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Pictures taken during August 2006

id: 15272
Spirals with my cell phone
id: 15273
Circle and plus?
id: 15274
Tic Tac Toe!
id: 15275
USB light thing
id: 15276
More USB light thing
id: 15277
A ribbon of light
id: 15278
A green LED and lots of circles
id: 15279
Happy LED!
id: 15280
Mmm, fish for dinner
id: 15282
A mirror!
id: 15283
Our phone number
id: 15284
One of the awesome subs from Oliver's. It doesn't look so great in a flash picture, but oh man..
id: 15286
Bunk bed prepped for raising
id: 15288
I used the mattresses to top it from sliding along the ground and force it to tilt
id: 15292
The door isn't really that bendy
id: 15293
Mel drives from Worcester
id: 15294
Hey look! We found 95 North!
id: 15295
Radio towers
id: 15296
More radio towers
id: 15297
One of those neat changing billboards with a Canobie ad
id: 15298
The car hit a bump right as I took this so I missed a big chunk of the sign
id: 15299
I caught it as we drove by
id: 15300
James was in Emo mode
id: 15301
Mel tied James' tie for him
id: 15302
Why do all girls know how to tie ties?
id: 15303
James adjusts his tie
id: 15304
There you go
id: 15305
Mel's having fun already
id: 15306
Whoops, still on indoors camera settings. Ah well
id: 15307
Haha, why would a real estate company have a space shuttle on their sign!?
id: 15308
"Stop taking pictures of me while I'm driving!"
id: 15309
James in the rear view mirror
id: 15310
It's a tarp!
id: 15311
We made it!
id: 15312
Information on the Yankee Cannonball
id: 15313
Mel's freaked out
id: 15314
James looks like he's having fun
id: 15315
Cannonball line
id: 15316
Muffie's just setting herself up for a sunburn
id: 15317
An overexposed shot of the Cannonball lift hill
id: 15318
The ride op
id: 15319
There goes one train
id: 15320
James hates this pictures
id: 15321
There go some more people!
id: 15322
Mel thinks she's cool with these shades
id: 15323
James is excited!!
id: 15324
It's almost the top of the lift hill!!
id: 15325
Mel is considerably less... crazy
id: 15326
Time to start recording video
id: 15327
James taking some sneaky shots of the Canobie paint shop
id: 15328
Normally he just puts his arm and camera through a small gap and takes pictutres blindly...
id: 15329
Boston Teaparty wave
id: 15330
Ahhh, everybody run away!
id: 15331
I was right in the wave zone when I took these pictures, so I had to shoot and run
id: 15332
Mel, Muffie, and James wait in the
id: 15333
Still not their turn
id: 15334
Can you tell it's a wave?
id: 15335
Going up the lift hill! James wanted to sit in the front so he sat with two random girls
id: 15336
James with the random girls
id: 15337
Please face forward
id: 15338
Whoops, mistimed the shot. I got James and Muffie though!
id: 15339
id: 15340
Now they're all wet
id: 15341
Muffie and Mel had fun!
id: 15342
Mel has never been on the Turkish Twist..
id: 15343
Mel's in for a surprise...
id: 15344
"Do you puke on these things?" "I don't know" "...*edges away*"
id: 15345
It's like that scene in Contact!
id: 15346
Enter the matrix..
id: 15347
James holds his face on
id: 15348
Muffie and Rob in line for the Corkscrew
id: 15349
James pulls a somewhat reluctant rob up the ramp
id: 15350
A train going by
id: 15351
Uhoh, I've been spotted
id: 15352
Rob shows off the "skunk" ?
id: 15353
Time to keep moving
id: 15354
Another train goes by
id: 15355
Getting the settings just right is tricky
id: 15356
Hey, I was bored
id: 15357
Mel is not amused
id: 15358
id: 15359
Mel points to her ear?
id: 15360
Cool cool glasses
id: 15361
Hi Mel!
id: 15362
id: 15363
The caterpillar in action
id: 15364
Look at it go
id: 15365
Skater, one of the new rides at Canobie
id: 15366
I've always wanted to ride a giant skateboard
id: 15367
Not really though
id: 15368
Look at it go
id: 15369
Mel waits in line for the Psychodrome
id: 15370
She doesn't know what's she's in for
id: 15371
James on the caterpillar
id: 15372
Rob peeks over the top of the seat
id: 15373
James took a video of me!
id: 15374
James... screaming!
id: 15375
I dont' think he's really that scared
id: 15376
Mel confronts the superflash once again
id: 15377
"You can't out-camp-counselor me!" says Mel
id: 15378
Rob left to go hang out with his other friends
id: 15379
That's not the LM!
id: 15380
This guy had sad pants
id: 15381
James waiting for Starblaster to start
id: 15382
Hi guys!
id: 15383
Waiting for the launch..
id: 15384
Getting closer..
id: 15385
Taken on the way down. Looked like fun!
id: 15386
Oldies was there for some reason
id: 15387
Giving away stuff..
id: 15388
There was a lot of smoke coming out of this building
id: 15389
But it was supposed to have smoke come out of it
id: 15390
This guy had "Park Photographer" on his shirt so I took his pictures and said "Now you're the Park Photographee!!"
id: 15391
That guy was there for hours...
id: 15392
The big rotating hamburger
id: 15393
A new rotating thing.. Betty Boop!
id: 15394
The records from Rockin' Rider!
id: 15395
Mel imitates Betty Boop
id: 15396
Good job Mel
id: 15397
Frisbee sounds interesting
id: 15398
James stands where the Rockin' Rider's station used to be.
id: 15399
Getting on the train
id: 15400
Now we're moving
id: 15401
James told me to stop taking pictures of him..
id: 15402
Mel's like "Don't you point that thing at me, don't you point that thing at me"
id: 15403
James is sick of pictures
id: 15404
"Oh god!"
id: 15405
Muffie doesn't care
id: 15406
"The thing about trains is.."
id: 15407
id: 15408
Parts of Canobie's new ride: Frisbee
id: 15409
Frisbee parts
id: 15410
Frisbee parts
id: 15411
Frisbee parts
id: 15412
Frisbee parts
id: 15413
Frisbee parts
id: 15414
Frisbee parts
id: 15415
Frisbee parts
id: 15416
Frisbee parts
id: 15417
Frisbee parts
id: 15418
James takes pictures of the disassembled Frisbee for
id: 15419
Slightly longer exposure to blur the ground
id: 15420
The stupid train
id: 15421
At one point we hit warp speed
id: 15422
Mel's background was less interesting
id: 15423
Hey look! It's Canobie Lake!
id: 15424
Some guys on the lake
id: 15425
Taken from James' car in the parking lot... do you see him?
id: 15426
Superflash!! Ahh!!
id: 15427
My favorite scale
id: 15428
I've never actually used it
id: 15429
The log flume splashes down
id: 15430
We forgot to ride this! Sorry Mel!
id: 15431
Looks like they had fun
id: 15432
Mel plays some skiball
id: 15433
Go Mel go
id: 15434
Win a prize!
id: 15435
Last one!
id: 15436
Mel was pretty good!
id: 15437
id: 15438
This guy's cheating!
id: 15439
I forget what she got on this one
id: 15440
id: 15441
Blurry skiball
id: 15442
You can barely see the ball
id: 15443
So that's how these things work, Sketch is inside frantically drawing!
id: 15444
A creepy robot man
id: 15445
Outside the Mine of Lost Souls
id: 15446
This guy was driving a bathtub
id: 15447
I don't think he's actually a professor
id: 15448
Mel thinks the camera is way to close
id: 15449
Professor Uncanny takes a break to watch a different show
id: 15450
Mel on the phone
id: 15451
Ride controls
id: 15452
Ride ops
id: 15453
Some stupid show
id: 15454
A hilarious robot dude in the mine
id: 15455
A coffin
id: 15456
We're in egypt now?
id: 15457
I'm so afraid
id: 15458
We got snakes on a train!!
id: 15459
Want a head?
id: 15460
Super macro mode of Mel's eye
id: 15461
I found Nemo!
id: 15462
Me and Mel pose in front of the Canobie map
id: 15463
Mel somehow went from standing to falling over with no apparent cause
id: 15464
The worker at the exit
id: 15465
Just outside the gates
id: 15466
The moon
id: 15467
Some seagulls
id: 15468
A seagull
id: 15469
Another seagull
id: 15470
Muffie and Mel on the way back
id: 15471
Rob's excited for the Car Ride
id: 15472
Muffie meets the superflash
id: 15473
Mo looks bored with his life
id: 15474
Hi Mo!
id: 15475
He's like a carpet!
id: 15476
Mel on the phone
id: 15477
"What do you want??"
id: 15478
Bailey at her computer
id: 15479
Mo with his new crown!
id: 15480
Mo wants to get down now
id: 15481
No escape!
id: 15482
"I'm sick of this game"
id: 15483
Pretty pretty Mo
id: 15489
Mel hugs the completed buckyball
id: 15490
Hmm, this pose seems familiar..
id: 15491
270 PHiZZ units
id: 15492
Not bad lighting..
id: 15493
I'm glad I decided to use some color
id: 15494
A closeup
id: 15495
It's pretty sturdy
id: 15496
With the Coke bottle for scale
id: 15497
A little overexposed..
id: 15498
We decided to play catch with it!
id: 15499
Careful guys!
id: 15500
Mel has turned into some sort of origami zombie!!
id: 15501
Trying to strike a pose while it's in the air..
id: 15502
Oops, too late
id: 15503
Mel can make things float
id: 15504
Mel hides behind her teddy bear
id: 15505
Watching TV
id: 15506
Can you tell they're related?
id: 15507
I had some extra pieces so I made an origami shoe
id: 15508
The katamari, before spikes
id: 15509
Another angle of the spikeless icosahedron
id: 15510
id: 15511
A huge inflatable dinosaur
id: 15512
Bailey found a notebook
id: 15513
Bailey pose!
id: 15514
"I love studying!!"
id: 15515
Mel checks out the whiteboard section
id: 15516
I forgot to take after pics, but whatever. Before haircut, hair down, front
id: 15517
Before haircut, hair down, side
id: 15518
Before haircur, hair down, back
id: 15519
Before haircut, hair up, front
id: 15520
Before haircut, hair up, side
id: 15521
Before haircut, hair up, back
id: 15522
Our gross order on the computer
id: 15523
Behold... the quadruple bacon cheeseburger
id: 15524
Mel fears it
id: 15525
The quad stacker, half gone
id: 15526
Mel's car is broken
id: 15527
Of course..
id: 15528
id: 15529
Mel seems somewhat... not surprised
id: 15530
Truly the king of burgers..
id: 15531
The one is the ad looks way better!!
id: 15532
Waiting for someone to help us out
id: 15533
Heyyy Mel
id: 15534
Waiting for Margaret
id: 15535
Is she over there?
id: 15536
Mel is not amused
id: 15537
Margaret's here!
id: 15538
Margaret will wait with us
id: 15539
Mel's parents arrive
id: 15540
Her dad seems to pleased
id: 15541
Margaret has some jumper cables!
id: 15542
Let's just stand around
id: 15543
Time to open the hood?
id: 15544
id: 15545
Yes, time to open the hood
id: 15546
Nothing looks really bad..
id: 15547
Or does it? I have no idea
id: 15548
Mel's dad tries to get his hood open
id: 15549
The hinge for the hood
id: 15550
It's open!
id: 15551
Mel's battery. Note the pieces of mouse nests
id: 15552
The battery again
id: 15553
Under the van's hood
id: 15554
Hooking up cables
id: 15555
Don't touch them together!
id: 15556
All hooked up
id: 15557
Uhohes, the cars are too far apart
id: 15558
Mel and Margaret were very helpful
id: 15559
Derrick, a mechanic, happened to be passing and helped us out
id: 15560
Hooking up the cables again
id: 15561
id: 15562
id: 15563
Connected at last
id: 15564
Derrick helps Mel try to start the car
id: 15565
Mel and Margaret hung out in the car
id: 15566
Derrick's nametag
id: 15567
Mel's mom checks out the engine
id: 15568
Mel's dad is having a blast
id: 15569
Calling AAA
id: 15570
We took up a lot of spaces at Burger King
id: 15571
AAA is going to come and tow it!
id: 15572
Waiting for the tow truck
id: 15573
Hanging out
id: 15574
Standing around
id: 15575
Mel is used to this kind of stuff
id: 15576
Margaret with her cables
id: 15577
Cables. Serious business.
id: 15578
Writing contact information
id: 15579
The car will be towed to his garage
id: 15580
Mel's dad stands nearby
id: 15581
Mel does a dance
id: 15582
Everyone's having a blast
id: 15583
Moving stuff to the van
id: 15584
This guy had car troubles too!
id: 15585
The tow truck is here!
id: 15586
Mel's back
id: 15587
Talking to the tow truck guy
id: 15588
Mel through out some trash
id: 15589
The tow truck
id: 15590
I keep accidentally typing "toe struck"
id: 15591
It's a party!
id: 15592
Lining it up...
id: 15593
The claw thing comes down
id: 15594
All lined up!
id: 15595
id: 15596
Mel watches the car get towed away
id: 15597
Two katamaris in my case
id: 15598
Pretty much the same picture..
id: 15599
I kept some paper behind them
id: 15600
Turkeys in Mel's yard!!
id: 15601
I went outside to get a clearer image but they rand away
id: 15602
Spikes for Topaz's katamari
id: 15603
The pre-spiked katamari
id: 15604
"TV is fun... nuh."
id: 15605
id: 15606
Topaz's katamari!
id: 15607
A closeup
id: 15608
id: 15609
Time to shave Mo
id: 15610
Mo doesn't know how to feel about this
id: 15611
Snip snip snip
id: 15612
id: 15613
Mo has so much fur
id: 15614
He was just hanging limp
id: 15615
Lots of Mo fur
id: 15616
Bailey wanted to make a pillow
id: 15617
Bailey holds him down in case he freaks out
id: 15618
Bailey is having fuuuhhnnn
id: 15619
Snip snip snip
id: 15620
Mo didn't really care
id: 15621
He struggled a little, but not really
id: 15622
Shaving Mo...
id: 15623
Hold him down...
id: 15624
Mo is sick of this game
id: 15625
Snip snips snip
id: 15626
Mo's stupid head
id: 15627
Gross! Cat dandruff!
id: 15628
We almost gave him a bath
id: 15629
Mel is a nice person
id: 15630
Pretty day
id: 15631
A nice looking road
id: 15632
More nice clouds
id: 15633
A bridge
id: 15634
Empire chinese buffet! Good stuff!
id: 15635
We ended up paying with a bunch of ones
id: 15636
Bailey gets her head pulled off
id: 15637
Mel gets struck with some sort of photon torpedo
id: 15638
Bailey is in no mood for pictures
id: 15639
id: 15640
I guess they're always open since they can't change the sign
id: 15641
id: 15642
Bailey in the back
id: 15643
Katamari cousins!!
id: 15644
So many cousins!
id: 15645
They're eating that baby!!
id: 15646
I took this by accident but it looks pretty cool
id: 15647
This is how we're rolling up the millino roses
id: 15648
Mo is all pakced and ready to go
id: 15649
You can't come Mo
id: 15650
Mo wants to come :(
id: 15651
Bailey's gross lens
id: 15652
id: 15653
Everyone loves Wikiw
id: 15654
Wiki sandwich?
id: 15655
Wiki is escaping!
id: 15656
Chill out Wiki
id: 15657
He's gotten a lot bigger
id: 15658
id: 15659
Hello WIki!
id: 15660
Old people make good drivers...
id: 15661
Look at him go
id: 15662
Another road
id: 15663
Driving driving driving
id: 15664
A big X in the sky! Neat contrails
id: 15665
id: 15666
H E L P me... make...this sign
id: 15667
Doughnut Inn II, the sequel
id: 15668
A weird t-shirt stand
id: 15669
This is how I move my stuff, in trash bags
id: 15670
Mel has replaced Elizabeth Rogers as the new RA
id: 15671
Mel has her own TV show!
id: 15672
Mel's new room!
id: 15673
id: 15674
The view from Mel's window
id: 15675
The view, with exposure set for clouds
id: 15676
You can see people in Maywood...
id: 15677
..and some goo coming off Dana
id: 15678
Mel's window seat but something's missing..
id: 15679
There we go, the seat is complete
id: 15680
id: 15681
No bed frames are necessary
id: 15682
I like how Mel stores her detergent
id: 15683
Making the bed
id: 15684
id: 15687
Don't worry folks, Brandon just turned 21
id: 15688
Mel's eye
id: 15689
Brandon's crazy eyes
id: 15690
Brandon strains to be in the picture
id: 15691
My new monitors
id: 15692
They take up the entire desk
id: 15693
The new dorm under construction
id: 15694
It's coming along pretty quickly
id: 15695
Nice setup, Brandon
id: 15696
Bryce's awesome desk
id: 15697
This was also in Bryce's room
id: 15698
We found this in Bryce's closet... looks really safe
id: 15699
Playing with zoom
id: 15700
Fan blur
id: 15701
Blurry, but clearer, fan
id: 15702
Flash pic of the fan
id: 15703
Blurry fan
id: 15704
By using flash and a longer exposure, I got the fan blur, and a clear image of the fan at the same time
id: 15705
A zoomed in version of it
id: 15706
Nice pose, Brandon
id: 15707
While I was playing with the self-timer, Brandon had a stroke
id: 15709
My spiffy 3 liter water bottle
id: 15710
Mel's new planner
id: 15711
"Mel hate gas"
id: 15712
Bailey's got Twizzlers
id: 15713
Mel reaches a new low
id: 15714
Making katamari pieces
id: 15715
So many folds
id: 15716
"I love safety!!"
id: 15717
"I'm DOKool!"
id: 15718
It's that place with the food
id: 15719
Genetic engineering has given us so much
id: 15720
Someday, this will be how we buy babies
id: 15721
So much produce
id: 15722
That does not seem like a tasty treat
id: 15723
Oh noes!!
id: 15724
Mel's going shopping: A to Z
id: 15725
So much dairy
id: 15726
Do toothpicks really deserve their own spot on this sign?
id: 15727
How can you argue with such an insistent box?
id: 15728
I found some money... in my pocket
id: 15729
Mel poses with her summer namesake
id: 15730
This sounds... gross
id: 15731
Ah, the most controversial of the diets: The pet rabbit diet. So many crying children
id: 15732
The cereal with a lisp!
id: 15733
Coming next year: breakfast liposuction
id: 15734
This is just so... horrifying....
id: 15735
id: 15736
Uhoh, the Bailey alarm is going off
id: 15737
Somebody get some Vault or something quick
id: 15738
Playing with zoom, you can read Mel's electric meter's ID number!
id: 15739
I guess Cops is in Worcester
id: 15743
Brandon's dad doesn't even use AOL, but look at his firewall exception list!
id: 15744
Something is suspicious about this..
id: 15745
Whoa, need some fire extinguishers
id: 15746
So many fire extinguishers
id: 15747
If I didn't already have one, I might have been tempted to take one
id: 15751
I adjusted this one so that the bed was in the same place as the other panos
id: 15757
So clever
id: 15758
I haven't played one of these games in years
id: 15759
I'm so badass
id: 15760
Shaved Mo!
id: 15761
Mo wants down
id: 15762
He's so soft!
id: 15763
Mo runs away
id: 15764
He looks so much smaller!
id: 15765
He's still pretty big though..
id: 15766
Mo is so awkward looking
id: 15767
Mo wants down
id: 15768
Mo: The zombie cat!
id: 15769
Don't look over there!
id: 15770
There he is!
id: 15771
He looks like a totally different cat
id: 15772
That looks like a familiar pose
id: 15773
He's so creepy with those eyes
id: 15774
Mo checks out his shorter, softer fur
id: 15775
Dance, Mo, Dance!
id: 15776
He looks so freaked out
id: 15777
What's going on over there?
id: 15778
Standing time is fun
id: 15779
I think he's sick of this game
id: 15780
Mo on the chair
id: 15781
Mo in defensive mode
id: 15782
Mel brings out the glove so she can mess with him
id: 15783
Biting the glove will not help, Mo
id: 15784
Petting Mo
id: 15785
He looks like such a nutcase
id: 15786
At this point he didn't really care any more
id: 15787
What a tiny tent
id: 15788
These were obviously models, but they were still funny
id: 15789
Tiny sleeping bags!
id: 15790
Putting together Mel's chair
id: 15791
Mel's having fun
id: 15792
Who needs the bottom half?
id: 15793
All done!
id: 15794
id: 15795
I made a tiny buckyball
id: 15796
120 pieces!
id: 15797
Mel's bear likes the origami
id: 15798
Mel enjoys her new sheets, comforter, and huge microfiber pillow
id: 15799
Mel's bulletin board in the works
id: 15800
That snake looks suspicious
id: 15801
There was a lot of traffic going the other way due to an accident
id: 15802
It just goes on forever!
id: 15803
"Now you know why I was late!"
id: 15804
A tattooed biker dude
id: 15805
This truck had some vaguely funny stuff written on the dust on the back
id: 15806
A pig over the fire
id: 15807
Someone was turning 60, and Lilo thinks that's awesome
id: 15808
Nice cake
id: 15809
Charlie plays the banjo
id: 15810
He was pretty funny
id: 15811
Becky's having fun...
id: 15812 id: 15813
id: 15814 id: 15815 id: 15816
id: 15817 id: 15818 id: 15819
id: 15820 id: 15821 id: 15822
id: 15823 id: 15824 id: 15825
id: 15826 id: 15827 id: 15828
id: 15829 id: 15830 id: 15831
id: 15832 id: 15833 id: 15834
id: 15835 id: 15836 id: 15837
id: 15838 id: 15839 id: 15840
id: 15841 id: 15842 id: 15843
id: 15844 id: 15845 id: 15846
id: 15847 id: 15848 id: 15849
id: 15850 id: 15851 id: 15852
id: 15853 id: 15854 id: 15855
id: 15856
Closeup bug!
id: 15857
I got way too close to this bug
id: 15858
id: 15859 id: 15860 id: 15861
id: 15862 id: 15863 id: 15864
id: 15865 id: 15866 id: 15867
id: 15868 id: 15869 id: 15870
id: 15871 id: 15872 id: 15873
id: 15874 id: 15876 id: 15877
id: 15878 id: 15879 id: 15880
id: 15881 id: 15882 id: 15883
id: 15884
Peace man
id: 15885
Becky wore the hat
id: 15886
id: 15887 id: 15888 id: 15889
id: 15890 id: 15891 id: 15892
id: 15893 id: 15894 id: 15895
id: 15896 id: 15897 id: 15898
Becky's arm next to my arm
id: 15899
Wtf is going on here?
id: 15900
Lots of PHiZZ units
id: 15901
These smaller ones take less time to make
id: 15902
Squares turn into PHiZZ units
id: 15903
Ahhh I made way more!!
id: 15904
I didn't have much to do
id: 15905
id: 15906
Dad says "Wants some coat hangers??"
id: 15907
"Why'd you buy some? I've got a bunch"
id: 15908
The grill!
id: 15909
id: 15910
The grill I'm going to bring out to Clark
id: 15911
My dad's tenants leave the craziest stuff behind
id: 15912
id: 15913
Gotta let the flames kick up again
id: 15914
Now I'm hungry
id: 15915
Want a baked potato?
id: 15916
A nice overview of the grill
id: 15917
My dad turns over a potato
id: 15918
You've gotta love it. The USA shirt, the beer, the grill, perfect.
id: 15919
"What're you doing on my property?"
id: 15920
id: 15921
id: 15922
Underexposed fire
id: 15923
My dad's flag
id: 15924
This plant is older that I am..
id: 15925
id: 15926
Lots of smoke
id: 15927
Blurry smoke
id: 15928
So much smoke
id: 15929
Playing with zoom. Hi bird.
id: 15930
A flower!
id: 15931
Flower with blurry background
id: 15932
More flowers
id: 15933
It's darker orange
id: 15934
There's a good flower
id: 15935
Garlic and peppers!
id: 15936
Awesome when grilled
id: 15937
Hungry? This picture just might satisfy you
id: 15938
Yellow flowers
id: 15939
With this camera I can just make my own desktops!
id: 15940
id: 15941
Something's been eating these flowers..
id: 15942
Both kinds of floweres
id: 15943
Another nice desktop?
id: 15944
Berry things
id: 15945
I wouldn't eat them..
id: 15947
Replace sky blue with red and you get ARMAGEDDON!!
id: 15948
id: 15949
An X-ray of my mouth from when I still had wisdom teeth
id: 15950
A really old X-ray from when I still had braces
id: 15951
My teeth!
id: 15952
More of my teeth!
id: 15953
When you can see the insides like that they look like cartoon teeth
id: 15954
They just pointed this thing at my head
id: 15955
The after shots from my braces... the befores are in the next batch I think
id: 15956
A really creep mouth model thing
id: 15957
Construction on Main Street
id: 15958
Busting up the street
id: 15959
Dumping the asphalt in the truck
id: 15960
Scrapey scrapey
id: 15961
Pouring aslphalt into the truck
id: 15962
There were a lot of barrels
id: 15963
I think it's neat how it bends like that
id: 15964
A big pile of dirt outside the new middle school
id: 15965
That stupid red dot
id: 15966
Guys working on the building
id: 15967
MHS added a new wheelchair ramp
id: 15968
This wasn't sketchy or anything...
id: 15969
Peeking through holes in the fence
id: 15970
Some guys working
id: 15971
A better shot of the skeleton of the building
id: 15972
The crane starts to move
id: 15973
Cool clouds
id: 15974
Stupid bird
id: 15975
Moving a beam
id: 15976
The crane makes it look so easy
id: 15977
id: 15978
Dudes on a cherry picker
id: 15979
This guy's putting bolts in or something
id: 15980
A bunch of concrete chunks
id: 15981
Dirt and puddles
id: 15982
A farther back shot of the middle school
id: 15983
Exposure set to show inside of the buildling
id: 15984
Need some rocks?
id: 15985
These guys could totally set you up with some rocks.
id: 15986
A dude sitting on a beam
id: 15987
Carefully guiding it into place
id: 15988
Almost there!
id: 15989
Digging a hole
id: 15990
I think it's neat how they stand like that
id: 15991
Almost done!
id: 15992
Another side of the building
id: 15993
Some guys..
id: 15994
New middle school
id: 15995
That thing seems unsafe
id: 15996
The cherry picker guys again
id: 15997
Yet another side of the building
id: 15998
Putting yellow stuff on the side
id: 15999
This sign always make me kind of laugh
id: 16000
A blimp!
id: 16001
$00 fine eh? I think I'll take that chance
id: 16002
Balanced rocks
id: 16003
A messed up looking cat
id: 16004
He looks like he could die right now
id: 16005
While playing with optical zoom combined with digital zoom, I got this shot of Bob Downey from 470 feet
id: 16006
id: 16007
Hi Strawberry!
id: 16008
Don't you sniff my lens
id: 16009
I keel you
id: 16010
Strawberry in the window
id: 16011
Some origami directions for me to use later.. you can use it too if you want
id: 16012
A neato Columbia patch that James got for me at the Smithsonian
id: 16013
I'll put it on my bag when I get to school
id: 16014
I took this from across the room with digital zoom
id: 16015
I finally faced the megaflash myself
id: 16016
Overexposed living room
id: 16017
Isabelle walks up to Becky
id: 16018
Becky and Isabelle
id: 16019
Their expressions are priceless
id: 16020
Isabelle makes a run for it
id: 16021
id: 16022
"Gimme a kiss!"
id: 16023
id: 16024
Isabelle escapes
id: 16025
Isabelle in the window
id: 16026
Strawberry approaches...
id: 16027
id: 16028
id: 16029
My mom has come to dread this view
id: 16030
Stupid cat
id: 16031
He gets even closer...
id: 16032
...until he's in your face
id: 16033
The origami ball I made over the winter is holding up well
id: 16034
A desktopish picture
id: 16035
Lots of pieces
id: 16036
See how they connect?
id: 16037
The icosahedron!
id: 16038
Taken from across the room with digital zoom
id: 16039
My cellphone's keypad in super closer up mode
id: 16040
My cellphone's screen in super macro
id: 16044
The light thing above the chair
id: 16045
This is the end....
id: 16046
id: 16047
Before braces, June 2001
id: 16048
Before braces, May 2001 (after pics are in the previous batch)
id: 16049
My grandmother gave me an ice cream bar!
id: 16050
Me and my aunt had to laugh when we found a bag of store bought cookies in my grandmother's cookie jar
id: 16051
id: 16052
Lots of mist
id: 16053
I was trying to capture individual droplets
id: 16054
Not bad!
id: 16055
My lens cap
id: 16056
An airplane landing
id: 16057
A Comanche helicopter!
id: 16058
Fire extinguishers
id: 16059
This is the fire the RAs had to put out
id: 16060
Look out, it's escaping!
id: 16061
One team suits up
id: 16062
They slowely approach the fire
id: 16063
The one in the middle doesn't look too psyched
id: 16064
The UP guy instructs the RAs
id: 16065
Get the fire extinguishers ready
id: 16066
id: 16067
Die fire!
id: 16068
The cloud disperses
id: 16069
Another blast
id: 16070
The fire was relit
id: 16071
Another round of chemicals
id: 16072
Used up fire extinguishers
id: 16073
Have some more!
id: 16074
The new RAs wait their turn
id: 16075
The cop's walky talky
id: 16076
Mmm, chemicals
id: 16077
The rock is partically obscured by the cloud
id: 16078
Try not to breath it...
id: 16079
Some other University Police came to watch the show
id: 16080
"Did someone call in a fire?"
id: 16081
Fire's out
id: 16082
Mel starts to suit up
id: 16083
Don't forget the helmet Mel!
id: 16084
Here you go
id: 16085
Someone helps Mel put her helmet on
id: 16086
Does this make is a Melmet?
id: 16087
All set!
id: 16088
This was shot in the middle of the video
id: 16089
Mel survived!
id: 16090
Time to give the suit back
id: 16091
Mel did pretty well!
id: 16092
The water fire extinguisher gets a shot
id: 16093
The UP guy shows us how it's done
id: 16094
It didn't work quite as well as the chemical one, but it's easier to clean up
id: 16095
Mel looks... skeptical... of something
id: 16096
A happy fire
id: 16097
Oh no! Chemicals!
id: 16098
id: 16099
Mel's photo on the bulletin board
id: 16100
Some sad looking ballons in Oliver's
id: 16101
This is one of the problems with having a ground level window
id: 16102
Did somebody order some Speech Champions?
id: 16103
James seems pretty excited about something
id: 16104
"Ahhh let me in!"
id: 16105
Freshmen are everywhere in stupid little groups
id: 16106
Dude on the street
id: 16107
Constructuion workers on the new dorm
id: 16108
48x zoom thanks to the digital zoom
id: 16109
An overview of the work so far
id: 16110
Ginny and Liz watch as Jeff works on a problem
id: 16111
Gamakichi and my big headphones
id: 16112
I saw George sitting outside
id: 16113
Some guys sitting outside on break
id: 16114
Tom helps Jeff figure out the problem
id: 16115
Yep, that's where I am
id: 16116
Vladimir's crazy screensaver
id: 16117
Ginny, Jeff, and Tom
id: 16118
Jeff and Tom work on the problem
id: 16119
The back of the projector
id: 16120
Professor Breecher came by
id: 16121
He's the head up of the department
id: 16122
Hi Professor Breecher
id: 16123
Every one listens to what Prof. Breecher wants done
id: 16124
This was the second to last day so we had to move
id: 16125
Spears, the department's webserver.. named after Britney because it's a "sexy machine"
id: 16126
I did this by accident from across the room
id: 16127
Remember floppies?
id: 16128
This dude was just hanging out
id: 16130
The linux lab from the front
id: 16131
There are freshmen everywhere!
id: 16132
A messed up looking squirrel
id: 16133
Run squirrely!
id: 16134
The completed bulletin board
id: 16135
Mel hanging out on my bed
id: 16136
Brandon, Mike and Bryce
id: 16137
Laura and Mike's friend Teresa
id: 16138
Some crazy bug bite that James got
id: 16139
ID card shown for scale
id: 16140
Sitting around
id: 16141
Zoomed in Mike!
id: 16142
Brandon made his own hot sauce
id: 16143
Unfortunately, the homemade hotsauce makes you go insane
id: 16144
A little dab'll do you
id: 16145
Bryce pours some coke
id: 16146
Getting ready to disperse for supplies
id: 16147
James, Bryce, Mike, and Laura
id: 16148
Ladies first
id: 16149
Bryce's face.. melted...
id: 16150
Store 24
id: 16151
Bryce really looks like he's stealing something, especially when you look in the mirror
id: 16152
Brandon tries to decide if he should get a sandwich
id: 16153
So many decisions
id: 16154
id: 16155
Waiting in line
id: 16156
"This is a good deal!"
id: 16157
Paying for crap
id: 16158
Brandon didn't buy anything.. I think
id: 16159
These guys are still paying for stuff
id: 16160
Hi Bryce
id: 16161
id: 16162
Bryce makes a grab for the stuff
id: 16163
How tall are they?
id: 16164
Back in the darkness
id: 16165
Waiting to cross Main Street
id: 16166
This turned out pretty good for a handheld long exposure
id: 16167
Walking down Oliver St
id: 16168
We found a cat!
id: 16169
In the lighting my conditions, it was tough to get a good picture
id: 16170
James said "if he follows us into the apartment we're keeping him.. and naming him Fuzzy-Wuz"
id: 16171
id: 16172
Bye kitty!
id: 16173
James puts stuff away in his room
id: 16174
Bryce on the backwards couch
id: 16175
He's playing Banjo-Kazooie
id: 16176
Brandon seems somewhat disapproving
id: 16177
Notice how Bryce barely moves in this series of pictures
id: 16178
"Are you taking pictures?"
id: 16179
Bryce still hasn't moved
id: 16180
This one is just funny for some reason
id: 16181
When I zoomed in it got kind of creepy
id: 16182
It's like Bryce is a midget or something
id: 16183
James checks his goblet
id: 16184
"Are you taking pictures of me??"
id: 16185
Little known fact, Mike is 002
id: 16186
Brandon, as seen through the wide angle lens that doesn't fit
id: 16187
Creepy distorted Mike
id: 16188
James with his huge stein
id: 16189
It's way too big
id: 16190
He bought a forty just so he could use it
id: 16191
He seems to be enjoying it
id: 16192
Brandon had a normal sized glass
id: 16193
It's bigger than his head!
id: 16194
Mike's using his wide angle lens
id: 16195
Teresa describes.. something
id: 16196
Mike meets the megaflash
id: 16197
Mike changes some camera settings
id: 16198
Oh no, I'm on the wrong end of the lens
id: 16199
Teresa checks out the video game
id: 16200
Brandon hate game!
id: 16201
Mike was moving way too much during this picture..
id: 16202
Mike sitting around
id: 16203
Teresa with a beer
id: 16204
Teresa sitting around
id: 16205
Laura listens to a story
id: 16206
Teresa's awesome camera and Mike's camera with the wide angle lens
id: 16207
James doing.. something
id: 16208
Bryce got these in Japan
id: 16209
I don't think Rei would be a very nice nurse
id: 16210
This is a little blurry, I'll get his whole collection one of these days
id: 16211
Brandon and James totally weren't checking out the new dorm's construction site
id: 16212
Brandon got mud all over the hallway outside my room
id: 16213
Mel's ocarina arrived at last!!
id: 16214
I put the Sharpie there for scale
id: 16215
The triforce symbol
id: 16216
It fits right into your hand
id: 16217
Mel on stage during the RA skit section
id: 16218
id: 16219
Maybe a good desktop?
id: 16220
Mel and another RA
id: 16221
Explaining something?
id: 16222
id: 16223
15 second exposure time! This is the library at dusk
id: 16224
Lights and part of the Goddard memorial
id: 16225
Some people on the green
id: 16226
Joe walked by during this one
id: 16227
A van turning onto Downing
id: 16228
Freud got leid
id: 16229
My shadow
id: 16230
Traffic on Main Street as seen from Red Square
id: 16231
Some dark trees
id: 16232
Jonas Clark at dusk
id: 16233
Somone turned on the light in this one!
id: 16234
The Bistro at night
id: 16235
The Bistro with the new bio building in the background
id: 16236
The UC
id: 16237
This guy was looking for something in the grass and was so still he looks fine in this 15 second picture
id: 16238
An awesome picture of the new bio building
id: 16239
Sackler's lights look neat
id: 16240
The new bio building again
id: 16241
Can 2010 really be that close??
id: 16242
There was a big cloud coming in
id: 16243
One of the bridges connecting the Biophysics building with Sackler
id: 16244
Creepy Maywood
id: 16245
Dana Hall's all sparkly!
id: 16246
Dana Commons. If you look carefully you can see a blur that is...
id: 16247
Bryce, James, and Brandon. They want to use this image for an album cover or something
id: 16248
Bryce talks to McKeed on Skype
id: 16249
Bryce was on Brett's bed before Brett even got here
id: 16250
James seems pretty excited
id: 16251
id: 16252
Mel plays a jaunty tune on her ocarina
id: 16253
Mel, the RA, helps check people in with the other RAs
id: 16254
They got donuts!
id: 16255
People checking in
id: 16256
Mel's having a blast
id: 16257
Mel eating a donut
id: 16258
Some people with a bunch of crap
id: 16259
This was written on the wall
id: 16260
I thought this picture was really funny for some reason..
id: 16261
Facts about Chuck Norris
id: 16262
Facts about Chuck Norris
id: 16263
Facts about Chuck Norris
id: 16264
Facts about Chuck Norris
id: 16265
This guy's got a fridge on his back!
id: 16266
Bye fridge dude!
id: 16267
Brett's dad and brother
id: 16268
Brett's pirated DVD collection. It went missing shortly after this picture and (as of four days later) remains to be found
id: 16269
Brett uses the helicopter toy
id: 16270
The worst picture of Brett ever taken. Probably the worst that will ever be taken too.
id: 16271
id: 16272
Mike and Brett heading into Shaws
id: 16273
Mike had some of Reed's Ginger Beer, raspberry flavored
id: 16274
Another awesome picture of Brett being a doofus
id: 16275
Mel checks out the selection
id: 16276
Brett does not participate in shopping
id: 16277
...except for Jell-O
id: 16278
Shaws' fine software collection
id: 16279
Infinite Pepsiiiii
id: 16280
Infinite Coke!
id: 16281
Here comes Brett
id: 16282
As yes, the soda salad. A classic
id: 16283
Don't forget your greens: Vault, Mountain Dew, Canada Dry...
id: 16284
Very clever..
id: 16285
Mel in line
id: 16286
She seems somewhat alarmed
id: 16287
Hi Mel!
id: 16288
Mel and the gross cashier dude
id: 16289
Aww, he's got my name..
id: 16290
I probably should've helped her with her stuff rather than taking this picture..
id: 16291
Mike says "One of these things doesn't belong"
id: 16292
Mel driving
id: 16293
Brett in the back
id: 16294
Mike and Brett didn't call "shotgun" in time
id: 16295
id: 16296
Almost Maxwell's Silver Hammer
id: 16297
Chopstick Engrish
id: 16298
Chopstick Engrish
id: 16299
Chopstick Engrish
id: 16300
Chopstick Engrish
id: 16301
Brett checks out the T-shirts in Target
id: 16303
Breakfast at the caf... yum
id: 16304
Look what Mel found
id: 16305
id: 16306
Japanese class is still pretty full since not a lot of people have dropped it yet
id: 16307
See Bryce?
id: 16308
Brett in Japanese class
id: 16309
Prof Rudolph looks like he's thinking "...I didn't teach this..."
id: 16310
Steve and Nagraj
id: 16311
Nothing more fun than Topology in the morning, right guys?
id: 16312
Weird closeup
id: 16313
Migrating to a new room
id: 16314
Waiting in the hall
id: 16315
Professor Rudolph
id: 16316
A Clark nalgene
id: 16317
Prof. Rudolph looks a little crazy
id: 16318
Topology NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
id: 16319
Prof. Rudolph hangs on for dear life
id: 16320
Can anybody read this???
id: 16321
Gotta love the lights that face the window
id: 16322
The motion detector hanging off the ceiling
id: 16323
I took this from all the way across the room with digital zoom
id: 16324
Prof. Joyce gets his overhead projector ready
id: 16325
Yep, that's the date
id: 16326
A long exposure of a helicopter flying by
id: 16327
I didn't get this one as well..
id: 16328
The helicopter kept doing orbits around some place on Park Ave
id: 16329
I like how you can see the blinky lights on the bottom
id: 16330
We're not allowed into the Peapod show yet
id: 16331
The squad gets ready on stage
id: 16332
Zoom sure is fun
id: 16333
Can we come in yet?
id: 16334
Derks sat like this until the show started
id: 16335
Creeps under the curtain
id: 16336
id: 16337
I see you back there
id: 16338
Jason and Dan showed up, but Dan's face fell off
id: 16339
The opening was a spoof on "Paul Revere" by the Beastie Boys
id: 16340
It was quite impressive
id: 16341
Unfortunately I just didn't have the battery power to take a video
id: 16342
Does anyone have a video of this?
id: 16343
Derks supplied the music
id: 16344
Emily and Mel are having fun on stage
id: 16345
Brendan's all blurry
id: 16346
Derks died somehow
id: 16347
Danny is always moving
id: 16348
Opening's over
id: 16349
Brendan explains Freeze and Live
id: 16350
Mel and Danny get ready
id: 16351
Mel's a blur!
id: 16352
Look out Danny!
id: 16353
Danny seems surprised that Mel can fly
id: 16354
Mel kicks Danny
id: 16355
Brendan is a worm?
id: 16356
Go Wormdan!
id: 16357
I completely forget what is going on here
id: 16358
Is he cutting off his head?
id: 16359
Passport shows up as the first audience member to ever participate in Freeze and Live
id: 16360
He wasn't bad
id: 16361
Ok, yes he was
id: 16362
Passport's turn is over
id: 16363
And another audience member jumps in!
id: 16364
Something about heroin...
id: 16365
Three audience members participated in freeze and live but I didn't get hte third guy's picture... and Mel doesn't care
id: 16366
Derks and Danny
id: 16367
Mel's got a whistle
id: 16368
Emily got crucified
id: 16369
Mel and Brendan in work excuses
id: 16370
Danny in Oxygen Deprivation
id: 16371
Danny needs help!!
id: 16372
Derks comes out of the water tank
id: 16373
id: 16525
Mo looks so... glum
id: 16526
Hi Mo!
id: 16527
Cheer up!
id: 16528
Mel's on the phone
id: 16529
Check out Mo's crown
id: 16530
Mo's ready to leave
id: 16531
He hates this game
id: 16532
id: 16533
It's Mooooo
id: 16534
15 second exposure?
id: 16535
Like mother like daughter?
id: 16536
More 15 second exposures
id: 16537
What's even going on here?
id: 16538
Mel's got three heads
id: 16539
Mel's starting to freak me out now
id: 16540
Mel's dad got washed out by the window
id: 16541
id: 16542
Mel = Janus?
id: 16543
Wicked creepy... Mel moved her mouth for 15 seconds
id: 16544
15 second exposures are weird
id: 16545
Mel's mom meets the megaflash
id: 16546
id: 16547
id: 16548
Bailey's having fun
id: 16549
Hi Mel!
id: 16550
When I first heard about this place I thought it was "Cough and Cream"
id: 16551
We went to Worcester hoping to find Mel's birthday present in the mail
id: 16552
Big trucks taking up the road
id: 16553
Zoom = fun
id: 16554
We thought this dude was following us.. he wasn't
id: 16555
Mel sings a jaunty tune
id: 16556
Gas prices officially peaked on Mel's birthday
id: 16557
The big origami ball in the making
id: 16558
Mo is so slumpy
id: 16559
Opening presents!
id: 16560
id: 16561
For a tilting good time
id: 16562
What's in the envelope?
id: 16563
Mel's dad looks on
id: 16564
Bailey reads a card
id: 16565
Mel was moving around a lot
id: 16566
What's going on?
id: 16567
Mo is tired
id: 16568
"What's this check?"
id: 16569
Mel getting poked
id: 16570
Cards are funny
id: 16571
Mel's mom looks a little... expectant?
id: 16572
Mel's dad was poking her from outside the image
id: 16573
id: 16574
Checking out her new DVDs
id: 16575
Moar DVDs!
id: 16576
id: 16577
Mel got volume one of both The Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain
id: 16578
Opening a box
id: 16579
id: 16580
id: 16581
Very classy, Mel
id: 16582
Mel puts her hair back to try on her earrings
id: 16583
Earrings are funny?
id: 16584
Mel looks so... wary
id: 16585
Mel's her own gang
id: 16586
id: 16587
"Get away from me!"
id: 16588
Mel gives her dad a distrusting look
id: 16589
"Watchoo want"
id: 16590
A cool laundry bag with backpack straps
id: 16591
Aww, a kiss from her daddy
id: 16592
Who's gonna go to the They Might Be Giants 2040 tour?
id: 16593
Mel looks deep into Mo's eyes and sees that nobody is home
id: 16594
Aww, Mo
id: 16595
Bailey mangled a "Sweet Sixteen" sign into this. Good job!
id: 16596
On the way to the mall
id: 16597
Driving is funny
id: 16598
Magaret in the back!
id: 16599
A weird abandoned building
id: 16600
I took these pictures for Wacko
id: 16601
Hey Wacko, what do you think?
id: 16602
Should I go check it out?
id: 16603
It looks pretty sketchy
id: 16604
I think I'll pass
id: 16605
Weird blurry Mel
id: 16606
Walking through the parking garage
id: 16607
For some reason I thought this vending machine was neat
id: 16608
Walking to the restaraunt
id: 16609
Mel's dad is getting away
id: 16610
Mel's mom gives Margaret ordering advice?
id: 16611
id: 16612
Mel browses the menu
id: 16613
Fresh fish tacos!?
id: 16614
Talking about something..
id: 16615
This is a shiny spoon
id: 16616
id: 16617
Mel's mom tries her weird ice tea
id: 16618
Mel waits for her food
id: 16619
Mel's GIANT hamburger
id: 16620
Oh my god that is huge
id: 16621
Mel approves
id: 16622
Take a bite Mel!
id: 16623
id: 16624
By compressing it, she managed to get a big bite out of it
id: 16625
id: 16626
Mel's dad steals Bailey's shoe
id: 16627
Bailey gets her shoe back
id: 16628
Mel got a happy birthday message written on her plate!
id: 16629
The waiters even sang
id: 16630
Some guy actually tried to jump from one escalator to another... yeah... he died.
id: 16631
Mel and her dad have a staring contest
id: 16632
Just a bit creepy
id: 16633
id: 16634
Ah, the pirate section of the book store
id: 16635
I bought a new tripod..
id: 16636
And set it up in the car...
id: 16637
So I got some neat blurry light images
id: 16638
This is just warp speed 1
id: 16639
id: 16640
id: 16641
Whooooo light speed!
id: 16642
Lights are fun!
id: 16643
Now we're turning
id: 16644
It doesn't look that good when you're zoomed in
id: 16645
id: 16646
Turning on an exit
id: 16647
id: 16648
Traffic lights!
id: 16649
id: 16650
More traffic lights!
id: 16651
*pant* a brief *pant* break
id: 16652
Ahhh light speed again!!
id: 16653
id: 16654
The Future War [H]ouse? Hmm... not as big as the Pentagon
id: 16655
Good job Best Buy
id: 16656
Mel found We Love Katamari!
id: 16657
Bah, I need no HDTV to watch shuttle launches!
id: 16658
Mel found a bunch of copies of Reservoir Dogs
id: 16659
Mel likes this bunch
id: 16660
Mmmm, Reservoir Dogs
id: 16661
Kind of a strange store name...
id: 16662
Erin Esurance is in the Sims??
id: 16663
I'm the origami master
id: 16664
So lumpy
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