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Pictures taken during July 2006

id: 14103
First picture with the new camera!
id: 14104
James and Muffie hang out
id: 14105
Muffie sat across from me
id: 14106
So she was the subject of a lot of pictures
id: 14107
Isabelle from across the room
id: 14108
The clock on the wall
id: 14109
James hiding
id: 14110
Muffie looking at something in a weird way
id: 14111
James is still hiding
id: 14112
A closeup of Muffie that came out really good
id: 14113
Muffie's new tattoo, she designed it herself
id: 14114
Nice shirt, Muffie
id: 14115
id: 14116
id: 14117
James' hat
id: 14118
"You should totally take a picture through this stuff"
id: 14119
Muffie looks at the TV or something
id: 14120
James.. I don't know
id: 14121
The globe
id: 14122
Muffie's getting bored
id: 14123
James and Muffie fight over the door or something
id: 14124
Outside picures come out really clear
id: 14125
You can kind of see Muffie through the window
id: 14126
You can't escape my zoom!
id: 14127
Almost at the stop sign, but I can still read the license plate!
id: 14128
"What do you want?"
id: 14129
My A/C
id: 14130
Super closeup mode
id: 14131
"Switch colors" mode. In this one I switched a certain shade of white with red
id: 14132
Strawberry and Isabelle hang out
id: 14133
id: 14134
"Get away from me!"
id: 14135
My mom's weird lamp
id: 14136
Some plant..
id: 14137
A flag that's far away
id: 14138
Some car
id: 14139
id: 14140
Those new LED street lights
id: 14141
Blurry Becky!
id: 14142
Becky thinks she's cool
id: 14143
Trying to read text from 16 feet away
id: 14144
Dad's beat up alarm clock
id: 14145
This shot was taken from 16 or 17 feet away.. and you can still read the text on my shirt in the picture
id: 14146
Closeup of my cell phone
id: 14147
A store... far away
id: 14148
The moon
id: 14149
A developing thunderstorm
id: 14150
Some birdfeeder thing in a neighbor's yard
id: 14151
"We like da mooonn..."
id: 14152
"Dad, what's up with this?" "..these things take time"
id: 14153
An ant on super closeup mode
id: 14154
Go ant go!
id: 14155
My dad kept him from running off the edge
id: 14156
Aww, my dad killed him
id: 14157
The GTA:SA box
id: 14158
A zoomed picture of my dad's grandfather clock
id: 14159
Boston! Stupid haze!
id: 14160
An apartment building
id: 14161
A bridge
id: 14162
Eww, Malden Middle School
id: 14163
An airplane passes overhead
id: 14164
Neato contrail
id: 14165
Zoomed out a little..
id: 14166
Another picture of the moon
id: 14167
A radio/cell tower in the distance
id: 14168
Someone's been celebrating early
id: 14169
A piece of the anchor for the tower that used to be up here
id: 14170
Some gross gum
id: 14171
Metal stuff with neat focus
id: 14172
Manual focus demo: close
id: 14173
Manual focus demo: far
id: 14174
A broken bottle
id: 14175
Broken glass
id: 14176
The path down the hill
id: 14177
A bus
id: 14178
Another path. My dad's friend Mike Crystal once fell off that rock wall while practicing rock climbing. Ouchies
id: 14179
A squirrel!
id: 14180
I've been spotted
id: 14181
He doesn't like me
id: 14182
Squirrely looks around
id: 14183
The sign outside John Crowe's house
id: 14184
Becky shows off her new shirt
id: 14185
"Seriously, WTF"
id: 14186
"WTF? I don't know!"
id: 14187
That picture my dad always has on the wall
id: 14188
id: 14189
Now it's the whole picture
id: 14190
My dad holds his picture
id: 14191
Dad sits in his chair
id: 14192
My old Powershot A300
id: 14193
Old camera open..
id: 14194
The back..
id: 14195
id: 14196
This one was funny to watch. I pointed both cameras at each other, and set both 10 second timers. They blinked a lot and I got two neat pictures
id: 14197
A strobe going off
id: 14198
Long exposure + strobe = fun
id: 14199
15 second exposure from the top of Becky's car
id: 14200
"Hey watch this" pzzZZOOOOMM *smack* ".................whoa!"
id: 14201
A fuse burning
id: 14202
This is a small strobe
id: 14203
Big strobe!
id: 14204
It's too bright!
id: 14205
A shorter exposure
id: 14206
Driving to James' house
id: 14207
It's hard to keep stteady while driving!
id: 14208
Everyone watching the strobe
id: 14209
One of James' fireworks going off
id: 14210
My dad's 96 shot goes off, and James shoots a fireball in the distance
id: 14211
Look at it go
id: 14212
James busts out some more roman candles
id: 14213
James is full of lasers!!
id: 14214
A "spinner" in the grass
id: 14215
These things were very loud, so we left right afterwards
id: 14216
A spinner going off nearby
id: 14217
This one was so close I closed my eyes at the end
id: 14218
"Sea of Light"
id: 14219
Spinner + snow shovel = cool?
id: 14220
Lots of small spinners + show shovel = cool!
id: 14221
You have to look at this one carefully... James had a strobe on a show shovel for a few seconds and then threw it. You can see it falling on the left, and strobing once on the way down. Neat, ne?
id: 14222
James, Rob, Muffie, and Colleen standing in the smoke
id: 14223
The Squire
id: 14224
Practicing night shots from the car
id: 14225
id: 14226
Ugg, no comment
id: 14227
What a weird idea
id: 14228
Airplanes flying by
id: 14229
id: 14230
An airplane landing
id: 14231
Revere Beach at night
id: 14232
An incoming airplane
id: 14233
Getting closer..
id: 14234
Blurry buildings
id: 14235
Still blurry....
id: 14236
There we go
id: 14237
Everyone standing around on the beach
id: 14238
James points at something
id: 14239
Standing around with lights in the background
id: 14240
A surprise flash picture!
id: 14241
id: 14242
Becky on the computer
id: 14244
Space Shuttle Discovery takes off!
id: 14245
A fire truck backs into it's station
id: 14246
My dad liked this bus
id: 14247
Playing with the zoom
id: 14248
That new bridge
id: 14249
That clock tower
id: 14250
id: 14251
Tunnels look neat with a slightly longer exposure
id: 14252
Oops, a little too blurry
id: 14253
Motorcycles in the distance
id: 14254
Zoomed in on the motorcycles
id: 14255
Another picture of the motorcycles
id: 14256
Light at the end of the tunnel
id: 14257
That neat building with the huge painting
id: 14258
A huge inflatable lock
id: 14259
A wind generator
id: 14260
Too bad we don't see more of these..
id: 14261
The colorful gas tank
id: 14262
Can you see Ho Chi Minh?
id: 14263
This barrier is neat. They move the whole thing over a lane during the day..
id: 14264
.. so it's three lanes on the northbound side in the morning, and three lanes on the southbound side at night
id: 14265
id: 14266
Mo hides behind the couch
id: 14267
Hi Mo!
id: 14268
Mel's mom says "no pictures"
id: 14269
Showing off the "pictures during movies" feature
id: 14270
Dance Mel!
id: 14271
Dance dance dance!
id: 14272
Go Mel Go!
id: 14273
So 80s
id: 14274
Fun fun!
id: 14275
A cool closeup of Mel
id: 14276
Mel got cake at Chelo's
id: 14277
id: 14278
Me and Mel standing by the water
id: 14279
Can you believe I got fireworks in the picture? Mel's arm makes it look like my arm is 8 feet long..
id: 14280
A long exposure of Mel sitting on her car
id: 14281
This picture was really just to charge up her glow in the dark shirt
id: 14282
Wiki crawls around on Mel's dad
id: 14283
It's only slightly disturbing..
id: 14285
Someone knocked the barrier down
id: 14286
Melvin shakes his fist at someone
id: 14287
That stupid Mac
id: 14288
Melvin loves coffee
id: 14289
Nugget looks skeptical of.. cameras?
id: 14290
There's no old media lab, it's the lab for new media
id: 14291
Why are you so suspicious, Nugget?
id: 14292
I caught Matt off guard
id: 14293
Sounds reasonable to me
id: 14294
Matt explains.. something
id: 14295
I somehow caught him off guard again!
id: 14296
Hanging out at work
id: 14297
Melvin mans the help desk
id: 14298
A neat little foam car on Sharon's desk
id: 14299
Hey look! Melvin's having fun!
id: 14300
Nugget gives another suspicious look through the door
id: 14301
Neat lines from mowing the lawn
id: 14302
id: 14303
Atomic models in the science building
id: 14304
Whatever you say
id: 14305
The new tanks are almost done being installed
id: 14306
Soon all the heavy equpiment will be gone
id: 14307
With the crazy zoom, I "walked" right up to this guy
id: 14308
Another worker cleaning up
id: 14309
This guy is a hardcore fan
id: 14310
The San Andreas poster on my window
id: 14311
Someone spraypainted Ghandi on the back of a street sign
id: 14312
Some construction outside Estabrook
id: 14313
That weird tree outside the Little Center
id: 14314
Going up?
id: 14315
A flag in the distance
id: 14316
Some workers down the block
id: 14317
Sanford Hall
id: 14318
This ball looks angry
id: 14319
This wire setup looks pretty sketchy
id: 14320
Johnson Hall
id: 14321
Some fire... thing
id: 14322
The Downing St sign is all bent
id: 14323
A flower on supermacro mode
id: 14324
A flower with a blurry background
id: 14325
Parking garage
id: 14326
This doesn't look good..
id: 14327
The man is watching!
id: 14328
A bird!
id: 14329
Birds are hard to photograph
id: 14330
Some gross mushrooms
id: 14331
id: 14332
The view through my mailbox
id: 14333
The mailroom
id: 14334
My favorite kind of vending machine
id: 14335
Some tables outside
id: 14336
Tools in Tilton hall
id: 14337
Those stupid hexagons
id: 14338
The Grind sign
id: 14339
I found this gross thing in the cafeteria
id: 14340
What is this thing?
id: 14341
ITS, this way!
id: 14342
The intern is trying to sleep again
id: 14343
A squirrel!
id: 14344
A squirrel.. up close!
id: 14345
I've been spotted
id: 14346
Shaheen on the Green!
id: 14347
A fish in China Lantern
id: 14348
Fish don't like me
id: 14349
Hi fish
id: 14350
Cacti in China Lantern
id: 14351
Some creepy statue across the street
id: 14352
I don't think this is a ladybug.. but almost
id: 14353
Another shot of the mystery bug
id: 14354
The mysterious refridgerated yellow bottle at China Lantern
id: 14355
Quiet House, my home for the summer
id: 14356
Another squirrel!
id: 14357
He's on to me
id: 14358
He's getting ready to leave
id: 14359
This squirrel is lying down!
id: 14360
All the construction workers are gone for the day
id: 14361
The almost buried tank
id: 14362
id: 14363
id: 14364
Flower, lower exposure
id: 14365
Flower, higher exposure
id: 14366
"It's beer! Hooray beer!"
id: 14367
A bird taking off
id: 14368
Another squirrel running away
id: 14369
He doesn't know what to think of me
id: 14370
id: 14371
The squirrel peeks up at me
id: 14372
He found something to eat
id: 14373
He still doesn't know what to do about me
id: 14374
Bye squirrel
id: 14375
The construction site from above
id: 14376
My secret desk area
id: 14377
A pile of crap in a stairwell in the library
id: 14378
Estabrook's satellite dish
id: 14379
People bent the metal on this light to write stuff
id: 14380
Another squirrel!
id: 14381
Up close and personal
id: 14382
This kid wanted me to take his picture
id: 14383
The squirrel was yelling at me
id: 14384
This thing was kind of neat
id: 14385
Danger Will Robinson!
id: 14386
A new challenge: birds
id: 14387
A bird and a squirrel. Wow.
id: 14388
This squirrel was ready to panic
id: 14389
He decided to leave
id: 14390
The sign outside quiet house
id: 14391
Some stupid birds
id: 14392
Another bird
id: 14393
Does this count?
id: 14398
id: 14399
Atlas was a good dog
id: 14400
He looked a little sad though
id: 14401
He mostly just looked around
id: 14402
This squirrel is digging for something..
id: 14403
Run little ant!
id: 14404
Two ants briefly meet up
id: 14405
This one was a little blurry but helped convey how fast he was moving for his size
id: 14406
More construction outside of Atwood
id: 14407
Some pipes
id: 14408
id: 14409
Inside.. outside..
id: 14410
Pipes in an underground hallway
id: 14411
Longer exposure
id: 14412
The pipes go on for a while
id: 14413
This looks like a fun room
id: 14414
I found a big passageway in the wall about 8 feet up. I set my camera for a 15 second exposure with high sensitivity and put it up there. Looks interesting..
id: 14415
The hallway between the two auditorium-style classrooms
id: 14416
A weird machine
id: 14417
I think it's a projector
id: 14418
An oscilloscope
id: 14419
A flash image of the oscilloscope
id: 14420
Some more neat machinery up close
id: 14421
I'll keep that in mind..
id: 14422
I decided not to try the side door to the science library..
id: 14423
I could see through the whole building from the stairwell
id: 14424
The somewhat sparse fridge in the Math Common Room
id: 14425
A neat shot with a tree and some clouds
id: 14426
The bio building.. and grass!
id: 14427
Focus on the grass..
id: 14428
Focus on the bio building
id: 14429
This is a picture of the new dorm building
id: 14430
It was painfully obvious that the people in it were Photoshopped
id: 14431
A small airplane flew overhead
id: 14432
New dorm construction
id: 14433
Looks like the foundation is mostly ready
id: 14434
I guess these are used to support... stuff?
id: 14435
Neato cloud
id: 14436
I guess that doesn't include me
id: 14437
Oh the things I could flatten with one of these
id: 14438
A passing airplane
id: 14439
id: 14440
A big ole' rock
id: 14441
A pidgeon
id: 14442
Some cups left outside
id: 14443
The outside our suite
id: 14444
In the bathroom of our suite
id: 14445
Mel and Laura's room
id: 14446
Mike and Bryce/John's room
id: 14447
Me on the phone with Mel in the common room
id: 14448
An RA room
id: 14449
It's like they live in the common room
id: 14450
A lot of paint was on the second floor
id: 14451
The moon with two passenger jets going by
id: 14452
Some protest graffiti on Hughes
id: 14453
The moon behind a tree
id: 14454
Kosher area only
id: 14455
If it was so profitable why did they have to get rid of it!
id: 14456
Funny moonlight menu 1/4
id: 14457
Funny moonlight menu 2/4
id: 14458
Funny moonlight menu 3/4
id: 14459
Funny moonlight menu 4/4
id: 14460
A lower exposure picture of the moooooon
id: 14461
Some.. random shot of Carlson
id: 14476
Strawberry and Ein hang out
id: 14477
Becky's new t-shirt
id: 14478
The new camera's memory card
id: 14479
From above with the flash down
id: 14480
Lens cap on..
id: 14481
Lens cap off, showing that beautiful huge lens
id: 14482
Size comparison with a quarter
id: 14483
Same comparison with the flash up
id: 14484
The back of the camera
id: 14485
I love how almost all the buttons are on the right so I can easily use the camera with one hand
id: 14486
The screen swivels all over the place
id: 14487
Here's where the memory card goes in
id: 14488
The USB port and DC power jack
id: 14489
The bottom of the camera
id: 14490
4 AAs is a bit rough, but I 've got a ton of rechargables
id: 14491
Helloooo new camera!
id: 14492
The camera when it's on and the screen swiveled a bit
id: 14493
Lifting pipes
id: 14494
A picture of Jonas Clark on my highest resolution
id: 14495
That stone Clark sign
id: 14496
A squirrel eating.. something
id: 14497
id: 14498
This jerk had a leaf blower
id: 14499
Hi Cory
id: 14500
Oops, 640x480 mode
id: 14501
He looks suspicious of me
id: 14502
I thought this sign was funny because the "D" in "INDIAN" is obviously a mangled "P"
id: 14503
Mel at a rest stop
id: 14504
Just for reference..
id: 14505
My, what an odd looking tree
id: 14506
Mmm, sodey
id: 14507
Mel's got a Batman shirt
id: 14508
I'm not sure why she was making this face
id: 14509
We decided to get breakfast at Papa Gino's
id: 14510
Ah, pizza. The breakfast of champions
id: 14511
This girl kept turning around and giving someone a dirty look, so I took her picture
id: 14512
Hey! That's where we want to go!
id: 14513
This road is straight
id: 14514
id: 14515
We got lost and ended up at the Expo Center, which was apparently closed and.. abandoned..
id: 14516
We knew we were in the right area when we saw these guys
id: 14517
This guy drove a funny little car around the parking lot and gave us a ride
id: 14518
Mel's having fun on the tiny car
id: 14519
There he goes!
id: 14520
Looks like we found it!
id: 14521
Major Armstrong! Complete with sparkles!
id: 14522
Ug, the registration line
id: 14523
The line went on for a while
id: 14524
These guys were filiming a documentary or something
id: 14525
Sailor Moon
id: 14526
Nice camera
id: 14527
I saw this through the window
id: 14528
Do you see the fnords?
id: 14529
id: 14530
This was a really well made costume
id: 14531
Link and.. someone walking towards the con
id: 14532
Mel holds up her registration form
id: 14533
This was the scariest thing I've ever seen
id: 14534
Ohhh man
id: 14535
id: 14536
This guy was hilarious, he kept the line in order
id: 14537
Hey, I know that con
id: 14538
Even Carl got off his couch to come to Connecticon
id: 14539
Ahhh! Run!
id: 14540
...people were walking around
id: 14541
I knew I should've worn my Anime Boston Staff shirt!
id: 14542
The FMA group poses
id: 14543
Hughes, and the Hawkeyes
id: 14544
These guys had really great costumes
id: 14545
This Hughes even found pictures of his "daughter"!
id: 14546
A well done Greed
id: 14547
Great job guys
id: 14548
The badge art was done by Hawk from AppleGeeks
id: 14549
The dealer's room
id: 14550
There was all sorts of crap to buy
id: 14551
People like buying crapp
id: 14552
Anko takes a break from shopping to pose for a picture
id: 14553
Haha! NERO was there!
id: 14554
Oops, an overexposed Joker
id: 14555
Nice Gundam!
id: 14556
I found that Sora!
id: 14557
Hey, I know that rabbit...
id: 14558
Neato chain mail
id: 14559
I don't know what this guy's deal was
id: 14560
That is a huge syringe
id: 14561
Mel and Sketch look at.. something
id: 14562
Bye rabbit!
id: 14563
Auron from Final Fantasy X
id: 14564
It takes a lot of guts to wear an all spandex suit to a con..
id: 14565
Mel's new shirt
id: 14566
Mel puts her shirt on
id: 14567
Shirt designed by Sketch, crazy face designed by Mel
id: 14568
This guy wants nothing to do with that huge gun
id: 14569
Seras and a random Hellsing soldier. Great costumes!
id: 14570
The Sims!
id: 14571
This guy was swinging this stick around a lot
id: 14572
Mel looking at people standing around
id: 14573
Dark Vash?
id: 14574
Playing with zoom..
id: 14575
Mel poses with.. herself?
id: 14576
Checking out the program
id: 14577
Star Wars guy is on break
id: 14578
A really great Aeris cosplayer, too bad I never found her again..
id: 14579
Kakashi and Pakkun
id: 14580
Rock Lee gets ready for battle
id: 14581
Oh no! Look out Rock Lee!
id: 14582
Damn you Akatsuki!
id: 14583
This picture seems unlikely in the Naruto universe
id: 14584
Kankuro is just chilling
id: 14585
Ninja pyramid!
id: 14586
Graboid man! ..well, that's what I call him
id: 14587
Sasuke poses too
id: 14588
The guys on the bottom weren't all that happy
id: 14589
Badger girl! Hooraaaay badger girl!
id: 14590
Cool costume
id: 14591
Oh great.. it's DOKool
id: 14592
This woman was selling hats and dumped them all out so Mel could pick one
id: 14593
Hat #1 (she went with this one)
id: 14594
Hat #2
id: 14595
Hey, it's Winry
id: 14596
The FMA guys goofing off
id: 14597
Strike a pose!
id: 14598
These guys were like this all day
id: 14599
A great Temari. She put a lot of work into this. (The hair was especially impressive)
id: 14600
Oh no! I caught her blinking! Oh well
id: 14601
The Armstrong from earlier takes his turn in the NERO battle ring
id: 14602
Voldo! Great costume, but super creepy
id: 14603
Voldo watches the other cosplayers
id: 14604
Another FMA photoshoot
id: 14605
I love the giant stuffed Al
id: 14606
I took a lot of pictures of these guys..
id: 14607
Haha, I'm running out of things to say in the caption
id: 14608
Whenever they saw a passing FMA character they made them join the group
id: 14609
Ah! homunculi? Who knows..
id: 14610
Ed and Envy.. or maybe Wrath goof off
id: 14611
Winry, Ed, and Al
id: 14612
Another passerby gets roped into this photoshoot
id: 14613
All the costumes were really well done
id: 14614
Another great Hughes, complete with pictures
id: 14615
One Hawkeye... twoHawkeyes!?
id: 14616
More FMA photoshoot
id: 14617
People just kept joining up
id: 14618
Another Ed has appeared!
id: 14619
Alright, that's enough of you guys
id: 14620
Now I'm at the Naruto photoshoot
id: 14621
What are these Akatsuki up to?
id: 14622
Sing it with me! "The Akatsuki bunch..."
id: 14623
Graboid man!
id: 14624
A huge group photo of Naruto characters
id: 14625
Great job guys!
id: 14626
Rock Lee strikes a pose
id: 14627
This Akatsuki girl suddenly went after Sasuke
id: 14628
She had to be restrained
id: 14629
Hold her back!
id: 14630
Naruto thought it was funny
id: 14631
Hey, put your mask on!
id: 14632
Gaara's worst nightmare
id: 14633
Sasuke, Sakura, an Anko
id: 14634
Everyone gathers around Kakashi
id: 14635
Voldo strikes a pose again
id: 14636
Great job man, but oh man is it creepy
id: 14637
Back to the FMA photoshoot
id: 14638
OK, I really have fun out of things to say about these guys
id: 14639
Ed's got some buddies apparently
id: 14640
They were there for a long time
id: 14641
Flash mode
id: 14642
Ed seems pretty psyched
id: 14643
Cool costume
id: 14644
These guys were pretty into it
id: 14645
Batch to Sketch's table
id: 14646
"I still hadn't been promoted to 'box'"
id: 14647
Mel and Sketch talk about cons
id: 14648
Lulu from Final Fantasy X
id: 14649
id: 14650
Mel looks around #1
id: 14651
Mel looks around #2
id: 14652
Mel looks around #3
id: 14653
Sketch looks around
id: 14654
Hey look! It's Greg Dean from Real Life Comics!
id: 14655
He drew on one of my business cards
id: 14656
Thanks for the banner art, Greg!
id: 14657
Ian from Mac Hall does a sketch for me
id: 14658
Ian and Matt from Mac Hall!
id: 14659
Ian sketching
id: 14660
Asuka and a friend
id: 14661
Uhoh, Asuka's spotted me
id: 14662
Ian McConville's sketch
id: 14663
Ash and Misty!
id: 14664
A clearer shot of Greg Dean's drawing
id: 14665
A Jedi fight!
id: 14666
Neato light sabers
id: 14667
Hey, that's supposed to be Artists' Alley!
id: 14668
I found Badger Girl again!
id: 14669
Mel with her spiffy new hat
id: 14670
ConnectiCon's mascot, also the Belldandy with expanding wings from AB04
id: 14671
Some kind of crazy fight going on here..
id: 14672
They're fighting with fans!
id: 14673
A lunge!
id: 14674
The real Al wouldn't make a good pillow
id: 14675
More weird fighting
id: 14676
A bunch of Naruto and Bleach cosplayers
id: 14677
That's a big sword
id: 14678
The Naruto group hangs out
id: 14679
Akatsuki strikes!
id: 14680
They somehow found this plug and were playing Naruto themesongs
id: 14681
What's down there?
id: 14682
Look out Sasuke!
id: 14683
The Naruto bunch hangs out
id: 14684
Looking at Graboid Man
id: 14685
Ninja Hokey Pokey?
id: 14686
This was hard to photograph..
id: 14687
Jutsu symbols!
id: 14688
Fun fun
id: 14689
Another shot of the circle
id: 14690
Some Bleach characters get in on the action
id: 14691
Everyone summons stuff!
id: 14692
Playing with the zoom
id: 14693
There was some weird bass fishing con downstairs..
id: 14694
Some Star Wars guys
id: 14695
Greg looks surprised
id: 14696
Greg signed a copy of his book for me
id: 14697
My nice shiny new Real Life Comics book
id: 14698
Thanks, Greg!
id: 14699
The folks on Artists' Alley were hard at work
id: 14700
I bought a Quidditch ball from the Mac Hall guys
id: 14701
Look! It lights up!
id: 14702
Sketch drew this for Mel
id: 14703
This costume was awesome
id: 14704
She even put it on for me!
id: 14705
Haha, thanks Sketch...
id: 14706
More Star Wars guys
id: 14707
This guy didn't look too enthusiastic
id: 14708
DOKool bothering the Anime Boston people
id: 14709
Wow! An actual staffer! "Why is everyone taking my picture??"
id: 14710
Duck Duck Goose!
id: 14711
Run run run!
id: 14712
Asuka and Rei, take one
id: 14713
Asuka and Rei, take two. You can't really tell from my crappy picture but these costumes were incredible
id: 14714
id: 14715
A longer exposure of the game room
id: 14716
Lots of screens
id: 14717
The game room was pretty sweet
id: 14718
They even had legit computers!
id: 14719
Can anyone tell me what game this is?
id: 14720
DDR... blurry mode!
id: 14721
A stream of arrows
id: 14722
This guy was pretty good, but he was using two hands (on the keyboard)
id: 14723
Green girl
id: 14724
Sketch caught in the act
id: 14725
He had a huge bag of these
id: 14726
Sketch's business card
id: 14727
An impressive Rikku
id: 14728
Mel gives me a weird look
id: 14729
Sketch and Mel... hard at work.
id: 14730
This guy was leaving the panel.. I don't think he was actually running it
id: 14731
There was, in fact, no pie eating contest.
id: 14732
These guys were waiting for a panel to start
id: 14733
Hey, it's Patrick!
id: 14734
See? Patrick
id: 14735
Sketch and Mel hanging out
id: 14736
Patrick tries to figure out who Mel is when she doesn't have blue hair
id: 14737
Patrick's ridiculously small tripod
id: 14738
Chain mail is fun
id: 14739
id: 14740
The guy next to Sketch made this awesome chain mail ball. There was something in the middle so it worked like a bell
id: 14741
More chain mail stuff
id: 14742
This shirt was going for $500. It took him two months to make
id: 14743
Closeup on the shirt
id: 14744
More neato stuff
id: 14745
Hey, it's like that earring James had
id: 14746
A cool necklace
id: 14747
Kiey from Abstract Gender! Too bad I didn't get a better picture..
id: 14748
Patrick interviewing Sketch
id: 14749
Sketch looks distressed
id: 14750
This is for a video podcast on the Chibi Project
id: 14751
Nice camera, Patrick
id: 14752
Now Mel's getting interviewed
id: 14753
Go, Patrick, Go
id: 14754
A headband designed by Sketch
id: 14755
Anime ducks!
id: 14756
This is a great idea
id: 14757
Naruto duck!
id: 14758
Strongbad duck! Mel actually bought this guy later
id: 14759
Krillin duck
id: 14760
Vegeta duck, a work in progress
id: 14761
Only $12 each! Go and buy them!
id: 14762
Creepy Tien duck
id: 14763
A very tall sword makes it's way through the crowd
id: 14764
Insert Jaws theme here...
id: 14765
Some links and a guy with keyblades
id: 14766
Ian McConville again
id: 14767
Sana's mom again! I see her every year at Anime Boston
id: 14768
Mel was in charge of Sketch's table for a little while..
id: 14769
Morlock makes an appearance
id: 14770
That guy with the soda tab armor! I think I saw him at NERO
id: 14771
Everyone gathers around a computer monitor to watch AMVs
id: 14772
I'm so glad the Cheat is not dead
id: 14773
The sign reads "Looking for fanboys"
id: 14774
This link was a really impressive flautist
id: 14775
I stuck some really bad comics on Sketch's back
id: 14776
This one was shot so you could read one...
id: 14777
Mel turns around
id: 14778
Bye Sketch! Thanks for letting us hang out!
id: 14779
ConnecitCon is over for us!
id: 14780
Mel / A-chan says goodbye to ConnectiCon in her own special way
id: 14781
This elevator seems so pointless
id: 14782
Haha, I know what they were up to...
id: 14783
id: 14784
Not bad!
id: 14786
One of my apartmentmates: An
id: 14787
id: 14788
He looks sleepy
id: 14789
Sleepy dog
id: 14790
Nugget says "no pictures!"
id: 14791
"What do you want?"
id: 14792
"I'm sick of this game"
id: 14793
Awesome full moon
id: 14794
Slightly less awesome full moon
id: 14795
A thunderstorm in the distance
id: 14796
Can he do it?
id: 14797
This one came out pretty good
id: 14798
id: 14799
id: 14800
The non-flash pictures didn't come out so great..
id: 14801
Flash picture
id: 14802
That one's pretty good!
id: 14803
Hahaha, what is this!? Mission Control!?
id: 14804
This car apparently caught fire
id: 14805
I dunno, I just felt like taking a picture of this
id: 14806
This squirrel was eating out of the trash!
id: 14807
He knows I'm on to him
id: 14808
Don't you give me that look
id: 14809
Melvin got caught by the rubber band police
id: 14810
Oh noes!
id: 14811
He's free!
id: 14812
Michael, one of my bosses
id: 14813
Note the mobius strip hanging from the shelf..
id: 14814
I changed Melvin's "Punch in/out" sign to see if he'd notice
id: 14815
Jim, another guy from ITS
id: 14816
Matt always looks surprised in these pictures
id: 14817
I drew a hypercube on Matt's whiteboard
id: 14818
Matt's ITS mascot, the eye!
id: 14819
Dave and Matt in the hallway
id: 14820
Anthony, another of my bosses
id: 14821
id: 14822
Mel came by for an Indiana Jones marathon
id: 14823
Space Shuttle Discovery landed succesfully after a nearly flawless mission
id: 14824
"Why do they have a quick release thing if they also screw it in?"
id: 14825
Box o laptops, aka the mobile classroom
id: 14826
Testing laptops
id: 14827
Lookee what I made
id: 14828
Anthony and Michael discuss network issues
id: 14829
A sign on the door to Anthony's office
id: 14830
My feet with the lens cap swinging freely
id: 14831
This squirrel's getting away from me
id: 14832
"What's he up to?"
id: 14833
"What's this thing?"
id: 14834
Construction equipment
id: 14835
So dirty
id: 14836
The shovel
id: 14837
Thanks in the ground
id: 14838
The top of a tank
id: 14839
The front of that machine
id: 14840
Some doofy roof they put over a door into Jefferson
id: 14841
Quiet House
id: 14842
This squirrel is lying down on a bench!
id: 14843
What a weird thing for a squirrel to do
id: 14844
id: 14845
Bench time is over
id: 14846
Squirrel confrontation!
id: 14847
id: 14848
A very suspicious squirrel
id: 14849
Another confrontation begins
id: 14850
That one on the left just wants to eat
id: 14851
The fight is about to begin!!
id: 14852
Ahhhh run!
id: 14853
Up the tree!
id: 14854
This squirrel spotted me and stopped in his tracks
id: 14855
Running around the tree
id: 14856
Trying to look big in front of the other squirrels
id: 14857
"Any food over here?"
id: 14858
A squirrel gets closer
id: 14859
"Is that a guy on that bench?"
id: 14860
Squirrels are funny
id: 14861
Peaceful foraging..
id: 14862
Peaceful for now.. but who knows when another fight will break out
id: 14863
"Hey wait... that guy has food!"
id: 14864
"I could have his food!"
id: 14865
"Get away!!"
id: 14866
This guy found some... food...
id: 14867
That's a lame excuse for a poofy tail
id: 14868
These guys were always hanging out together
id: 14869
I moved closer and they moved farther away
id: 14870
Get back over here you jerk
id: 14871
Whoa! This one got really close!
id: 14872
Time for a closeup photo shoot!
id: 14873
He kept looking up when the shutter made noise
id: 14874
"What's that guy doing??"
id: 14875
Getting closer....
id: 14876
This is as close as he got, about 5 feet away
id: 14877
Making up his mind about me..
id: 14878
He doesn't like what he sees
id: 14879
Back up the tree!!
id: 14880
He kept looking at me
id: 14881
He'd move a little, look at me, move a little, look at me
id: 14882
He went up and down the tree a few times
id: 14883
Still trying to figure me out
id: 14884
Looking at other squirrels
id: 14885
"What are they up to?"
id: 14886
Still eyeing me
id: 14887
He's kind of skinny from the side
id: 14888
"Is it safe to come back down?"
id: 14889
Slowly turning around..
id: 14890
I guess he's deemed me an acceptable risk
id: 14891
Move a few feet.. look at me.. repeat
id: 14892
How can he stand like that?
id: 14893
Come on dude, it's ok!
id: 14894
He was only on the ground for a few seconds before heading back for the tree
id: 14895
id: 14896
They just hold onto the tree like it's nothing
id: 14897
Most of the squirrel
id: 14898
Slightly zoomed out...
id: 14899
I think this squirrel has something wrong with his legs, he's always lying down
id: 14900
He came back down on a different tree!
id: 14901
Yes, squirrel, I'm still here
id: 14902
Slowly making his way down the tree
id: 14903
Sure, just walk down a wall.. you crazy squirrel
id: 14904
He was a very cautious squirrel
id: 14905
The guy from the grass came closer
id: 14906
He had some food in his mouth
id: 14907
He wasn't sure about me either
id: 14908
He was more cautious than the first squirrel
id: 14909
Stupid branch in the stupid way
id: 14910
Eating in the tree is safer
id: 14911
What's he got?
id: 14912
Just for comparison.. this is a non-zoomed picture. This is what the old camera could do
id: 14913
This is what the new camera can do
id: 14914
Zoomed about half way
id: 14915
Zoomed only a little
id: 14916
I saw this one on the way back
id: 14919
A rubber band ball at ITS
id: 14920
Someone wrote this with duct tape on a shade in Jonas Clark
id: 14921
Some sweet DVDs I bought online
id: 14922
Dusty dusty construction
id: 14923
Melvin stuck up on Patrick and stamped him
id: 14924
Patrick stamped him later
id: 14925
The stamp up close
id: 14926
Safari mangled our project!!
id: 14928
A big creepy dark cloud coming overhead
id: 14929
That cool squirrel again
id: 14930
Heyyyyy squirrel
id: 14931
Running away
id: 14932
Matrix squirrel, jumping off the pole
id: 14933
Another squirrel
id: 14934
A big ass pile of dirt
id: 14935
James' got some Top Pop!
id: 14936
As well as bunch of other soft drinks
id: 14937
Some limes too!
id: 14938
Check out how far away their stove is into the kitchen
id: 14939
Brandon's so hungry he decided to start early
id: 14940
"Worcester city trashbags??"
id: 14941
The Speech Champions' new apartment's common room
id: 14942
James is skiing or something
id: 14943
Nice ceiling
id: 14944
James shouts into the mystery tube
id: 14945
Brandon on the couch
id: 14947
James' sweet desktop
id: 14950
id: 14951
James with his cribbage boat
id: 14952
Brandon thinks he took the wrong box to Worcester.. look what he found
id: 14953
"This blanket stinks!"
id: 14954
id: 14955
James found some utensils that haven't been washed in months
id: 14956
Sooo gross
id: 14957
"The Noid!"
id: 14958
Their bathroom
id: 14959
id: 14960
Brandon's bed
id: 14961
Doorknob hole
id: 14962
Drinking on the couch
id: 14963
Some sweet plate Brandon found in his box
id: 14964
James seems to be deep in concentration
id: 14965
James making a completely crazy face
id: 14966
"Turn the flash up all the way, I want to see what it can do. Ahhh holy shit!!"
id: 14967
Some gross old fruit
id: 14968
The stove is so far away from the wall
id: 14969
James checking out the stove pipe
id: 14970
He decided he likes it
id: 14971
"You look like you're representin' Steve Urkel!"
id: 14972
id: 14973
Brandon in the Dana Commons kitchen
id: 14974
James walks around an oven
id: 14975
Anyone want some pinapples?
id: 14976
James found some glasses
id: 14977
James looks around
id: 14978
We found a ladder
id: 14979
Super flash mode of Brandon climbing the myster ladder
id: 14980
Into the chamber
id: 14981
"I can't see anything!"
id: 14982
James meets The Raptor
id: 14983
Note the screen...
id: 14984
Joe arrives
id: 14985
Ultra flash mode strikes again
id: 14986
I think super flash mode is too powerful...
id: 14987
Brandon and Joe standing around
id: 14988
Brandon just flew in here from Australia...
id: 14989
A car drove by during an exposure
id: 14990
id: 14991
James gives a thumbs up
id: 14992
On the porch
id: 14993
Up the stairs..
id: 14994
id: 14995
Coming out of James' room
id: 14996
Joe meets the super flash mode
id: 14997
James on the couch
id: 14998
James is deep in concentration again
id: 14999
James walking by
id: 15000
Joe's friend
id: 15001
Standing around
id: 15002
Crazy, blurry James
id: 15003
Joe drank out of a huge jug
id: 15004
Brandon in the folding chair
id: 15005
Go Joe go
id: 15006
James does not approve of... something
id: 15007
Joe's friend makes a weird face
id: 15008
Playing with iTunes
id: 15009
id: 15010
In Joe's apartment.. nice window
id: 15011
James looks at.. something
id: 15012
Joe's friend
id: 15013
Brandon looks perplexed
id: 15014
Joe looks around
id: 15015
Hi Joe!
id: 15016
James hates radiator!
id: 15017
Joe's friend makes another crazy face
id: 15018
The taboo buzzer is so much fun
id: 15019
Looking for team shirts at Salvation Army
id: 15020
Comparing different shirts
id: 15021
Nice shirt
id: 15022
The "A.C. Slater" shirt
id: 15023
Standing around Salvies
id: 15024
James found a referee shirt
id: 15025
It even had a badge!
id: 15026
"Mainely A-Cappella"
id: 15027
I refused to buy the Office XP shirt
id: 15028
Uhoh, Brandon found a weird shirt
id: 15029
id: 15030
Brandon's having some difficulty putting this shirt on
id: 15031
Time to button it up
id: 15032
James checks out some ties
id: 15033
Brandon puts on the finishing touches
id: 15034
Lookin' good!
id: 15035
Time for some glassware
id: 15036
id: 15037
James thought this was a really terrible cup..
id: 15038
...then he realized it was a candlestick holder
id: 15039
You can't even reach into this to get one!
id: 15040
Getting some cheap crap
id: 15041
James browses the rows of stuff
id: 15042
Sweet DVD in the cookware aisle
id: 15043
Gross used George Foreman grill
id: 15044
The glasses they ended up getting
id: 15045
James nearly bought this painting, too bad he didn't
id: 15046
Traveling through the creepy corridors of clothes
id: 15047
Want some Speeds?
id: 15048
It says "Free Video" but I feel like if I tried to leave with it they wouldn't have been pleased
id: 15049
Scary face thing
id: 15050
I wonder how many times people tried to buy this tree
id: 15051
"Why is there a rabbit, a pink rhino, and a panda at the north pole"
id: 15052
Lately they generally try to prevent Micahel Jackson from associating with children
id: 15053
Hey James, look what I found
id: 15054
Only $2.50
id: 15055
Another decent game
id: 15056
"A Bunch O' Hits" wow..
id: 15057
I can't believe I bought this
id: 15058
Brandon wearing... a stool?
id: 15059
id: 15060
Oh no! He's headed this way
id: 15061
Blurry arm
id: 15062
OK, that's enough of the stool game
id: 15063
Taking the stool off
id: 15064
Playing with color switcher mode
id: 15065
"Brandon, have you been eating pollen?"
id: 15066
James the smurf
id: 15067
The floor is red!
id: 15068
James is red!
id: 15069
Brandon with a sketchy look
id: 15070
Me sitting on the couch
id: 15071
Me and James
id: 15072
This is apparently James' actor headshot
id: 15073
Brandon in the chair
id: 15074
Crazy detailed Brandon
id: 15075
id: 15076
Action shot! That's his foot
id: 15077
James backing up
id: 15078
Driving to Moe's
id: 15079
"I see you!"
id: 15080
Brandon with the sign
id: 15081
Accepting the challenge!
id: 15082
Going into Moe's
id: 15083
Here we go!
id: 15084
This can't be what I think it is
id: 15085
Brandon prepares for the contest
id: 15086
The table of fate
id: 15087
So. Many. Burritos.
id: 15088
Almost time!
id: 15089
They're so big!
id: 15091
The time is here!
id: 15092
Heading over to the table
id: 15093
Can you see the tension mounting?
id: 15094
James is ready for support mode
id: 15095
Puke buckets, comming through
id: 15096
They even had a paramedic!
id: 15097
Brandon having the rules explained to him
id: 15098
The contestants ready themselves
id: 15099
Not as many people showed up as expected
id: 15100
Brandon listens intently to the rules
id: 15101
id: 15102
More competitors
id: 15103
Brandon waiting around
id: 15104
Almost time, Brandon!
id: 15105
Even the people on TV are watching!
id: 15106
id: 15107
Drawing numbers
id: 15108
id: 15109
id: 15110
id: 15111
Brandon's ready!
id: 15112
He'll in the second round
id: 15113
This is it!
id: 15114
Look at the size of those burritos!
id: 15115
Water for Brandon
id: 15116
He's ready
id: 15117
Almost time
id: 15118
Almost time!
id: 15119
It has begun!!
id: 15120
Go Brandon go!
id: 15121
He annihilated that first burrito
id: 15122
Don't forget the water!
id: 15123
Starting to feel it..
id: 15124
No longer having fun
id: 15125
Get it in there Brandon!
id: 15126
id: 15127
Post-competition depression
id: 15128
id: 15129
James tries to ligthen the mood
id: 15130
Depressed Brandon
id: 15131
Gotta get that whiskey open
id: 15132
Brandon looks for the cure for a ruptured stomach at the bottom of a whiskey bottle
id: 15133
Let it go Brandon, let it go
id: 15134
Too depressed to even put his sock on properly
id: 15135
Brandon still deflating after the burrito eating contest
id: 15136
My new scale!
id: 15137
Topaz was right, the ice blew up
id: 15138
I cracked the ice
id: 15139
This was left in the pan after I took the bag out
id: 15140
I burned a hole through the ice
id: 15141
Mel making dough!
id: 15142
Mel making dough!
id: 15143
Mel making dough!
id: 15144
Don't drop it!
id: 15145
Mel making dough!
id: 15146
Mel making dough!
id: 15147
Mel making dough!
id: 15148
Mel making dough!
id: 15149
Mel making dough!
id: 15150
Mel making dough!
id: 15151
Mel making dough.. while dancing!
id: 15152
Mel making dough.. while dancing!
id: 15153
Mel making dough.. while dancing!
id: 15154
Mel making dough.. while dancing!
id: 15155
Mel making dough.. while dancing!
id: 15156
Mel making dough.. while dancing!
id: 15157
Mel making dough.. while dancing!
id: 15158
Mel made a mess. Oh well
id: 15159
Raw calzones
id: 15160
Closeup of the calzones
id: 15161
Don't they look awesome?
id: 15162
I grab the calzones
id: 15163
id: 15164
Mmm, calzones
id: 15165
So good...
id: 15166
id: 15167
Mel driving
id: 15168
This pano didn't stitch for some reason so I forced it together
id: 15169
Mel driving along
id: 15170
Sooo rainy
id: 15171
id: 15172
A slug!
id: 15173
Check out this crazy slug!
id: 15174
Go slug go!
id: 15175
He made it pretty far
id: 15176
Hello slug
id: 15177
The whole slug
id: 15178
Neato sky
id: 15179
Even neato-er sky
id: 15180
Killing time at Target
id: 15181
Mel talks
id: 15182
Margaret won't smile
id: 15183
There she goes!
id: 15184
id: 15185
Mel gives someone or something a look
id: 15186
I bought the second Beavis and Butthead volume
id: 15187
I also bought the new game Halfe Life 2: Episode One
id: 15188
Mel's mini Simon
id: 15189
The moon!
id: 15190
The moon again
id: 15191
Margaret poses with Johnny Depp
id: 15192
Margaret's dream come true
id: 15193
Having fun Margaret?
id: 15194
id: 15195
id: 15196
id: 15197
Mo is just hanging out
id: 15198
Mel harasses Mo
id: 15199
Stars! Click for detail
id: 15200
Mo gets a hat
id: 15201
Mo hates hat
id: 15202
Mo tries to escape
id: 15203
Go Mo go!
id: 15204
Packing DVDs
id: 15205
Mel's mom puts a DVD in an envelope
id: 15206
DVD orders
id: 15207
id: 15208
Transparent papers
id: 15209
A blur of activity
id: 15210
More transparent stuff
id: 15211
id: 15212
id: 15213
Mel moves around
id: 15214
Mel gets DVDs ready
id: 15215
Mel's mom cuts labels
id: 15216
Hi Mel!
id: 15217
id: 15218
Bailey put the white bowl down halfway through this exposure
id: 15219
Mel's mom is a ghost!
id: 15220
Our pieces in Scene It
id: 15221
I'm the camera
id: 15222
Mel's the clapper dealy and Bailey's the popcorn
id: 15223
Hi Bailey. Nice nose ring -_-
id: 15224
The Scene It board
id: 15225
Mel loves this game
id: 15226
id: 15227
Bailey rocks
id: 15228
The Scene It menu
id: 15229
It's signs like these that make me sad I'm ona diet
id: 15230
What the hell happened here? I can understand one sock, or even two.. but three!?
id: 15231
id: 15232
Brighter bridge
id: 15233
Train tracks
id: 15234
Traaaain tracks
id: 15235
WTF is this all about!?
id: 15236
A passing airplane
id: 15237
Me near my turnaround point. That's Holy Cross back there
id: 15238
I like to make fun of Mel when I see this sign by ignoring the second two lines
id: 15239
Need some coal?
id: 15240
Cause I think I can hook you up
id: 15241
Hacker street!
id: 15242
id: 15243
id: 15245
id: 15246
id: 15247
id: 15248
id: 15249
id: 15250
id: 15251
id: 15252
id: 15253
id: 15254
id: 15255
id: 15256
id: 15257
id: 15259
Some guy fishing with some kids
id: 15260
Fishing guy
id: 15261
id: 15262
Fishing guy
id: 15263
id: 15264
id: 15266
Some woman with her dog
id: 15267
Fishing guy again
id: 15268
Woman with dog again
id: 15270
An annotated version of my walk, including the pictures I took along the way, where I took them
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An overview of my walk
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