cosplay photo area
id: 13595
A flash version of the same picture
id: 13596
id: 13597
Mel takes the stage!
id: 13598
She sang "Number One" from Bleach
id: 13599
This was the bathroom in the con suite. Hooray for soda!
id: 13600
A great picture of Bryce with his ear of corn
id: 13601
Lain in her bear pajamas
id: 13602
Aeris and Cloud
id: 13603
Bryce sitting with the other AMV creators
id: 13604
A-chan works the crowd
id: 13605
Tech staff waits for the AMV contest to start
id: 13606
A really great Haku cosplay, with mask
id: 13607
The same Haku cosplayer without the mask
id: 13608
Kakashi and Pakkun!
id: 13609
If you look carefully you can see A-chan working the crowd at the AMV contest
id: 13610
If you look at this one, A-chan has a weird glow in her eyes. Demon A-chan!
id: 13611
A wall-stabalized non-flash picture of the crowd
id: 13612
A-chan working the crowd
id: 13613
Another shot of the AMV contest crowd
id: 13614
I think that blur is A-chan
id: 13615
AMV ballot. "S" means I didn't watch it for fear of spoilers
id: 13616
The other side of the AMV ballot
id: 13617
All of the AMV creators pose after the contest
id: 13618
Due to a printing error, there were not many copies of the correct schedule for Saturday, so I took a picture of the Infodesk's
id: 13619
On the way to the airport to get Topaz, I saw a Rosetta Stone booth in the mall!
id: 13620
A really good Chouji cosplay
id: 13621
Wow! This cursed seal Sasuke is amazing! Now that's dedication
id: 13622
A blurry picture of people waiting in line
id: 13623
A-chan hangs out in registration
id: 13624
A fantastic Haruko from FLCL
id: 13625
Cait Sith!
id: 13626
It's Totoro on wheels!
id: 13627
Someone taking a picture of A-chan
id: 13628
Al, from Full Metal Alchemist
id: 13629
This girl was hilarious. Hooray for DDR girl!
id: 13630
A really impressive Final Fantasy costume
id: 13631
Some more people gather in the cosplay photo area
id: 13632
A non-flash picture of the cosplay photo area
id: 13633
A nearly flawless Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3
id: 13634
I noticed this picture of the Anime Boston mascots on a pin at a pin booth
id: 13635
Faye from Cowboy Bebop! Great job!
id: 13636
It's Chii!
id: 13637
A really impressive Riku from Final Fantasy X-2
id: 13638
Yomiko Readman!
id: 13639
A really great Princess Mononoke
id: 13640
A gross, but well made, Eva unit 02
id: 13641
Tony combined his costumes from last year and this year making... Akatsuki Man?
id: 13642
Bryce gets to work on a Mecha model. Sorry I forgot to come back, Bryce!
id: 13643
Gah! A tonberry! run!
id: 13644
Some ANBU members made an appearance
id: 13645
A rail-stablized view of the main convention floor
id: 13646
So many people!
id: 13647
Some of the equipment I got to play-err-work with
id: 13648
This is the view I had for many an hour during the weekend
id: 13649
Oh-Wow makes an appearance
id: 13650
Oh-Wow hates Naruto I guess
id: 13651
A random line
id: 13652
More random people
id: 13653
More of the random line
id: 13654
This guy was in a wheelchair a few minutes ago!! What's he doing standing up??
id: 13655
The view of the Masquerade audience from the balcony
id: 13656
The audience and stage
id: 13657
Some Kaiju in a skit on stage
id: 13658
A clearer shot of the Kaiju
id: 13659
A staffer keeps her camera trained on the skits
id: 13660
Who let those two doofuses up there?
id: 13661
A-chan and B-kun are famous!
id: 13662
People started waving their cell phones during one song
id: 13663
It looked really really cool
id: 13664
I saw one guy who actually had a lighter
id: 13665
This should be a cell phone commercial
id: 13666
People were flashing their camera out the window at each other in the hotels, I kept this one picture to remind me of it
id: 13667
A-chan takes on a more casual look for Sunday
id: 13668
Jonathon Klein, a dubbed producer
id: 13669
He worked on Haibane Renmei, among other things
id: 13670
The tech staff during "tear down"
id: 13671
Moving boxes to storage
id: 13672
Last official AB picture. The outside of the Hynes Convention Center. Can you find Sketch?
id: 13680
Not only did Becky ruin in the tire, she also bent the wheel
id: 13681
Aww, poor Becky holds up her hubcap
id: 13682
Mel on the T
id: 13683
You could see the hotel pool from our window
id: 13684
You can see pretty far when you're a few hundred feet up!
id: 13685
I saw this in the super market. Totally ridiculous..
id: 13686
My mom apparently left her chicken timer too close to the grill
id: 13687
Topaz plays the piano
id: 13688
Mel on the couch
id: 13689
Mel does a weird thing with her leg
id: 13690
Topaz took these shots of me playing with my balloon toy
id: 13691
It's a balloon powered helicopter!
id: 13692
Calzones are here!
id: 13693
A weird picture of Mel
id: 13694
The first hole at minigolf. Topaz got a hole in one!
id: 13695
James takes a shot
id: 13696
Mel's turn
id: 13697
These blades weren't even an obstacle
id: 13698
Mel was the scorekeeper
id: 13699
James and Topaz wait for their turn
id: 13700
Mel lines up a putt
id: 13701
Hey! I know that owl!
id: 13702
A neato curvy bank
id: 13703
Topaz tries to dodge the blue hills of doom
id: 13704
Mel had the yellow ball
id: 13705
James is having fun?
id: 13706
Topaz walks to the next hole
id: 13707
It looks like a rock.. but it's not
id: 13708
id: 13709
Ball airtime!
id: 13710
id: 13711
Topaz didn't hit his ball as hard
id: 13712
Mel's turn
id: 13713
Note Mel's ball, airborne, leaving the play area
id: 13714
Another non-obstacle
id: 13715
"This one slopes down!"
id: 13716
Mel tallies up the scores to see who's in the lead
id: 13717
Topaz watches on as James lines up his shot
id: 13718
There he goes!
id: 13719
James makes a weird face while sitting on a bench
id: 13720
Topaz watched Mel take a shot
id: 13721
James' turn again
id: 13722
Hole #12
id: 13723
This thing was pretty neat. Topaz managed to get a hole in one on it
id: 13724
Looks like this was supposed to be a pano
id: 13725
Oh well
id: 13726
This guy was a total asshole. He ran the place and was such a jerk
id: 13727
James found a caterpillar on his putter!
id: 13728
James was taking pictures too
id: 13729
Topaz poses for a picture
id: 13730
Topaz tries to get his ball to stay on the starting point
id: 13731
We switched to simultaneous play
id: 13732
Another ramp with ball airtime!
id: 13733
Look at all this wasted space. We could be having fun there!
id: 13734
Everyone went right except for Mel
id: 13735
Who is trying so desperately to get in?
id: 13736
Mel hit her ball right next to James'. James just hit both
id: 13737
Potential logo?
id: 13738
Jerk man again
id: 13739
Here's some outdated advertising
id: 13740
The final tally
id: 13741
James makes a weird face
id: 13742
Topaz waits for food
id: 13743
Mel makes a look
id: 13744
Topaz took this picture of me
id: 13745
James is hiding... and Topaz is blurry
id: 13746
Or is it?
id: 13747
Topaz's t-shirt
id: 13748
James makes a crazy face
id: 13749
This was James' second course
id: 13750
Mmm, ice cream
id: 13751
Mel hearts ice cream!
id: 13752
More pictures of James
id: 13753
Topaz got ice cream too
id: 13754
Who's drinking who?
id: 13755
id: 13756
Mel talks
id: 13757
Topaz has ice cream
id: 13758
You can see the kitchen!
id: 13759
James' neato cell phone
id: 13760
I paid Mel for my food with a 2 dollar bill
id: 13761
James is on the Friendly's ride
id: 13762
id: 13763
All done
id: 13764
We saw this rabbit in James' backyard
id: 13765
Topaz has the owl!
id: 13766
Minigold panorama.. featuring Topaz!
id: 13767
I took a quick video, broke it down into images, and made this pano!
id: 13768
Topaz doesn't tilt his cards all the way when he taps. Booo
id: 13769
Mel was in charge of music
id: 13770
Topaz's turn
id: 13771
A closeup of the art on the back of all magic cards
id: 13772
Topaz stacked all the Polarity pieces
id: 13773
The game begins!
id: 13774
You basically want to balance all your pieces like this
id: 13775
The game continues
id: 13776
Balancing against "towers" is stricker due to the stronger magnetic field
id: 13777
It sure does look neat
id: 13778
The game is really going now!
id: 13779
As the game goes on, the towers get so tall that you can't balance against them anymore.
id: 13780
Topaz carefully makes his move
id: 13781
I think this is a "game over" picture
id: 13782
Mel tries her hand at Polarity
id: 13783
Mel places a piece
id: 13784
id: 13785
A small cluster
id: 13786
More fun with Polarity
id: 13787
Don't disturb the red disc or you lose!
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