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Pictures taken during June 2006

id: 13788
Topaz on a subway for the third time
id: 13789
North Station
id: 13790
Topaz poses at North Station
id: 13791
This shot seems familiar..
id: 13792
Das Train!
id: 13793
Mel and Topaz pose in front of Fenway
id: 13794
It's those big coke bottles
id: 13795
id: 13796
That Citgo sign
id: 13797
Topaz points to the Citgo sign
id: 13798
Another giant anti-gun ad
id: 13799
Lollicup eh?
id: 13800
Is this loli?
id: 13801
Skie appears
id: 13802
Topaz has chopstick difficulties
id: 13803
Skie didn't do much better
id: 13804
Mel's sad
id: 13805
No not really
id: 13806
Topaz's meal
id: 13807
Mel decides on what kind of slushie to buy
id: 13808
Mel waits for her slushie
id: 13809
id: 13810
Topaz takes a food POV
id: 13811
Topaz talking
id: 13812
Skie grabs a chunk of rice
id: 13813
Mel got a mango slushie
id: 13814
Topaz.. didn't
id: 13815
I had some water
id: 13816
Random shot out the window
id: 13817
Topaz.. sits
id: 13818
I saw this guy driving by
id: 13819
This doesn't look safe at all
id: 13820
Hey! A mattress!
id: 13821
A walking mattress
id: 13822
Mel is not amused
id: 13823
Mel's "that was a dumb joke" face
id: 13824
I sat around
id: 13825
Mel took this picure of Topaz
id: 13826
the Super 88 market
id: 13827
Topaz doesn't know what's going on
id: 13828
The green line train arrives
id: 13829
id: 13830
My mom and dad look at my sister coming down the stairs
id: 13831
Thar she is
id: 13832
From left to right, Aunt Teresa, Aunt Kathy, and my grandmother
id: 13833
Becky has a snazzy dress
id: 13834
Note the Konoha headband
id: 13835
I'm a ninja.
id: 13836
Becky and some friend
id: 13837
Becky and friend.. aren't paying attention
id: 13838
Aunt Kathy and Becky
id: 13839
Mom, Becky, Dad
id: 13840
Mom, Becky, Dad.. again
id: 13841
Becky with her date
id: 13842
Becky with her date
id: 13843
The photoshoot
id: 13844
Becky with her date
id: 13845
I'm not sure if my dad looks proud or disapproving
id: 13846
Becky and her date
id: 13847
Cool, cool, glasses, Gragra
id: 13848
A very rare picture of my parents standing near each other and talking
id: 13849
Very rare indeed...
id: 13850
The photoshoot from a distance
id: 13851
The obscene Hummer limo that Meghan got
id: 13852
Prom people
id: 13853
Prom people
id: 13854
Prom people
id: 13855
Prom people
id: 13856
Prom people
id: 13857
Becky and mom
id: 13858
Becky makes a face
id: 13859
Becky cracks a smile
id: 13860
id: 13861
This guy had a crazy car
id: 13862
Topaz took this shot of me and Mel. You've gotta love the look that Mel is giving me
id: 13863
Mel was making her skirt fly around
id: 13864
Prom people
id: 13865
Mel ducked down for the picture
id: 13866
This was mismarked at $2, so they had to give it to me! Rocks to my chest!
id: 13867
This isn't a coaster!
id: 13868
Ooo, network card goodness
id: 13869
Snakes on a plane!?
id: 13870
Stooge number 4
id: 13871
Man, I wish I had some cool toys
id: 13872
Mel said "I can't believe they made this"
id: 13873
10 kills!? What is this sign about!?
id: 13874
Bye Topaz!
id: 13875
Mel helped carry some computer stuff upstairs
id: 13876
I saw this outside the Shriner's Auditorium. What the hell.
id: 13877
id: 13878
The band
id: 13879
Mel's not having fun
id: 13880
The view from my seat in the bleachers
id: 13881
Dr. Burke and Mayor Dolan approach
id: 13882
From left to right, Dr. Groden, Dr. Peterson, and Dr. Dragonas
id: 13883
id: 13884
id: 13885
All the graduates take their seats
id: 13886
I couldn't really get a picture of Becky
id: 13887
Oh well
id: 13888
Rob in the list
id: 13889
Mel hated the chorus
id: 13890
Diploma area
id: 13891
Stupid flash picture of the diploma handing out.. area..
id: 13892
Becky gets her diploma from Aunt Teresa!
id: 13893
Becky gets her diploma from Aunt Teresa.. touched up in Photoshop
id: 13894
Shelly was manning the TV camera
id: 13895
Mr. Melvin prepares to hand out a diploma
id: 13896
Rich Fielding graduates
id: 13897
Dr. Groden hands out a diploma
id: 13898
A mysterious recording device
id: 13899
The photoshoot nearby
id: 13900
Everyone wants a pictures!
id: 13901
Greg L. graduates
id: 13902
Mr. Carovillano just after handing out a diploma
id: 13903
One of those new disposable digital cameras
id: 13904
id: 13905
Rob graduates
id: 13906
Dr. Burke
id: 13907
My dad taking a picture of me taking a picture of him
id: 13908
Dad and Becky
id: 13909
I found Dr. Peterson in the crowd!
id: 13910
I saw Steph walking by in the parking lot
id: 13911
Mel says.. "Now whenever I want to drink some soda I have to check to make sure it says 'doofus'"
id: 13912
Hi Mel!
id: 13913
A bunch of people
id: 13914
Becky puts her graduation hat on Abby
id: 13915
Abby gives me a look
id: 13916
Mel's keraaazy!
id: 13917
Becky's cake
id: 13918
Gragra likes cake
id: 13919
Mel + lightning!
id: 13920
Mel + lightning!
id: 13921
Mel + lightning!
id: 13922
id: 13923
id: 13924
Mel's crazy!
id: 13925
Mel's a mad scientists!
id: 13926
id: 13927
Mel + electricty
id: 13928
Mel + electricty
id: 13929
id: 13930
Mel + electricty
id: 13931
id: 13932
id: 13933
id: 13934
id: 13935
id: 13936
id: 13937
id: 13938
id: 13939
id: 13940
id: 13941
id: 13942
id: 13943
id: 13944
id: 13945
id: 13946
id: 13947
id: 13948
id: 13949
id: 13950
You can see lines in my palm in this one
id: 13951
Colleen, Aunt Kathy, my grandmother, and my mom
id: 13952
Dad driving towards me in a Clark parking lot
id: 13953
My room has a fireplace!
id: 13954
And a porch!!
id: 13955
My new PS2
id: 13956
Hooraaaay PS2
id: 13957
The back of the PS2 box
id: 13958
Right after the box is opened
id: 13959
The stuff on top of the box
id: 13960
The PS2 itself
id: 13961
The new slim model is so small
id: 13962
I put it next to Mel's laptop for comparison
id: 13963
Mel's mad she didn't get one and I did
id: 13964
But not so mad that she can't crack a smile!
id: 13965
Big hole!
id: 13966
That is a really big hole!!
id: 13967
What's that hole in the bottom of the hole?
id: 13968
I wonder what they're up to
id: 13969
There's Atwood
id: 13970
The new PS2s open differently
id: 13971
I like the new way, you can open it when it's off
id: 13972
My new Metropolis poster
id: 13973
My new Aliens poster! Hooraaay Aliens!
id: 13979
id: 13980
My side of the room.. the other side is empty
id: 13984
Big crane!
id: 13985
Yep, sure is a big crane
id: 13986
A slightly blurry picture of the crane
id: 13987
One of those things with the arms digs around
id: 13988
The hole used to be deeper
id: 13989
Carlson Hall, this is where I work
id: 13990
Oh my god
id: 13991
That's a good book
id: 13992
C pointers are useful. Look at the book, not at me.
id: 13993
Nerds get all the chicks
id: 13994
Yep, look at me go
id: 13995
An impromtu rain jacket fashioned out of a garbage bag
id: 13996
Look at how clean my room is!
id: 13997
This is where I play Playstation
id: 13998
I love the name of this machine at work
id: 13999
Hey look at that, ketchup at the Bistro
id: 14000
Hahaha, hilarious!
id: 14001
Looks like someone lost some transmission fluid... or their face..
id: 14002
Ah the Perl Man, I know him well
id: 14003
The house of the Perl Man
id: 14004
Go Perl Man go
id: 14005
Nearby is Bra Man
id: 14006
What's that sign say?
id: 14007
I see...
id: 14008
A big hole on the side of the caf!
id: 14009
Looks like they're doing construction on the caf again..
id: 14010
Bailey throws an airplane towards the camera
id: 14011
Bailey's official birthday picture pose
id: 14012
Very funny
id: 14013
A picture of a flash going off!!
id: 14014
What's in the box?
id: 14015
A PS2!
id: 14016
The old PS2 next to the new one. Quite a difference!
id: 14017
I made this thing...
id: 14018
..out of straws and chopsticks..
id: 14019
..that reached to the lighting fixture
id: 14020
Neato, yes?
id: 14021
Another wall stablized shot
id: 14022
Prelude to a space elevator?
id: 14023
It was at least five feet tall
id: 14024
Everyone pose in the cart!
id: 14025
Mel's dad decides to sit on Bailey
id: 14026
Pose #1
id: 14027
Poor Bailey
id: 14028
That's a good shot!
id: 14029
Wiki wanders around
id: 14030
Blurry, blurry Wiki
id: 14031
There he is!
id: 14032
Wiki tries to get in the cabinet
id: 14033
Wiki runs across Mo
id: 14034
Neither of them know what to think of the other..
id: 14035
Mel's dad demonstrates how Wiki will climb into his armpit and unless caught, fall down
id: 14036
A small hedgehog in a big room
id: 14037
These are... so gross
id: 14038
This jerk had a jackhammer on a robot arm!!
id: 14043
Some dining room that was locked up
id: 14044
Faculty dining
id: 14045
I'm looking at some grill dealy they use to make pasta
id: 14046
Empty and creepy..
id: 14047
A lot of the equipment had plastic bags over it
id: 14048
It's true, I tested it
id: 14049
"Nobody came to eat with me :("
id: 14050
The main course area
id: 14051
I found this by the pizza section. Notes?
id: 14052
The door to The Grind
id: 14053
Gah! The ATM is off!
id: 14054
Some construction on the roof?
id: 14055
"No one came to my lecture either :("
id: 14056
Some weird rolls on the roof
id: 14057
Ooo, the basement!
id: 14058
Storage room
id: 14059
Catering equipment
id: 14060
Catering equipment and some drinks. No, I didn't take any
id: 14061
Boxes of crap
id: 14062
More basement
id: 14063
Some notice to the Bon Appetit employees
id: 14064
One of the stops on the elevator was right behind the main grills!
id: 14065
Neato, grills
id: 14066
What's all this white powder?
id: 14067
id: 14068
I like how fluid the asphalt looks
id: 14069
A pile of dirt
id: 14070
Some contruction equpiment
id: 14071
China Lantern!
id: 14072
Becky outside Applebees
id: 14073
Dad trying to figure out why the window wasn't working
id: 14074
"What do you want?"
id: 14075
Dad makes up his mind on what to order
id: 14076
Becky the Psycho decides what to order
id: 14077
I couldn't quite capture the neat bubble formations in Dad's beer
id: 14078
I love this picture
id: 14079
Becky waiting for food
id: 14080
Dad waiting for food
id: 14081
It was this weird pink sky that initially drew me in
id: 14082
Getting closer
id: 14083
id: 14084
The sky really looked like this
id: 14085
That gradient wasn't introduced by the camera, it was really like that
id: 14086
It looks like the sky is on fire
id: 14087
A longer exposure
id: 14088
Hiding in the garage
id: 14089
High exposure stablized by a column
id: 14090
I thought the colors of the buildings looked really neat
id: 14091
Orange sky! Professor Chou would be proud
id: 14092
Light coming in over the athletic center
id: 14093
Incredible lighting!
id: 14469
The fire army won't know what hit it
id: 14470
This guy had a crazy tiny motorcycle
id: 14471
Tubes = lightsabers?
id: 14472
Melvin's head would have been sliced off!
id: 14473
"No pictures!"
id: 14474
My first ITS paycheck!
id: 14475
Pat and Dave
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